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Comment Re:Umm no. (Score 0) 239

means that OEMs can heavily customize Android on their devices, and Google has little control over what they do. Google can't safely update devices running code to which it doesn't even have source,

OEMs heavily customize Windows on their desktops too, and Microsoft has little control over what they do. Yet Microsoft can safely update devices running code to which it doesn't have the source.

Comment Re:Why people would want to go there? (Score 1) 402

They have nothing to do with nautical travel - you're no closer to the actual sea than in a beachfront hotel room

Agreed. But I don't think that is why people do it.

You're stuck for many days inside cramped quarters with nothing interesting to do.

Huh? I just looked for a random cruise ship, and it had: pools, waterslides, bars, clubs, restaurants, mini golf, bowling, shows, basketball courts, ice skating, 3d movies, spas, hot tubs, gyms, a shopping mall, rock climbing, ...

But most importantly: The boat actually goes somewhere. Sometimes, it's even cheaper than a flight to the destination + an equivalent resort!

Comment Re:Doubt it applies anywhere in the world (Score 2) 47

The physical issue you bring up doesn't really prevent them from *issuing* a search warrant. But it does inhibit their ability to *execute* the warrant. Executing it might require working with another government, or remotely hacking a server, or something like that. Do warrants state *how* they will be executed? Ex: If they get a warrant to search a computer, does the warrant state that they can or cannot hack it -vs- that they can sieze it -vs- they can copy the HD contents?

Comment Useless??? (Score 1) 170

I have a list of applications I'd love to create if these things were readily available. I've been seething for them for a decade. How is it that they can't find applications? I've read university students projects and DIY makers who did frieking awesome stuff with them. Maybe the price point isn't good? Or the technology isn't any good? Or have the engineers been watching too many scifi movies and not going around the real world looking for applications?

Comment Re:Maybe a civil suit (Score 1) 58

(it's why IE always has to move files when its done downloading - the file save dialog is done by a higher integrity process, and the file is downloaded to a temporary location first (the only writable area a low integrity process has) and moved by the higher integrity process.

Do you have any links on that? That is interesting. I'm running process explorer now to try and see how that works...

Comment Re:Windows 10 can just hack out features? (Score 1) 190

Microsoft issued patch MS16-928167 which patched vulnerability CVE-2016-989374 which would allow a remote attacker to obtain administrator...

I *used* that vulneratibility! Can Microsoft just "update" it out? I was pulling in 5 bitcoins a week with that one! Can microsoft just remove that because it was seen as a so-called "security" problem? Clearly it was very popular judging from then number of people who paid for me to decrypt their files.


Comment How does this happen? (Score 1) 255

I am confused.

How does one learn to write software without first enjoying it? Are there people out there who can play the violin, but don't know what to play? Why did they pick it up in the first place? If anyone out there knows woodworking but doesn't know what to build, or can do electronics but doesn't know what they want to wire - please email me and I will put you to good work.

How does someone learn a skill, particularly a fairly academic one, without having a desire to do so? Is this some kind of generational thing because everyone I know who can write software does it because they wanted to build something. Same goes for any other skill or trade. The exception would be a few "dot bomb" progarmmers who took CS because they thought it would make them money. Few of them survived beyond a few years in the trade.

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