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Comment Details about the straw (Score 5, Funny) 102

The new straw runs Windows IoT embedded on an ARM Cortex A53 with 1GB of RAM. The straw contains 2 Festo 334-T3 pressure regulators that update 64,000 times per second to maintain an even flow of chocolate and shamrock. The embedded 802.11N connectivity will inform McDonald's immediately when your drink is done so it can automatically charge your credit card for another.

Comment Re:Never Fails (Score 1) 130

Isn't all that secondary to the fact that they can work any hours you want, at any location they want, they provide your own tools, and they can turn down customers? I disagree with your assessment that they cannot turn down too many customers. They can turn down as many customers as they want by not signing in to the app. They can't sign-in to the app, mark that they are open for business, then turn down customers. But that's just being an jerk.

There's lots of professions where the fees are fixed. Consider this: If uber added a bidding process, so that prices aren't fixed, would that be enough of a change that they are now contractors?

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 5, Insightful) 890

Since you are the first potentially rational Trump supporter, I honestly want to understand your positions. Do you want a wall between the US and Mexico, and if so, why? Do you want to forgive Russia for the annexation of Crimea? Let's see..what else.... do you support ending the child care tax credit? Do you believe in global warming?

Comment Re:What field are these abused H1B visa workers in (Score 1) 267

A few questions: Do you know their title? Do you know where they were working from? Or why could they not find a job locally?

Since you say you were writing software, I assume the other person was also writing software. The government should have turned down the H1B application if the person was not being paid a market rate since that is a requirement of the program. I wonder if the CTO was actually lying to you about the salary. Could it be that the remote employee was making more than you, and the CTO didn't want to tell you that? Usually, they don't talk salaries anyway. Another possibility is that he was committing fraud, and put a higher salary on the H1B application and was pocketing the difference. Fraud would be an interesting twist here.

peel off a layer of that dinosaur skin. This is happening all over.

I ask a legit question, provide examples, and it ends with ACs posting ad-hominem attacks and making unsubstantiated claims. Ugh, it's not like I'm new here, I should be used to this by now. But I just keep on trying anyway.

Comment Re:What field are these abused H1B visa workers in (Score 1) 267

I had no idea that all programmers face deportation within 6 months if they get fired

Nope, just H1Bs. Also: it's 60-days, not 6 months.

What idiotic manager would not hire an employee of equal skill

Interviewing doesn't work that way. There's no such thing as equal skill. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Companies that are large enough to sponsor H1B visa workers aren't splitting hairs over 10% salary differences.

but who can be pressed to work longer hours without compensation

Who? Where? What field? You are just repeating the claim. I am trying to figure out who this is happening to. I know it isn't Software engineers. So who is it? Do you know any?

Comment Re:What field are these abused H1B visa workers in (Score 1) 267

Thanks for the link. That's a good start. We can try to guess what the fields are from the job titles. Hmmm... This link shows it by occupation. That's interesting.

Okay, so this is painting a picture for me. There are two kinds of H1Bs. One kind is hired by a company that does actual work and makes an actual product: Apple, Microsoft, Intel. Those H1B visa workers are probably not being abused, and they probably aren't displacing American workers. Those are the kind I know. The other kind is the IT outsourcing companies like WiPro, Tata, and IGate. They are replacing American jobs with a combination of H1B visa jobs and outsourcing. I notice that the "Software developer" occupation makes >100k, and they work at places like Intel, IBM, Motorola, Apple. And the "Computer programmers" make 67k and work at Tata, InfoSys, IBM, and WiPro. IBM is in both lists, interestingly.

I wonder what those "Computer programmer" H1B visa workers are really doing? Looking at Tata's business model, how can H1B visa be justified here? That company's job is to basically put IT workers in other companies out a job by outsourcing. But if they have that many H1B visa workers, aren't they just displacing an American worker with an H1B worker?

Comment Re:What field are these abused H1B visa workers in (Score 1) 267

I've heard about Tata. Is Cap Gemini that same way?

I know a local company that just outsourced most of their IT department to Cap Gemini. I know much of Cap Gemini's workforce is overseas. I've been politely listening, but so far no one has mentioned any H1B visa workers involved. Slashdot has had a few articles on the topic, but I have yet to see any real evidence that H1B was involved in these cases.

I agree about permanent residency. I work with some H1Bs who would love citizenship, and are absolutely frieking smart. We want those people! That's why I want to hear some of these H1B abuse stories. It is frustrating to need smart people, and at the same time have people decrying the H1B program that is providing us those smart people. We don't need to get rid of the program, we need to quickly find those talented ones and give an efficient path to citizenship. I want to know who is abusing these H1B visa workers. I'm pretty sure it isn't engineers, which is why I'm not seeing it.

Comment Re:What field are these abused H1B visa workers in (Score 1) 267

You might not realize that your fellow employee is taking shit and grinning because they are just waiting for the greed card to come through.

So let me get this straight: I ask for evidence that H1B visa workers are abused, and the best I get is that even though I work with them, party with them, and go to church with them, secretly my boss is being an asshole to them and I don't know it. And this has been going on for 17 years without my knowledge. But an AC on the internet knows the real truth about my coworkers and my friends secret lives.

I'm looking for someone to tell me who and where H1B visas are being approved. Because I don't see it. I'm not looking for speculation, I want examples, anecdotes, SOMETHING other than anonymous cowards on the internet making unsupported claims.

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