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Submission + - 3 Efforts to Build an Artificial Kidney (

the_newsbeagle writes: In a quest to end the dreary routine of dialysis for patients with kidney disease, three research groups are trying to build a mechanical kidney. The first team to bring its device to clinical trials built a clunky contraption that the patient wears like a utility belt. Two other teams are tinkering with fully implantable hardware. But all three could all be beat out by devotees of wetware: One such researcher is using a bioprinter to print out kidney cells into the proper 3D shape.

Submission + - Black Hole Imager Gets First View of Galactic Core (

astroengine writes: A powerful new instrument at one of the world's most powerful observatories is now online and capturing its first deep views of the environment surrounding the black hole behemoth center of our Milky Way. The GRAVITY instrument is currently undergoing commissioning at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) Interferometer at the ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile and it's prime mission is to ultimately probe the region immediately surrounding Sagittarius A*, the 4 million solar mass supermassive black hole that lurks in the center of our galaxy, around 25,000 light-years from Earth. This sophisticated instrument collects light from the four main 8.2 meter diameter telescopes of the VLT Interferometer, combining it as one.

Comment Wrong way to write down passwords (Score 3, Interesting) 177

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. In my experience, all the hospitals do it the wrong way - which is to write down the actual password.

The correct way to do it is simple, right down a password that is systematically wrong.

If the password is 845, write down 734.
If the password is EmerC@rE, write down eMERc2Re, or perhaps R,rV#tR (check your keyboard).

simple cryptography works fine.

Comment Re:Virus (Score 2) 69

Ideally the virus is not sexually transmittable. They want to use viruses that do not have the ability to reproduce in a cell. They can only reproduce in the lab. So you manufacture the viruses in large quantities, remove T Cells, then infect the T Cells. The T cells have their DNA modified in a way to make them more likely to fight the cancer, but do NOT have their DNA modified to make more viruses - that code is not built into the viruses.

Then you inject them back into the human, where the T Cells make their way back to your natural immune system. The natural immune system sees the modified DNA in their T Cells and copies it - again without coying any of the original virus.

Submission + - And then, after you die, some genes turn ON and start to...

gurps_npc writes: Gizmodo has a summary of two separate scientific studies about what your genes do after you die. You think your body stops after death, but up to 2 days later certain genes may turn ON and start doing stuff for another 2 days before they give up the ghost. We are all zombies for upto 4 days after death.

Comment Not a big deal (Score 1) 2

Goldman is not reading all their emails. Instead they have filters that look for things that are obvious red flags. The flags are not inappropriate invasions of employee privacy, but instead are obvious checks on things that management has a real need to know.

For example if someone writes an email to you that says "sue Goldman", then that email get's flagged and they read it.

Or if you use the work "Clowns running the fund", then yeah, Goldman is going to read that email.

It's their email, this is totally appropriate, especially for a large company that has been sued and charged with crimes in the past.

Comment Bad reporting. (Score 5, Insightful) 310

If you start out talking about "100k in Gross Fares" then reveal that number was wrong, you need to tell us what the actual GROSS FARE was. Switching to take hour earnings, after expenses is the mark of an incompetent statistician, and a poor journalist. At the very least.

For those of you that did not read the article, they claimed that expenses were 25-33%, so at 100k, that would be somewhere between 66 and 75k, assuming 60 hour week that would have been $22 an hour, far more than the current claims of $13.25 (which sound exaggerated to me.)

Submission + - Unsecured Security Cameras Lead To Privacy Erosion (

Orome1 writes: The results of a recent analysis of some 6,000 open security cameras across the United States has shown that 15 percent of them are located in users’ private homes. Open cameras are those whose feeds are open to anyone because they are protected with a widely known default password, or not password-protected at all. While we expect feeds of cameras in public places like streets, shops, libraries and so on to be accessible to a certain number of strangers, most of us want feeds of or recordings by our home cameras to be for our eyes only. While businesses and organizations with open security cameras in operation might consider it as a theft deterrent, they should also be aware that these open feeds can be exploited by thieves to perform reconnaissance of future targets.

Comment Not just car insurance. (Score 1) 297

A huge number of lawyers will be out of work. Our judicial system will reduce the cases clogging our courts.

More importantly, a whole SWATH of small, corrupt towns across the nation will lose the majority of their funding and be forced to actually charge their townsmen taxes instead of depending on speed tracks.

Comment Re:No fault insurance (Score 1) 297

First, those types of situations are so rare that they would be not be considered by the law.

Second, the car will never decide to 'save a 45 year old man vs a 10 year old girl.'. It will try to not hit either, but may in it's attempts to miss the old man it may fail to miss the little girl. It's a program, not a real consciousness.

That may seem like a minor wording change to you, but it will be how the incident will be described, and from a legal standpoint it makes a huge difference.

Comment Hate Videos (Score 2) 244

Look, if I wanted an all video experience, I would TURN ON THE TV.

I despise most videos on the internet.

1) You can't have 20 tabs open, because one of them will autostart.

2) The ads invade are far more invasive - taking more attention and of course, more your ears as well as your eyes. And the audio means you can't goof at work ;D

3) You have to consume it at THEIR convenience, not yours - even if you can pause/restart it, it generally means you miss a thing or two. No stopping at will to read an email.

4) In general it takes more brain power, more bandwidth, and more time to consume video than words

Comment So is most music (Score 4, Interesting) 428

The studios steal from the creators via abusive contracts as much, if not MORE than YouTube steals from the musicians.

Despising one and not the other is hypocritical.

Part of the major problem is that the value of music has gone down and musicians dislike that. Music used to be a rare skill that was incredibly expensive to distribute. But distribution costs went down, they refused to lower the price, we found ways to use computers to enhance music (auto tune is just one of many such advancements), and the number of people that want to do it went up.

How many kids want to be rock stars? They depressed the market causing the prices to drop - it's simple supply and demand.

The profit went away but it wasn't YouTube's fault.

Comment Hallmarks of a hoax (Score 4, Insightful) 118

1) Foreign story - in China.

2) Plays to a cultural stereotype - Chinese are overly concerned with 'face'.

3) Coverage is via an unheard of news sight, rather than major media.

Also - there is no power for the person that takes out the loan - once you give them the power to blackmail you there is no reason for them to stop just at the amount you owe. What if they get hacked?

No - stupid business idea. Probably a fake story

Comment Re:Why you don't want Things to be Unmaintainable (Score 1) 112

That's not my take away. Computers are by definition generic machines. They have to do everything - be a spreadsheet, be a word processer, be a video player, connect to the internet, be a phone, etc.

That is what I object to - putting all that EXTRA tech in my dedicated Video viewing device. When you make something do too much, it DECREASES it's life expectancy and tremendously decreases the chance something will go wrong.

Basically, you can NEVER get a good SmartTV, no matter how much you try because it gets torn in too many different directions while also suffering from pre-mature obsolesce for PART of it but not the whole thing.

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