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Comment Re:The latest fad (Score 1) 120

Perhaps you didn't realize that .NET has itself become a FOSS project, as has Visual Studio. And wow, support until 2021 for a product that never went anywhere. That's pretty solid commitment!

I've written software for Mac, Linux, Unix, and Windows, and other platforms you've probably never heard of. I've written for Borland OWL, MFC, ATL, .ASP (old and new), MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular. I've seen it all, and nobody creates developer tools and platforms like Microsoft. I guess you could say I'm a fanboy, but that loyalty was earned, and I'd move on if that trust was broken. So far, Microsoft has done a great job of keeping its developers happy.

So Google broke Angular 1.x. It's open source. So how is that working out for Angular 1.x developers?

Comment The latest fad (Score 1) 120

Developers have been WAY too eager to jump onto the latest development fad. Google has been well-known for creating products and dropping them. Why should they behave differently when it comes to open source projects?

Microsoft may have its own issues, but at least they stay committed to preserving (most) legacy code. You can still run a lot of c. 1985 software on today's Windows machines! As a .NET developer, I'm pretty sure my source code is still going to work when Version 5 comes out.

Comment Re:Who pays more taxes? (Score 1) 539

I'd like to see your sources. You seem to have a prejudiced view against religion. Yes, people have done many terrible things in the name of religion, but the faithful of any religion will tell you that these people were imposters, just as certain hoodlums recently gave the Black Lives Matter movement a bad name by shooting people at a previously peaceful rally.

I suppose you feel that the hands of governments are clean over those millennia.

The fact is that people do terrible things, sometimes in the name of religion, sometimes in the name of government. That does not make religion or government bad things.

Comment Re:If true, why are we subsidizing it? (Score 1) 539

You must live in an amazing place, where there are no electric bills! I certainly have to pay for my electricity!

Yes, some "non-profits" are dubious. This is true. Many non-religious non-profits are equally dubious, such as the Donald J. Trump Foundation. But there are many who truly serve. St. Jude's Children's Hospital, for example, charges no fees to any of their patients. Ditto Mercy Ships. I'd argue that many government programs are equally dubious. You are essentially building a straw man which is not representative of religious charities as a whole.

In any case, these charities are generally not subsidized. The truth is that the government recognizes the need for charitable organizations, and chooses not to burden their work with further taxation. (They do still have to pay employment taxes.) And there is no religious test for a non-profit. Any organization, religious or not, can organize as a non-profit and avoid paying taxes.

Comment Re:US religion... (Score 3, Insightful) 539

If you're getting your ideas about religion from TV preachers, then I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. But TV preachers aren't actually religious, they are just using religion to make money. They are no different from politicians who claim to care about you, in order to get elected.

Comment Re:If true, why are we subsidizing it? (Score 3, Informative) 539

Religious institutions, such as the Salvation Army and religious hospitals and shelters, fill many gaps that the government would otherwise have to fund. Religious institutions, as a rule, do so much more efficiently than the government. I believe that if you removed religious charities from the picture, the government would experience a significant net loss trying to deal with the most needy of our citizens. Religion may be tax exempt, but they more than pay their debt to society.

Are there some frauds in religion? Of course! But there is far more good than bad going on. And let's not kid ourselves, the government has its fair share of frauds as well.

Comment Re:Recursive Manufacturing (Score 2) 209

Automation is still hard, even for something as "simple" as an automated hamburger joint. You can easily enough automate specific tasks, such as filling drinks or cooking burgers. But automating EVERYTHING, from cleaning to repairs, is a lot harder. And then automating the manufacture of all of the machines needed to manufacture hamburgers, is another order of magnitude more difficult and complex. It's not at all surprising to me that we haven't done this yet.

Comment Preserving the environment based on scarcity (Score 4, Interesting) 231

Here on earth, it's so important to preserve our natural environment because we're causing damage to our ecosystem that, if not checked, will become irreversible and deadly. If you were the ONLY human being in the Amazon rain forest, it wouldn't be an environmental problem for you to clear-cut an acre of land to grow some crops. But when you're one of millions who are doing the same thing, you are now causing serious damage to the planet.

In our universe, there are so, so many potentially inhabitable planets. There is room to experiment, even if it turns out badly on some of the planets, it's OK, there are so many more. We're still the lone farmer in the Amazon rain forest.

Comment Never mind microbes (Score 2) 231

Why not fully-developed plant and/or animal life, if the world can support them!

Long term, we will have to find a way to survive in other places. Eventually, something will happen to Earth. We've already been hit by monster meteors that killed 90% of life on earth. There's surely another one out there that could go farther. Eventually, we'll need to find other places to live, if we want to survive.

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