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Comment Re:Wheels (Score 1) 133

It's also a lot easier to poorly re-invent wheels when you are young.

Well that fits the profile of his company, which he built on not understanding the physics of a cyclone separator and infamously trial and erroring till he got it to work. Or copying a fanless blade design from a 20 year old Toshiba patent and then trial an errored different patent submissions until the patents office accidentally accepted the idea as original.

Expect to hear him invent some battery chemistry which we have covered on slashdot before.

Comment Re:Forbes: (Warning paywalled) (Score 1) 133

Actually it doesn't seem to be paywalled - or at least there may be a limited number of articles available for free.

You're right, it's not paywall. Paywall implies I could pay for something. All I get is a quote of the day and then nothing at all. It's probably fighting with my ad blocker but frankly I'm glad the latter is winning.

Still have no idea what the article says though.

Comment Twitter, meh (Score 1) 62

As has been said before, "Twitter is the confetti of the internet".

I'm too long-winded to use Twitter; it takes me more than 140 characters to say "Good morning". :)

Frankly, the vast majority of what I've seen on Twitter is self-referential "look at me!" stuff.

It's not micro-blogging, it's micro-bragging. "Look at my amazing coffee/breakfast/sandwich/shoes/tattoo"....etc etc etc.

It's not for me, but if people want to use it, then great- have at it.


Apple, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft Sign White House Pledge For Equal Pay ( 104

In honor of Women's Equality Day, an anonymous reader shares with us a festive report from Fortune: More than two months after the White House first announced its Equal Pay Pledge for the private sector, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other major industry players have signed on. By taking the pledge, which was first introduced at the United State of Women Summit in June of this year, companies promise to help close the national gender pay gap, conduct annual, company-wide pay analyses, and review hiring and promotion practices. The new signees were announced in a White House statement on Friday -- which also happens to be Women's Equality Day, the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Apple, which announced earlier this year that it has no pay gap, released a statement promising to dig even deeper into compensation. "We're now analyzing the salaries, bonuses, and annual stock grants of all our employees worldwide. If a gap exists, we'll address it," the company said in a statement. Twenty-nine companies signed the pledge on Friday, bringing the total number of signatories to 57. The pledge is part of a $50-million, White House-led initiative to expand opportunities for and improve the lives of women and girls. The consortium members issued a statement via's press release: "The Employers for Pay Equity consortium is comprised of companies that understand the importance of diversity and inclusion, including ensuring that all individuals are compensated equitably for equal work and experience and have an equal opportunity to contribute and advance in the workplace. We are committed to collaborating to eliminate the national pay and leadership gaps for women and ethic minorities. Toward that end, we have come together to share best practices in compensation, hiring, promotion, and career development as well as develop strategies to support other companies' efforts in this regard. By doing so, we believe we can have a positive effect on our workforces that, in turn, makes our companies stronger and delivers positive economic impact." The consortium members include: Accenture, Airbnb, BCG,, CEB, Cisco, Deloitte, Dow, Expedia, EY, Glassdoor, GoDaddy,, L'Oreal USA, Mercer, PepsiCo, Pinterest, Rebecca Minkoff, Salesforce, Spotify, Staples, Stella McCartney, and Visa.

Comment This will beat Musk because of trust. (Score 1, Interesting) 133

While I admire Musk for what he is accomplishing, I would not trust him with my IP. I don't think that he would out and out rip anyone off, but the deal would probably be fantastically lopsided.

With Dyson, I get the feeling that he doesn't want to rip off any engineering types as they are his people. He probably knows all the stories of where the business type and the engineer with the brilliant idea meet and somehow the engineer still can't afford a good soldering iron, yet the business type just bought his second European Ski chalet, There is no money for some new lab equipment, yet the business guy's frat boy son was able to earn enough money in his part part part part time job in the company to buy a mid line new BMW before returning to his $60,000 year school, also paid for with his summer job savings.

While the typical engineering type usually does not have a pile of business sense they do know that when they venture into this area they are swimming with sharks. I think that many just keep their heads down and don't bother getting ripped off, or they try to do it on their own and don't have the business savvy to get anywhere.
Thus I predict that a venture such as this may very well have a very positive outcome as the solution is probably sitting in some engineers mind just waiting for him to bother brining out for us to enjoy.

One other bit is: Notice the word engineer, not the word scientist. Maybe he realizes that world is bound up tighter than most bureaucracies, that throwing money into that world is basically giving boomer senior professors some more money to explore some dead end idea they have been poking at since grad school in 1973,

Comment Tit for tat (Score 2) 54

It's not sour grapes, it's tit for tat. Treating the artist the same way they're treating you. The artist is telling Spotify that they're not that important to him, so they'll be giving Apple or Tidal an exclusive. Spotify is returning the favor and telling the artist he is not as important to them either, and not promoting him as highly.

Please note that tit for that is one of the best strategies in the Prisoner's Dilemma. Consistently treating others the way they treat you is one of the best ways to get others to treat you better (or as fair as possible given that perfect fairness is impossible).

If the artist relents and gives up the exclusive, but Spotify continues not promoting him, then it's sour grapes, or revenge.

Comment Re:40 hour week is a myth (Score 1) 157

> (and most large US companies for exempt employees).


1. Citation
2. Your sample size is too small.

Currently I work for a Fortune 50 company (we have over 100,00 employees) doing WebGL / UI work and the 40 hour week is definitely adhered to.

As I've climbed the "corporate ladder" it really varies from company to company. Some worked you to the bone with ~70 hours whiles others only worked you 35+ hours.

The only trend I've noticed is the East coast vs West coast thing. East coast definitely tries not to over work people. West coast tend to favor over-working people.

Anyways, it is always about _good_ management respecting their employees _long term_ health.

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