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Comment Re:Socialist paradise (Score 1) 366

I'd like some clarification on this because it seems like you have some strong opinions but they aren't clearly defined, or at least, I can't make out all the details.
(1) I know what NIMBY is an acronym for, but what specifically has been done to decrease access to housing?
(2) I'm not sure how someone supports themselves "cook[ing] food at home and sell[ing] it to neighbors". Are we talking about lemonade stands, bake sales? I don't know anyone who pays their rent with bake sales, and I live in a low-rent, free-market paradise (Houston). I do know a bunch of people who pay their rent by working at a restaurant, where some regulation is a good idea for obvious health reasons.
(3) I have no idea what Prop 13 is, you'll have to give a brief summary if you want anyone who doesn't follow the California state legislature to understand.
(4) What infrastructure is crumbling? From what I understand, the SF area has entire categories of infrastructure (like public transport) that simply don't exist in a workable form in my free-market paradise.

Comment Re:Custom ROMS? Hell, barely use my Smartphone! (Score 1) 206

No, it's me too.
"Real work" which for me means web design, is impossible. Typing anything longer than a paragraph is *possible* but definitely not enjoyable. The games I want to play are more like Civilization or Pillars of Eternity than Candy Crush. I don't like giving all my private information to Facebook, nor do I even want to converse with the idiots that populate it, so that's useless. I do use Telegram as a messaging service, so I guess that gives the smartphone an edge over my flip phone. I could do pretty much the same with SMS/MMS but Telegram is more streamlined. I do use YouTube on my phone on the rare occasions that I'm away from a big screen AND I have more than a couple minutes to kill.
Sometimes I find myself wondering what possess people to buy a $300 phone with a battery that won't even last a day. Maybe all the "early adopter" types think that's the way smartphones have to be? By the time I got a smartphone, it cost $30 and I can comfortably forget to charge it at night as long as I'm not talking on it for hours.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 366

I live in Houston, I haven't been alive 30 years yet, and I've been propositioned by quite a few gay men. A couple of those times were sorta "to be expected", like when I went to the pride parade. But just as many weren't. I'm not trying to get into a dick waving contest, but I do hope to illustrate that getting hit on by gay people happens. -Every day- sounds a bit much, unless you talk with a lisp and work at a gay bar or something. But *never* sounds just as outlandish to me. I suppose maybe Texas really is "steers and queers"? As a furry, I'm with that 220%.

Comment Re:And email too! (Score 1) 75

Twitter users probably don't have much in the way of "education", besides the ones that got sucked into the everyone-must-go-to-college thing and ended up with the empty diploma. I doubt they do much "reviewing" either - the site's purpose is to let you blast trivial, sub-140 char soundbites to as many people as possible in the hopes that someone, somewhere, might care. A platform for the vapid famous, and the wannabe famous. Speaking of which, we're about to get the first Twitter president. Somewhere in the whole ordeal there's probably a good movie plot - like Idiocracy, but actually funny - but we'll be too busy hiding in fallout shelters or working 60-hour weeks to pay for health insurance to produce it.

Comment Re:They can't dynamically figure this out? (Score 2) 164

I have a couple of Windows XP netbooks, they definitely have the time-remaining indicator. It could be that it was added in SP1 or SP2, but that's still a long time ago.
This is just another example of Apple oversimplifying things. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of how a computer works will understand that battery life will vary depending on how you're using the computer. Or, they could have added the word "estimated" in, so any English speaker over the age of 10 could understand. But I guess they deemed it more important to protect their customers from the split-second confused dissatisfaction of "What? Apple told me it had 10 hours and now it has SIX??"

Maybe that is good marketing. Maybe it improves the emotional state of their customers, leading to a couple percentage points more reporting "satisfaction" with the product. But it does make the product less useful for intelligent people.

Comment Re:To be frank it's the only show on Prime I want (Score 1) 218

You aren't missing much. I'm one of the guys that pirated the Grand Tour, and I don't think it quite lives up to the hype. Yeah, Clarkson & company are in it, but what I found real easy to forget is that the last few seasons of their Top Gear weren't great either. The Grand Tour is continuing on that trajectory. More scripting, more budget, less entertaining. I'm actually more interested in what the BBC will do with Top Gear now that Chris Evans is out of the picture. They might try to turn it into something new and good instead of trying to replicate what the show was like in 2007.

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