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Comment What do gamers want? (Score 1) 147

Are gamers asking for 4K? If not, what are they asking for?

Personally, I want:
* 60fps and up
* Better motion control

The motion control era died when Nintendo made the Wii U and Microsoft released the Kinect. Both were essentially inferior, more costly versions of what came before them. That's too bad, because I was excitedly waiting for the next generation and it never came. But I think I'm in the minority on this.

Comment Re:Summary Incomplete (Score 1) 248

The summary totally ignores Powell's extremely critical remarks about Hillary, her lies, manipulation, and the public exploitation of his name against his wishes.

The summary does not mention this, because the article is about Colin Powell's emails, and no such email exists. If such an email does exist, please link to it. Otherwise, it is the AC who is lying. That post should not have been modded up without a citation to an email from Powell regarding Clinton. It was just troll/flamebait.

Comment Re: They're boring in a good way (Score 4, Informative) 248

You asked "why?"

why did UK, run by a Left wing government run by Tony Blair, back that?

1. Because warhawks are warhawks, and allies are allies, regardless of party affiliation. After 9/11, Europe sympathized with the US.

everybody's intelligence agencies seemed to suggest that Saddam had chemical and/or biological weapons

2. Actually, the intelligence agencies didn't suggest this. The politicians claimed that the intelligence agencies said this, but they really didn't. The agencies don't really speak publicly, they speak through the elected officials that they report to. We now know that what they told the president and prime minister isn't the same as what the president and prime minister said publicly.

For example: We now know that for example, at the time that George W. Bush gave a speech about the supposed "yellow cake uranium," that he knew it was falsified evidence but proceeded with the speech anyway. The UK did the same thing, leading up to the invasion, asking BBC reporters to basically make-up phony facts.

If you look back at the evidence, it was clear that the evidence was being used to justify an already decided-upon conclusion. For example: The UK and US cited a shipment of aluminum tubes as evidence that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons. It turns out that the tubes were used for the much more mundane purpose of rockets. If you saw an aluminum tube that could be used for rockets or nuclear weapons, and you knew the country was developing rockets, why would you assert that these tubes are evidence of nuclear weapons? Certainly, it is possible. But they didn't present it as "well, it was probably used for rockets, but maybe it is for nukes (shrug)." It was presented as "OMG This is proof that they are developing nukes!" A lie of omission is still a lie.

You asked "Why?" It is important to understand why. It is because well-intentioned people can sometimes lie to support what they believe is right. The populus and the media in particular, must be vigilant against such things. The New York times, has since, apologized for being the white house's mouthpiece.

Comment This paper is meaningless nonsense. (Score 1) 199

The paper presents a technical solution to a problem, but doesn't state what the problem is. It pays lip service to network neutrality, but demonstrates no understanding of the actual problem. If you allow users to choose what sites to prioritize, a logical user will choose "whatever site I am visiting now." If you ask them which sites should not count toward their data caps, they will answer "whatever site I am visiting now."

This is like having a special ticket that you hand to a cashier that tells them which items in this shopping trip you want to be free. They will obviously pick the most expensive item. They can also choose which lane they want to run the fastest. They will obviously pick whichever lane they are on. The solution is entirely unworkable.

Giving users the ability to choose this doesn't do anything for the ISPs. It also doesn't do anything for the users because it just means they picked which sites to slow down. Nobody wins here. The only incentive to do this would be to confuser users into thinking they have some kind of choice for marketing purposes. There is no material benefit.

Comment Re:As the saying goes... (Score 2) 308

Yes, but this only requires physical access to another person who has physical access.

As a kid, I always joked about making a "deaths head disk" which would be a floppy disk that would go up in smoke. You would put 1/2 of a flammable chemical combination on the inner rings of the spinning disk, and the other 1/2 on the outside rings. When the drive spins the disk, the chemicals mix, producing *boom*.

Comment Samsung bloatware (Score 1) 168

After the latest update, my Samsung Galaxy S5 has so much bloatware that I almost can't use it anymore. The camera app refuses to take pictures unless I have an external SD card installed, and some apps refuse to download from the app store. 16GB RAM - 5.46GB OS - 7.11GB apps = 3.4GB left. After you include the Google Maps cache and voice mail cache and a few other things I have 1.1GB free. You can't move the built-in apps to the external SD card. My wife has the same phone, with no apps installed, and she can't install the latest update because it says there isn't enough free space to do the update.

This is preposterous. My next phone will be a Nexus for this reason. Samsung actually makes good hardware and has reasonable support, but their built-in apps are making the phone nearly useless. They are usually the worst in their class: there's always a free app that does a better job than what they provide.

Comment Full access and control... (Score 2) 73

full access and control over their Google accounts.

FYI: That only applies to the iPhone version of the app. I run the android app, and it never asked for any such permission. I don't even login to the game with my Google account. If I go to the "Apps connected to your Google account" it currently displays "You haven't granted any apps or websites access to your Google Account."

Does the OS X version require a Google account? Can't you login with a Pokemon Trainer account like you can on Android?

Comment Re:Spaces are for people who don't understand tabs (Score 1) 391

While I agree, there are two remaining issues: Cases where it still doesn't work, and tool support.

Tool support:
Do you know of an editor that replaces spaces with tabs only at the beginning of the line? That would make this problem moot. But every editor I've ever seen either puts tabs everywhere it can, or never puts them in. None seem to use them intelligently.

Special indent cases:
tab-tabvoid LongFunctionNameWithManyArgumentsWithLongNames(int argumentNumber1,
tab-tab-spaces-morespaces-std::hash_map> argumentNumber2
In this scenario, the author's intent was to align the second argument with the first. But if the length of a tab varies, then there is no fixed number of tabs that will produce this alignment. It must use only 2 tabs, then spaces after that. But the editor probably doesn't know that.

** Hoping Slashdot doesn't overly filter my code example.

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