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Comment Re:Hyper-linking was invented in the 60's .... (Score 1) 69

There was a graphical BBS system (RoboBoard) with a windowing interface, icons, mouse, pictures, vector fonts, links, 1024x768x245 graphics ... all on a DOS machine with a 1200 - 2400 baud modem. No need to install a winsock, or chameleon, or have windows or the extra ram and faster cpu. It looked a hell of a lot better than what the internet had to offer at the time.

Comment The first real breakthrough wasn't the web (Score 3, Insightful) 69

The first real breakthrough that brought digital communications to the masses was the various Bulletin Board systems. What did people do with them? Looked for pr0n, buying and selling stuff, uploading and downloading software, pictures, etc., sending each other messages about what they were doing ... the medium (dial-up or tcp/ip) wasn't important from the people perspective.

Comment Re:Education isn't a "magic bullet" (Score 1) 85

Hope you lied and made up something that would be hilarious when repeated. Like Top Control Protocol and Under Data Control, and how you had to have both or the switches would get jammed by either having not enough control on top of the data or not enough data to control underneath.

And when that happens, you need to remove ALL the cables from your PC before rebooting, not just the ethernet jack, because it's like static electricity - it's just going to stick there - and show that you're not BSing by saying it's just like the sticky bit in linux.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 85

No, now is not the ideal time to go to boot camp. Look around - with everyone getting desperate over their future, now is the time to open a boot camp.

When the economy goes in the sh*tter, enrollment in education always goes up - and tuition has increased in price much faster than inflation, while the economic value has dropped.

At one point, those two trend lines are going to cross. They already have for many degrees.

Comment Au contraire (Score 1) 3

It has something to do with you if you're opposing policies that those with kids want to see carried out. Even non-violent pacifists will go to every extreme to protect their kids. It's why we've survived as a species. Species that don't protect their progeny get #DarwinAward'ed pretty quickly. Besides, you may live longer than you thought, and have to live in the sh*t that you created for the next generation.

Comment Another possibility (Score 1) 2

Don't bother using recruiters or job fairs. If every employer did this, it would be easy to weed out the slackers - they wouldn't have the initiative to show up at your business in the first place. Given that 80% of jobs are never advertised, and that half the remainder, while advertised, already have someone with an inside track, your chances of getting a job via resumes and recruiters is pretty crap since that only addresses 1/10 of all the jobs out there.

Anyone can send out a resume. The ones who depend on that are pretty much self-selecting to end up being tossed in the round file or redirected to /dev/hull. Why not burn a little bit of phone time or shoe leather instead? And why not just ignore those who think that their resume makes them someone special, especially given the rampant puffery?

Comment Re:Fix: Counter Suit (Score 1) 98

"Implicit" doesn't stand up in court.

The is no "implicit" right for you to spy on activities with a third party just because you suspect your spouse of cheating. There's not even an "implicit" right to spy on your spouse. Neither of them are bound by any EULA that YOU agreed to - basic contract law - you cannot bind a 3rd party to an agreement without their consent, as expressed via a power of attorney. So, you are the one who needs "have your head checked and catch up to the 21st Century.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 414

In homes where both spouses work, the woman still ends up with more than the fair share of housework. Additionally, people who say that lifetime earnings are the same after adjusting for things like fewer years worked because of child and family responsibilities miss the point - overall earnings still are less, so less savings, etc. Caring for aged parents falls mostly to the woman - another financial hit, and emotionally and physically draining. And the more kids, the less equally the housework and child rearing is shared.

So, debate it all you want, but you're still wrong. The gender pay gap exists, and life actually gives us a pretty good controlled experiment, where the only variable is gender - the person stays the same in all other respects. Someone transitioning from female to male makes the same as their male peers. Someone transitioning from male to female makes less than other males or females.

Transsexuals’ experiences working both as men and as women can be framed as a kind of experiment that illuminates the subtle ways that gender differences and gender inequality are socially produced in the workplace. While transsexuals have the same human capital and pre-labor market gender socialization after their gender transitions, their workplace experiences often change radically.

Existing autobiographical and scholarly research demonstrates that for many MTFs, becoming women brings a loss of authority and pay, as well as workplace harassment and, in many cases, termination (e.g. Bolin 1988; Griggs 1998; McCloskey 1999; Schilt 2006a).

On the other hand, for many FTMs, becoming men can bring an increase in workplace authority, reward, and respect, as well as new job opportunities and promotions (e.g. Griggs 1998; Schilt 2006a, 2006b). Transsexuals’ before and after workplace experiences, then, can help make the hidden processes that produce workplace gender inequality visible.

And then there's this.

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