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Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 1) 197

That's been the proposed option for years - but is it really happening on an industrial scale? It's a very lossy way to do things so apart from home use there has to be seriously high peak prices for it to make sense.
Do you have anything to show that it makes sense today and not some undefined time in the future? I'm interested.

Comment Actually it could be caused. (Score 1) 113

Cancer might not be caused by lack of quality healthcare,

Actually, in this case, lack of quality healthcare DOES rise the incidence of cancer:

Like several other types of cancer (e.g.: like colon cancer ; unlike pancreatic cancer), it's possible with a routine test to detect cellular anomalies long before those degenerate into an actual cervical cancer (the same way you can notice polyps on a scopy long before an actual cancer).

But for those early detection to be done, the woman needs to be able to afford going to a gynaecologist for said test to be done.
Otherwise she'll eventually get actual cervical cancer.

Also, cervical cancer is one of the few cancers where there is a well known and documented infectious cause - human papilloma virus - that accounts for a significant chunk of cervical cancer.

But again, for prevention to work, the woman needs to be able to afford going to a doctor who'll administer an HPV vaccine.
(or - less optimally - to gynaecologists who'll at least detect the HPV infection and do closer monitoring)

Otherwise the poor woman will catch HPV, which will go unnoticed, and eventually she's at high risk being one of those who caught a cervical cancer as a consequence of HPV infection.

(Disclaimer : I am a doctor, Jim ! ...but population health isn't my speciality).

Comment Chinese quality standards. (Score 1) 85

They are giving us product in return. We keep the benefit of that product forever.

At least until its lithium battery spontaneously explodes.
Because nobody in the quickly formed assembly chain (including the uncle of the neighbour who previously did work on a vaccum cleaner assembly chain. He did a bit of soldering. He should be okay to work on this hoverboard, right ?) did think about putting a battery management chip, or even a simple fuse.
("But this hover board costs only 249$ ! The other used to cost 1199$ !!!")

Even if it's a toy that helps in child development.

Yup ! The child will be helped a lot ! Specially by the lead poisoning (after the child survives the fire started by the exploding battery) because the toy was painted with the cheapest possible pigment available.
("But it was so cheap and affordable !")

The lower cost screwdriver may allow you to live in a better house.

In a better *warmed* house.
Because it got burned down.
(You can count on china managing to get a simple screwdriver exploding,
just because they found a way to make its price cheaper than 0.01$ per crate)

They are buying stuff from us like airplanes, construction equipment, entertainment, and high tech stuff.

Buying for now.
Some of which will get disassembled, analysed.
And cloned/recplicated.

In a couple of years, they'll be able to locally produce similar products of approximately equivalent built for half the price.

They'll also be able to produce the same stuff for 1/10th to 1/20th of the price and flood your market with it, but at such a built quality that the stuff won't as much have a MTBF as a "number of seconds between opening the crate, and the stuff breaking down. And catching fire".

How does Germany have a trade surplus with China?

Because for some products where quality is critical (foodstuff is an example) some Chinese don't actually even trust the quality of their own merchandise and prefer to import quality from Europe.

I would guess quality German cars might too be on this list ?
(Really? China? You think your idea of an electric car that comes nearly free thanks to massive cost reduction and the rest paid by advertisement [mentionned on /. some time ago] is going to work ? I mean, "work *more than a few meters* " ?)

That's because Germans have figured out what Chinese want to buy and they are selling to them.

I would guess : quality German engineering ?

China gets a lot of its machinery from Germany. Germany doesn't have tariffs on China and it does robust trade two ways.

Having lived a couple of years in Germany, I have the impression that Germany doesn't need tariffs on China. The German people seemed to be over-obsessed with build quality and repairability of anything and regarded some "no-name asian" products with suspicion. In such condition you don't need need a tariff to regulate competition.

Yup, German are as much obsessed with low prices as other, but they won't compromise as much on build quality as other markets.

Comment "Us versus them" (Score 1) 205

Get away from the "us versus them" mentality. All the bad shit we have right now is the result of bi-partisan cooperation among politicians.
Your side is crap as well as the other side.
Insulting "the other side" does nothing to solve the underlying problem.

All the bad shit is mostly a result of your asinine political system.
- Try to have a *direct democracy* to reduce the power of lobbyists, etc

- Try to have multi-rounds presidential elections,
the president not having (in apparence) so much importance,
and you parliament of mixed composition,
to avoid it degenerate into a 2-party system.

Comment Already the case ? (Score 1) 205

this law might be used to repair defective CD's, it'll be gone.

As far as I remember (Disclaimer: I don't live under US jurisdiction. Our equivalent of DMCA is much more liberal that yours), "Making backups of media you own" is one of the rare few exception which is already covered under "Fair Use" exceptions.
(And your various mafiAA are already trying to fight it).

These "Repair exceptions" won't have much impact to the mafiAA.

Comment Right to repair (Score 1) 205

Indeed, good.

In fact, exemption to DMCA about repairs should have been in the Fair Use exception from the beginning.
(I'll have to check to be 100% sure, but in the equivalent under our local jurisdiction - that might already be the case...
indeed we have one among the most liberal clones of the DCMA)

And while in the US only 3 States start to think that defending the right to repair wouldn't be a bad idea, at the same time several European country (both EU and non-EU) are making big campaigns about "repair instead of throwing away".

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