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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 130

I had a Samsung, which gave me a convenient button to flip GPS off and on, it did try to turn on all location services whenever I flipped it on. No, I don't want you to scan the names of every SSID and wireless tower around me so it can go in someone's database.

Now I have a Motorola I inherited from my wife, since my HPE decided it will only pay for employee cell service, not the handset (WTF). It makes it more difficult and automatically flips on all the location services. I can't find a good app to toggle this, the one I found still launches the location services page and I have to make all the changes manually...

Yes, I still keep location services off unless I need them.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

Exactly, they fail because of users and managers, not technology. That was my point. FYI, thin clients can handle multiple displays fine, storage is on the network. Only high CPU and graphics really need thick-client. I use x2go extensively myself.
The usual thin clients suck, Wyse and HP. I really like Igel, try them out.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

Thin client fails because there are always the occasional outlier that needs a full machine. This makes everyone else jealous and if they have the pull, they get a full machine as well, which makes more people jealous, eventually some manager will put some pet on the full machine and it's all finger pointing about who's more important.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1) 624

The "basket of deplorables" didn't win the election. Despite their emboldened stance, most people will either claim that there is no evidence Trump is a bigot (head in sand or totally uninformed) or that he's still better then Hillary (false equivalency, maybe prejudiced against women). The "alt-right" hate mongers are still a minority.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1) 624

Seriously, how long did you think the American public would believe the BS when you tell them same BS every four years, only to back off your claims a few weeks after the elections end? Well, the elections you win, anyway.

Read this afew times, but think hard about Fox News, Hannity, O'Really, Rove, and Limbaugh. Now tell us who we're supposed to think your talking about.

Comment Re:Elon Musk (Score 1) 283

It's a classic American story, almost rich to fabulously rich. Someday, your children could be almost rich also, which would give them a minimal chance of becoming fabulously rich, but at least they'd have a chance...
So, don't tax rich people too much, because you could be taxing your (great, great, great) grandson.

Comment Re:The course is clear (Score 1) 165

Thank you for proving me correct, the data is not debated by anyone with a brain. It was clearly a policy of the Fed.

Likewise, your "forcing people to make loans" has been disproved multiple times. The problem was really too much money without clear investment opportunities. The money, basically thought it found somewhere safe to grow, but it was lies, and not government lies, free market lies.
Anyway, I'm wasting my time with you.

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