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Comment Re:IAPs (Score 1) 95

I thought Apple was only renting space to developers [slashdot.org], and got a fixed percentage from them. Isn't setting/raising prices something developer's should decide to do? Or are things somehow different in the UK?

Basically, when you sell something in any of Apple's stores, you choose a price tier in your default currency, and prices in other currencies are based on that price combined with the current exchange rates. For example, if I create a book right now, and specify tier 10 everywhere, that's $9.99 in USD, or $13.99 in CAD. If the Canadian dollar increases relative to the dollar, in a year, tier 10 could be $9.99 in the U.S. and $12.99 in CAD. In theory, the amount paid will always be approximately equal to $9.99 in USD.

To add further complexity, Apple provides some alternate price tiers that let you charge lower prices in developing countries, and for books, even lets you set per-country price tiers, IIRC, which could distort pricing even further... but that's a side discussion. :-)

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 95

A better measure is the Big Mac Index [wikipedia.org]. A McDonalds Big Mac contains more commodities, and a significant portion of the price is in the service sector. In the UK, the average price of a Big Mac is 2.99UKP. In America, it is $4.79. So the fair market conversion should be about 0.62. So the pound is currently undervalued against the dollar, and Apple is screwing the Brits.

That's silly. The Big Mac in the UK is likely made with British beef, British bread, British lettuce, British tomatoes, etc. Expecting the same exchange rate is completely unrealistic when you're talking about buying goods that are made outside the EU.

Mind you, I'm not saying the 1:1 conversion rate that Apple is using isn't Apple's way of giving the middle finger to the UK for Brexit, nor am I saying that I agree with it, but the rate ought to be set based on roughly the average conversion rate over the past few months or so, and that rate isn't anywhere near 0.62:1. Realistically, looking at recent trends, a 0.82:1 rate is probably pretty reasonable. Add to that Apple's usual safety margin, and I'd expect more like 0.85:1.

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 197

Manning will still be a convicted felon and traitor

No. Manning was never charged or tried for treason. She's a convicted felon, but in no way a traitor. More than one active duty general and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have admitted that her leaks caused no damage except to the reputations of war criminals.

Comment Typically price adjustments in steps, many reasons (Score 0) 95

> Once these corrections take place, what then? Is Apple going to revise their policy once more?

That'll depend on what else has happened and is expected to happen, assuming Apple prices according to established best practice.

Typically, when the price is highly visible to the consumer, certain price points work best: 0.99, 1.49, etc. You don't price an app or a hamburger at 1.82. To achieve that, you "bundle" your price increases. You don't increase the price by 4% because X, then later increase it 2% because Y, you change the price less often, to the next marketing increment.

When the minimum wage was increased 20%, all the fast food places needed to increase prices by 10% to compensate. They didn't change the price of fries from .99 to 1.09, though, fast food prices all went up 25% and stayed there even as gas prices (and therefore the restaurants costs for everything delivered to them) increased.

If Apple's *total costs* decrease by 25%, including forex changes and risks, they should drop the price. If their forex improves by only 6%, they should hold onto that to cover the increased cost of whatever cost went up, or is about to go up.

Comment Pussy says what? (Score 5, Funny) 197

Come on. Show of hands. Who thought Assange would really leave the embassy just for Chelsea Manning? He's holding out for that sweet Fox News money once Trump makes him an official member of the politburo. He's blond, so he might be Megyn Kelly's replacement.

Comment Forex vs that magic .99 (Score 1) 95

There are two issues at play here. It might be interesting to do an a-b specifically for prices that change day to day versus that magic 0.99 price point which has been tested and proven over and over again.

Not having done forex, my guess is that *most* of the time, the major currencies would drift within a few percentage points of each other week to week, so sticking with 0.99 would work better than 1.02 one day, 1.01 the next, then 0.98. 1 is psychological cut-off, going above that reduces sales.

I would further think that occasionally, major events such as Brexit may lead to wider differences. If significant lasting changes only happen every few years, it may make sense to include those in the price adjustments that companies already do every few years anyway.

Might make an interesting study that a major company would consider funding.

Comment Young folks, Blacks and Latinos staying home (Score 1) 95

elected Trump. The 538 blog has a meticulously sourced article on it. Hilary didn't bother campaigning in the rust belt because she took them for granted (she always was an arrogant bitch) so they stayed home. It took a lot of other stuff (DNC hack, that assclown FBI director's Oct Surprise, Russian propaganda campaigns) but those were surmountable had Hilary fought in the swing states like she should have.

You're gonna get Globalism whether you like it or not. It benefits your ruling class, and you're in no position to do anything about your ruling class. You've got too many non-economic issues (guns, Abortion, Gay Rights, Religious freedom, Black Lives Matter, you name it). You get picked apart by them, which is why they're called Wedge Issues. They drive a wedge between the working class.You'll never stand up to the ruling class because every time you do they'll throw you a few bones on social issues and you'll fight amongst yourselves while they laugh all the way to the bank.

So, given that Globalism is basically inevitable what do you think is a better approach: throw up your hands and pretend it's not happening or take that bull by the horns and try to tame it. You just did the former. I wish I could stop and say: Let me know how that turns out for you, but, well, you dragged me into it to. Thanks. Thanks a million.

Comment He might not be (Score 1) 91

buddy of mine moved to another city once to get a job. Better job, but not amazing job (he lived in a po-dunk town, no college degree). Took months before he'd saved enough to move the wife/kids up with him. He was commuting 150 miles every weekend (300 total) so 400 isn't a stretch. You'd be amazed what you can do when you have no choice.

Comment Clarification: Plus 8% US tax vs including 20% VAT (Score 5, Informative) 95

I should clarify my comment, on some purchases, for customers in some states, the company adds tax, generally around 8%. So US customers pay 99 cents PLUS tax.

When the company collects VAT, it's INCLUDED in the sticker price - it's illegal in the UK, I understand, to show customers who they are really paying by listing it as "+0.80 purchase price plus VAT".

Anyway, after the currency conversion, the company is charging the same amount. The extra that UK customers pay is the government charging higher taxes.

Comment I know I'm pigeon holing here (Score 4, Insightful) 95

but I can't imagine the folks who voted Brexit care. Apps, especially paid ones, are mostly a young person thing. As an old codger I've yet to pay for anything on my phone. Now, as a _reasonable_ old codger here in the colonies my heart goes out to those young people who just got driven off a cliff by Grandpa and Grandma. Sure, it's their fault for staying home on election day (just like Trump's our young folks fault for the exact same reason) but just like Trump nobody deserves what's to come.

Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score -1, Troll) 188

I hope that was intended as a joke, but that stereotype was pretty crass.

You SJWs are always looking for a safe space. Well, buckle up, buttercup, because in two days you liberal snowflakes won't be able to tell us not to use racial stereotypes any more. He won, she lost. Get over it.

[did I fit in all the alt-right cliches? if I missed any, let me know and I'll try again.]

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