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Comment Re:Dr. Atkins' fad diet (Score 1) 164

> What actually works is a permanent lifestyle change

Surely you can link to a study where a permanent lifestyle change results in permanent weight loss in, say, 25% or more of participants.

The "study" is looking at any number of humans on the planet who permanently maintain a diet of healthy food and reasonable portions, along with a regular exercise program. There is no "yo-yo" effect, because the change is permanent, and the human body responds to that. This isn't rocket science, and there's no mystery to solve as to what it takes to maintain a healthy body.

Also, you will find that the group who has maintained that lifestyle all of their life does not even know what a "diet" is, because the concept of weight loss does not apply.

From athletes to yogis and everything in between, there are plenty of examples of the benefits and results of a permanently healthy lifestyle.

Comment A life worth living. (Score 1) 744

It gets frustrating as hell when I see a forum full of people assuming that things like home ownership, saving for retirement, and raising a family are somehow not life goals that are very much alive and well today for many people.

Start taking those into account that add up and can truly enrich your life in the long run, and it quickly justifies the entire point of this discussion.

"Getting by" is not the life goal of everyone.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 744

He makes 160k, with bonuses I make 80k. He pays $3k in rent, my Mortgage is $1500 a month. I'm not broke, somehow this guy is?

Given the housing market, I'd say the key difference between you and him is that you obviously can afford to own something.

Pay rates are not just about income. It's about creating options and a future as well.

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 744

Well, $3000 * 12 = $36,000 so it doesn't really hurt that bad on 6 figures after all. That's why they live their; they're not actually complaining about it being too expensive for their pay, they're just bragging about how much money they make.

Let's not sit here and assume that obscene rent prices are the only cost that's increased considerably in the area.

If rent is that high, then I can't imagine what home ownership might cost you, for those who may not to want to stay permanently enslaved. As if the average cost of a house isn't high enough, the properly taxes and insurance are equally fucked.

Bottom line is even those pay rates don't afford much bragging rights in various parts of the country, this being one of them.

Comment Re:Why yes (Score 1) 282

"Simple fact is, they don't give a shit"

i think the problem is that they havent been taught to give a shit.

Give me a break.

Over and over again, consumers hear stories on the nightly news about hackers stealing identities and the costly impact, followed up by the "top 10 worst passwords" list that hasn't changed in decades. Also fighting against statistics and common sense is the it'll-never-happen-to-me syndrome.

Of course, capitalism responded in kind, creating entirely new insurance industries (e.g. Lifelock), to at least insure those who refuse to change their favorite pet-name password they've had since high school, as well as ransomware blooming into a $500-million dollar juggernaut.

It's rather sad, but this isn't simple ignorance anymore. It's willful ignorance, also known as not giving a shit.

Watch and see how nothing will change regarding human behavior, no matter how the masses are manipulated.

Comment Re:Instant Noodles don't cause obesity elsewhere (Score 2) 164

Seriously, I am not sure how to take this. Instant noodles are hugely popular across asia, consumed in vast quantities every day, and yet asia still has low obesity rates. So is it the noodles that are the problem OR how the people respond to what they eat?

I could not believe how bad the American obesity rate was until I traveled outside of the US. I scratched my head because the foreign diet did not seem particularly healthy, so I looked at other factors.

When comparing other countries, I believe the lack of exercise impacts obesity rates far more than diet does. People can easily get fat off eating an Asian diet if leading a sedentary lifestyle. Other countries are far more mobile and active, which I believe plays a large part here.

Comment Re:Dr. Atkins' fad diet (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Well it's been around half a century of that diet now. Around 50 million people have tried it and we aren't hearing any complaints from them...Feel free to argue against those 50 million. Rant and rave! Your opinion is surely equal to theirs.

50 million people tried it, and 49.9 million people didn't stick with it. I'd say that pretty much sums up the "complaint" department. Of course, sticking with a diet loaded with saturated fat, salt and red meat will likely lead to heart disease, but hey, at least you'll be a skinny corpse.

If we've learned anything in the last 100 years, fad diets of any kind are a temporary measure at best. What actually works is a permanent lifestyle change, consisting of eating healthy and regular exercise. Arguments for fad diets are not supported when losing weight is simple math for the overwhelming majority of humans(consume less than you burn), and has stood the test of time.

Comment Re:The Ignorance of Denial. (Score 1) 222

30 years ago, the internet didn't exist

If you are so wrong about this, how can you be correct about your other assertions?

I'm well aware of the history here, but to clarify my statement, the internet as we know it today did not exist 30 years ago.

ARPANET is so prehistoric it only offers a genetic marker of TCP/IP. BBS is hardly compared to what social media offers. And a user today can't even fathom how the hell the internet ever even worked via dial-up.

If anything, these facts reinforce my assertions, because no one was capable of predicting the internet of today in 1987.

Comment Re:Pointless, is pointless (Score 0) 76

I suggest you start with yourself for displaying the dangerous narcissistic attitude that everyone's use case is exactly yours and anyone who disagrees is a paid shill.

Speaking of things that don't exist, feel free to provide the massive list of people who asked for a 4K HDR screen in a smartphone that justified this.

As far as useful resolution, I'm quite certain screen technology will continue well beyond the capability of the human eye, in the name of profit.

Comment The Ignorance of Denial. (Score 1) 222

(Claim in 1939) "We're going to put a man on the moon within 30 years."

(Society in 1939) "What a fucking moron. That will never happen."

Since the feedback here is essentially the same as it would have been in Society circa 1939, perhaps we should re-think the ignorance of automatically denying this claim, or dismissing Mr. Son as some kind of idiot. You would have been fucking wrong to do so in 1939.

What does the next 30 years bring? I'd say we can't even dream what may be possible. 30 years ago, the internet didn't exist. Chew on that fact for a minute.

Comment Re:Lets See (Score 1) 127

Picture, better at home

Picture is a fucking smartphone screen. A laptop is considered a reason to host a Superbowl party for today's generation.

Sound, better at home

Free earbuds are now considered audiophile-grade hardware, color me surprised.

Food, better at home

Of course it is. A bag of cheetos and a jar of nutella is an amazing "foodie" experience, when you're high as a kite.

Seating, better at home

Translation: My preferred movie experience is in my underwear.

Rest of Audience behavior, more controllable at home

Since introvert is the new fashionable thing, the only acceptable audience is none.

Other than a lock on new releases the theatres have nothing. Producers would make more money with a secure direct to home pay per view service.

Catering to demands is always the name of the game, no matter how pathetic it looks.

Comment Re:This won't fly. (Score 1) 282

People will accidentally wipe the phones. There would be 10 legitimate use and 10,000,000 acciddental customers with lost data and liability claims.

There would be zero liability claims, and you would agree to that in the EULA you never read.

I, as a phone / OS provider, would fight this feature. I, as a phone user, would fight this feature.

Of course you would.

So would the rest of society, because privacy is the concept that "won't fly" anymore.

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