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Comment Re:not just live sports (Score 1) 137

You are not alone. This week's TV broadcast of the Seattle vs Carolina NFL game got switched out for a "more competitive game" after Seattle was up by four touchdowns.

I used to like watching Formula 1, until they switched to hybrid cars. Mercedes has totally dominated ever since, with Hamilton and Rosburg winning almost every race. Routinely we are shown "the race for 7th" because the leaders are so far ahead.

My solution is to watch the game until the outcome is fairly certain, then simply do something else. Not a good solution for the sport's advertisers.

Comment Re:And flat look [Re:Infinite web pages] (Score 1) 332

When Microsoft switched to web-based navigation for Windows, I thought "Idiots! But luckily no one else will be this stupid".

At that time I was working with SBT accounting systems, that ran Foxbase or FoxPro on dBase files. We already had the joy of different runtimes for different clients but then came web-navigation-based installers. Even better, the installers only worked on certain version of Internet Explorer/Windows. Fortunately I forget the details, but finding a way to make your latest product UNinstallable was a pretty spectacular example of the lunacy of jumping on the latest fad.

Comment Re:Infinite web pages (Score 1) 332

When I become interested in a new podcast, I try to get the older MP3s. But I also like to know how long all of that will take. With infinite pages? No idea. Run out of time? Come back later and wait for a server 100 times to load a relatively small web page.

If ten more of us weighed in, we could post ten more reasons why infinite web pages suck.

Comment Re:cig sorter (Score 5, Interesting) 280

I worked (briefly) in a call center where we handled people who had called an 800 number. We asked a series of questions that we read from and filled out on an HTML page.

I suspected something was fishy and looked at the source -- it was exactly like what Bill Sourour had coded -- it didn't matter how people answered, the same non-result in the end.

People thought the number would help them, but it was used to harvest information, nothing else. One of the most screwed up environments I've ever worked in.

Comment Apple is an interface company (Score 4, Interesting) 299

Fixed the subject line for you.

Apple creates superior interfaces. Through custom (& patented) hardware and software. And a lot of thought.

Personally I can't stand the Apple tax (that those same patents enable), but as an engineer, designer and analyst I have to give them full credit for their interfaces. Well. Thought. Out.

As to the latest MBP, it is much like Windows 10 -- put annoying stuff into your product when sales are flagging -- it will give the press something to chatter about and any publicity is good publicity.

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