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Submission + - Results of API Copyright: Where are we now? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In Oracle vs Google, the federal court has ruled that APIs are copyrightable. That is not likely to change until congress changes the law, or until another lawsuit comes along (maybe five to ten years).

Until things change, there are important questions to ask lawyers. What do these judgements mean? What can programmers do, and what can we not do? How can we defend ourselves against these kinds of lawsuits?

Submission + - German Nuclear Power Plant Infected With Conflicker (

phantomfive writes: Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer for Finland-based F-Secure, said that infections of critical infrastructure were surprisingly common, but that they were generally not dangerous unless the plant had been targeted specifically.

Submission + - Mosaic, Netscape, and What Happened at the Beginning of the Web (

An anonymous reader writes: In a long standing tradition, the IEEE has lost another interview with one of the pioneers of our industry. Marc Andreesen, one of the creators of NCSA Mosaic and a founder of Netscape, gives us his honest views on the creation of HTML and CSS. "I took inspiration from Bjarne Stroustrup," he says.

Submission + - Google: Lessons Learned from a decade of containers (

phantomfive writes: Google has been using containers for over a decade. Internally, they've built (at least) three different container system tools. The latest edition of ACM Queue has a retrospective analyzing what went right, and what went wrong. A good read if you want to understand how we got to where we are going with distributed systems.

Submission + - Windows is Dying (at least, the revenue) ( 1

phantomfive writes: For years, Windows was the cash cow for Microsoft, the crown jewel. Now, it accounts for less than 10% of Microsoft's revenue. Microsoft's cloud service is the biggest segment of revenue, prompting CEO Nadella to say, "The enterprise cloud opportunity is larger than any market we've ever participated in." This could explain why Microsoft has been porting software to Android.

Submission + - All Code is Legacy

phantomfive writes: A post about programming, pointing out that all code you write (assuming it's successful) will be soon called "legacy code" by someone else. With trillions of dollars of code in existence, including billions written in COBOL, rewriting it all is not cost effective.

Submission + - The Programmer's Oath

phantomfive writes: Uncle Bob Martin (the author of Clean Code and huge advocate of unit tests) has written a proposed code of conduct for programmers, things all professional programmers should do. It start's with "I will not produce harmful code." Do you wish your coworkers would follow this list?

Submission + - Bruce Schneier and the LA Schools DOS

phantomfive writes: Bruce Schneier wrote a post asking about the LA Schools DOS attack. He says, "given the choice between overreacting to a threat and wasting everyone's time, and underreacting and potentially losing your job, it's easy to overreact," and calls it CYA security. He contrasts it with the more reasonable approach of the NY School system, to a similar threat.

The email address that was used to send in the bomb threat:

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