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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 327

I feel you, I worked my way up from help desk and making that transition from help desk to anything else is pretty difficult. I know I could have performed any of my first jobs without the ITT education, but I'll never know if I would have had the chance without it on my resume.

In hindsight I should have dropped out as soon as I got my foot in the IT door, since I got my first helpdesk job when I was barely into the first semester.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 327

Not to mention the scheduling issues you run into at any CC. Required courses that fill up a semester or two before you need them, other courses that are only available at times you usually work. Bosses of white collar workers can be assholes, but it's nothing like the kind of bosses you can find in low level retail or food service work.

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 327

I attended ITT tech, my education did little but provide a degree. I learned on the job and at home, I've been fairly successful despite ITT. There are a couple benefits to a place like ITT that I don't see anyone talking about.

I was married with a child on the way, doing temp office work and warehouse work, usually 2 jobs. I had been attending a traditional University's local campus, but working full time and taking classes is difficult and takes more then 4 years. In hindsight, I probably should have tried for an Associates through the regular University, but it's difficult to find those sorts of opportunities. Everything is geared towards a Bachelor's degree. Required classes are usually offered at very specific times and may not have enough sessions. You can easily burn a semester or two waiting on a class opening.

In comparison, a place like ITT tech has every class you take offered at the same time, same day of the week. It's an easy progression without breaks or scheduling problems. To someone working a full time job, this is very tempting. Too bad it's literally too good to be true. I graduated in 2001 and still have about $40k in student loans...

Comment Re:Race implications (Score 1) 400

I'm dumping my moderation to reply to this stupidity.

Unless your proposing some sort of Genocide or preemptive "cleansing" it won't be "target practice" Nobody is holding still and waiting to be shot. They're shooting back, their hiding; your basically accepting a guerrilla movement by the poor and disenfranchised. Even if you, assuming you are one of the economically gifted, survive and put down the poor; society will be forever changed. It won't change for the better either, and you will certainly lose people you care about.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

It's an issue now... err.. known issue... It's probably been an issue all along.

I have a toggle on my main screen, it's very simple. I also disallow the google location services, which make very good "guesses" about your location based on cell towers and nearby wifi. I'm not sure how this helps me in any way, I know how it helps Google. If I wan the phone to know where I am, I toggle on GPS, if I don't, I leave it off. Most apps that want to know have an option for zip code, which is what they get.

Comment Re:Shouldn't customers get 40% of their money back (Score 2) 120

yes, you'll get your money back. I traded my wife's note7 for an s7 edge and it just changed the payment. I also got a $150 card at the store I bought it, which I got to keep, and a 256 GB SD card from Samsung, which I also kept. The s7 edge, also had a $150 gift card promotion, I got that as well.
So, this has worked out ok for me, but the note 7 was much better then the s7 edge, so that is a bit of a disappointment.
It also took about 3 hours to do the exchange, which is horrendous.

Comment Re:Morality vs Entitlement (Score 1) 579

My point is that Money is a state concept, it doesn't exist without a government, we aren't all just going to start using Nuka-Cola caps if the government ceases to exist.
Every bit of cash in my pocket says "The United States of America" on it. I use it, I benefit from it's existence, I feel obligated to maintain the system that gives it value and pay my fair share.

Comment Re:Morality vs Entitlement (Score 1) 579

You almost act like my money is property of the state to begin is not. I earned it, it is mine...and I am expected to follow the tax code to pay what I owe. No more, no less.

Where does the money come from if not the State? Even Jesus said, "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's"; he didn't say, "whoa, that's your money, not Caesar's".

Comment Re: Old school reflective lcd (Score 2) 294

Yeah, calling your wife a liar doesn't work out well. My Mom used to complain that she didn't like the off brand cheerios, so my Dad put off brand cheerios in a regular Cheerios box because he didn't believe she could taste the difference, she could...
This cautionary tale has been passed down to me and I now share it with you.

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