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Comment Hopefully the beginning of the end. (Score 3, Interesting) 39

Targeted ads are just another opportunity to rip off people by showing them different prices for the same thing. Sort of like how Coke wanted to have vending machines that would raise the price when it was hot outside.

The problem with targeted ads, of course, is that it only takes a quick search to find a better deal if what they're offering you isn't competitive. Anyone remember how for a while big-box electronic stores that offered to price match, when you went to show them the ad on their computer system, the price was higher than what you had seen at home a few hours before, because the stores would serve dummy clones of their competitors with higher prices? Had to stop once browsing over the cell network became practical, as long as you didn't use their wi-fi.

Comment Re:Technically neither can ICANN or a domain provi (Score 1) 135

"My Sweet Lord" was such an obvious rip-off that I'm amazed that absolutely nobody around him said "Hey, you can't do that!" The first time I heard it I recognized it as a rip-off of "He's So Fine" long before the song finished - and I'm not a music fanatic. Harrison got nailed, and he deserved it.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 1) 237

The second option (wiping out huge sections of the population) is the best option over the long term, both for the survival of humans and other species. The question is, who gets to decide who gets wiped out. I suspect that will sort itself out over the next few decades via war, famine, disease, and lack of resources (including water).

Comment Re:Eye candy (Score 1) 44

Eye candy won't keep someone using a crappy system. Look at Vista with the Aero interface. Also, the larger the screen area, the less useful a menu bar that holds the menus for the currently active window becomes - it makes for a lot more mousing around. Application menus in application windows becomes much more usable. Most of the time the system menu/tool bar (no matter which side it's located on) can be hidden or shrunk.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 135

Nobody is going to host anything significant on freenet. Freenet, in terms of distribution and content, is a joke. It would be easy enough for any agency that wanted to to poison all the caches by continually inserting and requesting a collection of random documents that is larger than the cache size of any node. The older documents would quickly be "forgotten", having been bumped out of the cache. On freenet, nothing is guaranteed to persist.

Comment Re:Technically neither can ICANN or a domain provi (Score 1) 135

Copyright law still benefits people. There'd be no GPL without it. Also, without copyright laws there;d be far more draconian DRM. Remember back in the days wiith custom floppies with laser burns that couldn't be copied without both a PC Tools option board (special floppy controller) and software that would allow the board to maintain a copy of the unreadable bits and return errors when those bad ones were read, or when they would intercept write requests and return just the bits that were readable on the original floppy?

Heck, I did something similar with a needle - just pierce a hole at random, then figure out which sectors are unreadable in my original. If you could read them, the floppy was not an original. And since it was at random, no two disks were alike. Writing data to the original wasn't a big deal - once you knew where the bad sectors were, skip over them.

Is it breakable? Of course. Would the average person be able to? Of course not.

People who create works have the right to decide, within the limitations of the law, how they are used. That includes how they are sold, licensed, or whatever. Without that incentive, most of the stuff you experience (books, music, movies and tv shows, professional sports broadcasts, most radio and tv stations - wouldn't exist. TV wouldn't exist as we know it today because there wouldn't be much worth watching on it - same as almost all the stuff on youtube is crap. Most of the decent games are possible because copyright makes it financially viable to develop them. You might not like patented medicines, but without those patents, and the chance to make money off of drugs, the research won't get done and they won't get put through the testing and production phases.

As just one recent example, look at the self-driving car craze. Without a financial profit motive, nobody would be developing one. That financial profit is made possible because you can recoup the money invested via sales, without having to compete with someone who didn't have to spend to develop one, just ripped of your design and sold it for less (because they can afford to without the sunk costs you incurred).

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