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Comment Re: Basically... (Score 1) 367

note taking is a poor substitute to active learning.

Are you suggesting that is a fact and applies to everybody in all cases?

Yes. Prove otherwise. Do you really want a surgeon working on you who spent their time sitting in class taking notes? Or hiring a truck driver who can quote all the rules of the road and safety regs but has never actually driven a truck? Or a short-order cook who learned everything by watching The Chew instead of doing practical chemistry experiments with food in the kitchen?

If you've learned it, you don't need the notes. If you need the notes, you've learned nothing of use.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 257

And the reason for that is that too many so-called "programmers" are shit because they haven't cut their teeth on a real programming language. They need something that holds their hands at every step, isolates them as much as possible from the underlying hardware and OS, and really don't have a clue as to how computers work.

Reading a few O'Reilly books might cut it for web monkeys, but then again, anything you can learn from an O'Reilly book can also be learned just as well by someone in India or eastern Europe. Real programmers can re-implement chunks of the standard c library with their own mods because they know what's going on. And they learn the hard way that, as your mom told you, if you pick it up, put it back when you're finished with it - "it" being memory. No need for so-called smart pointers. If you're depending on automatic memory management, you don't really know what your program is doing at any one point. Just look at the non-deterministic Java gc (though there are ways to fix that).

Comment Re: Basically... (Score 1) 367

You're ignoring the fact that the studies that claim note-taking results in better retention only compare it to the same students not taking notes, instead of students who are encouraged to actively take part in the learning process, discussion, arguments, etc.

Humans learn better by doing - by participating, not by sitting there taking notes. Programming is a good example - sitting there taking notes results in shit. History is another example - debating the causes and effects of historical events results in more learning than taking notes about dates.

You started out in life by doing - not by taking notes. Whether it was walking or talking or learning not to pick your nose, being told by someone isn't enough. It's never the optimum way, because that's not how humans learn.

Think of all those people who are watching Master Chef, Foodies, or whatever - how many of them have actually learned how to be great cooks just by sitting there on their asses? And do you think that if they took notes, THAT would turn them into good cooks? Same thing with anyone into sports - just watching it and knowing the stats will never teach you how to be a great, or even mediocre, player. Writing it all down won't help you either.

Comment Re:I say (Score 1) 230

Just as likely to get abducted by the police. When the best you can say is "at least it's not Venezuela ... yet" .... Of course, money and power and fame are more important than common sense when it comes to decision-making. And let's face it, for every Caitlyn Jenner who uses it as a spring board, there are thousands who end up with nothing afterwards.

Comment Re:I say (Score 1) 230

We can't pick where we go to compete

Bullshit. Nobody is saying you have to compete in Brazil's shit-hole. You have free choice. Others are refusing to go because of the risks.

happy at the progress made to get to this level of competition and be on this stage, even if it's a stage covered in human waste

Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Even mud wrestling is more hygienic.

Considering the long history of athletes struggling to make ends meet

Big f*cking deal. Go get a real job instead of living off the sports welfare system - a system that, for most, leaves them with no marketable skills when they're done, no future, and does significant damage to the cities that host it.

Comment Re:I say (Score 5, Interesting) 230

This is true - but in the case of the Olympics, I'd rather that instead of reporting the facts of who's won what, they report the facts of Olympic corruption and how the Olympics does damage to the host country. And the ongoing cheating and doping.

Or show pictures of the sh#t floating in the Olympic rowing area. And the people who have been displaced. And how only the well-to-do will benefit from the new subway extension "for the Olympics." And the funding crisis for hospitals that can't treat patients because of a lack of basics such as gloves and syringes.

While we're at it, why not have a campaign to nominate #ZikaMosquitoes as the official Olympics 2016 animal?

Only a bunch of pinheads would get excited about the actual Olympics. Maybe the IOC is secretly hoping to spread Zika to create more pinheads? #OlympicZikaConspiracy :-)

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