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Comment And still people won't vote for Gary Johnson (Score 3, Insightful) 189

One party nominated a racist. The other party nominated a serial liar. And still, I bet the Libertarian and Green parties won't get 5% of the vote. I suspect that Hillary and Trump could beat American children in public while shouting "America sucks" and we still wouldn't get a third-party into office.

My favorite is the guy attending the RNC, wearing the "STOP TRUMP" t-shirt, who said he would vote for Trump. **NUCLEAR FACEPALM**

Comment Re:Netflix as a better IMDB. (Score 1) 150

Their interface is complete horrible. And it is completely different on each device. Sometimes I can't do something from my phone app, so I try the mobile browser, and then if that doesn't work I try the desktop app. If that doesn't work, maybe I can do it from my TV. It's ridiculous. Sometimes it searches the DVD and streaming catalog, sometimes it searches just the streaming catalog. Sometimes the "My List" disappears from their Android/iPhone app, only to reappear later.

I suspect that Netflix was a company that did the right thing at the right time, but was never well managed.

Comment Netflix should offer a streaming service! (Score 3, Insightful) 150

Netflix needs to find a way to expand their streaming service.

While I keep seeing articles titled "Why does anyone use Netflix's DVD service?" I have a DVD queue that is 324 DVDs long. Their streaming catalog is a tiny fraction of what they have on DVD, and almost nothing I want is streamable. No new releases are streamable. Hardly any Disney or Dreamworks is streamable. Seems like most "blockbusters" aren't streamable. Neither is most of the 90's sci-fi I want to catch-up on. They need to pressure hollywood while they are still the 500-lb gorilla of the market.

Comment Grain of salt (Score 3, Insightful) 141

I don't trust the federal government to be telling the truth here.

I can't find the Slashdot article, but the FAA was caught lying in front of congress about how drones interfere with other aircraft. They were taking every occurrance where a pilot says that they see a UFO, and counting that as a drone. Another example was the case where a commercial plane was damaged by something striking it, and they claimed it was a drone even though they found no evidence of it. They found their boogeyman and want to blame everything on it.

We have a problem that government agencies can make rules without having to prove their case. And they aren't elected officials so they don't answer directly to the people.

It could be that various government organizations see drones as a threat to government opaqueness. The FAA is going to do everything they can to limit drone use. This is where the surveillance society swings the other way - people can keep better track of the government. Whenever we see these claims about drones, take them with a grain of salt. Start asking what evidence they have that there was a drone present. Most drones are so cheap and light, that a 2mph breeze will make them uncontrollable. It strains believability that firefighting helicoptors are threatened by bits of plastic lighter than many birds. Are there really drones operating over forest fires? Until I see real evidence, a random pilot claiming "I couldn't do X because of a drone" isn't going to convince me to tighten regulations.

How about a common sense regulation saying that anyone operating a drone over a certain weight has to be available on a particilar CB radio channel?

Comment I should have sold mine (Score 1) 137

I should have sold my XBone as soon as I got it for free from the Microsoft Build Conference. Instead, it accumulated dust for years under the idea that "ooh, I can use the Kinect 2 as a 3D scanner!" And my kids can play Kinect games in a few years! Turns out, nobody supports Kinect 2 as a 3D scanner because it is inferior to the Kinect 1. And they never made any decent games for it. Even new, the writing was on the wall: I couldn't even trade-in my new-in-box $500 XBOX for a used $300 Wii. GameStop just didn't want the dang things since day 1.

Comment Re:Great news (Score 1) 92

Because it is hard to sue the government.

First, you have to have standing. You can't just go "oh, this law sucks and would affect me so I'm going to sue." You really have to wait for the government or third-party to prosecute you, then defend yourself. Then you *might* have standing to sue the government. Also, you need to have a better case than "I wanna watch anime in my Mom's basement." So far, many security researches have either not been sued, or they haven't stood up to defend themselves.

It is also tough to find out who exactly to sue. The approach here is that, since the DMCA gives the library of congress (LOC) the power to create DMCA exemptions, they can sue the LOC. They are also suing the copyright office and the department of justice (DOJ). Copyright office seems logical too, but I am unsure why the DOJ is on the list.

It's also really really expensive.

Comment Re: So funny (Score 1) 171

It becomes Tesla's problem because it affects public perception of Tesla. They are at the next challenge, which is, can they manage the PR spin and survive it.

has Tesla done anything practical with their rockets yet?

Tesla has not, because Tesla is the car company. But if you meant to ask that about SpaceX...

Have you seen how fast a Tesla goes? 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. I think that qualifies as a rocket. :-)

Comment Re:Irrational fear of numbers again (Score 1) 1139

Why not, if the only other alternative available to you is $0/hour and you don't lose any of your basic income?

Two reasons: 1) You have reduced their incentive to work and 2) Most of them are getting UBI because they physically or mentally cannot work anyway.

By the numbers:
Today welfare tops out at about $7k/year, and minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which is about $15k. Using your numbers, UBI would be at least $16k for a single person, and they will make $1/hour which is $2k. So you have reduced their wage by a factor of 7 and increased their welfare by a factor of 2. That means that they have a 14-fold reduction in the benefit of their work.

So make a deposit to a debit account each day, they will eventually figure it out. What you are saying is 10% of US population is mentally incompetent. If that is truly the case, we have a public health emergency. But I bet it's closer to 1% if we give people reasonable chances to be independent.

We *do* have a public health emergency! 66% of people below the poverty line report substance abuse or mental health problems! You need to go meet the poor because it is clear you know jack about poverty in America. It's okay, I didn't either until my brother-in-law and my father, both got involved in careers in that field.

Your "guess" that they will "eventually figure it out" does not jive with reality. America cannot make a policy change based on the middle-class's guess as to how impoverished people will respond to a sudden influx of cash. I suggest that you volunteer at a soup kitchen for a week, or volunteer to drive some impoverished people around town. Maybe ride the bus to work in Chicago or DC and talk to them. Go meet a social worker. Your idea of what their life is like is far from reality.

These ideas sound nice in theory - it's the libertarian capitalist "get the government out of their way" viewpoint. It's appealing because we hate bureaucracy. I lean libertarian myself as well. But your confidence in people's ability to make good decisions does not reflect the reality that psychologists and social workers know. Many of the poor don't know how to budget. They get scammed. Many are elderly, or have never had a savings account before. Some of them wouldn't walk into a bank at gunpoint! They are scared of banks and signatures, so they go to check cashing services that take 20% off the top. They keep money in cash in their houses, and lose track of it or get robbed. You are saying that by getting rid of all this structure, and handing them cash, they will suddenly save themselves.

I don't understand the last 4 paragraphs of your response so I can't reply regarding the taxation stuff.

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