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Comment Re:It's better than a sitcom (Score 1) 208

Does Trump have a long history of being bribed and offering services in return of those bribes? Because Hillary has.

Mind you, I am not a fan of Donald Trump; I think he's moron and a jingoist, but he scares me less than Clinton. With Clinton I am sure we'll (meaning the entire world, since I don't even live in the US) will be plunged in wars. She just doesn't care, she has already created misery in parts of the world as a secretary of state.

Comment Re:First Amendment ... no, sorry. (Score 1) 163

And I receive useless robocalls from the City about what THEY think are "important" notices (which are not) and found out they refuse to have a way for citizens to opt out (and remember, I have an UNLISTED NUMBER). I finally determined the City uses a third party system and went to THAT company and they said the City didn't pay for an opt-out option! But because I was making so much noise, they manually took my number out of the system.

I can't stand robocallers and I think their use should be not just illegal but criminal. If it takes a few "welcome" systems with it, so be it. Why? Because every single one would claim they have a relation to you or you some how "opted in", making enforcement a joke. Use Email lists instead.

Comment I unlocked it without upgrading (Score 1) 449

I used instructions online to install Windows 10 to a VHD file on one of my external disks so it would be activated and valid in the Microsoft database and then kept using Windows 7. So I have a working copy of Windows 7 and if I ever want to upgrade to Windows 10 in the future (at least on my current PC which was upgraded to a Skylake chip, new Motherboard and 8GB RAM 6 months ago) I have the digital activation thing that will get me Windows 10 for free.

So I can install Windows 10 any time I want with no cost but I dont have to install it until I want to.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 248

End the First Amendment? WTF are you smoking?

The "two party system" that the GP wants to destroy (that's his word) only exists because the First Amendment protects our rights to assemble - you know, into groups like political parties - and then do things like collectively express their political opinions, put forth candidates, etc. How do you intend to destroy those groups without destroying the fundamental thing that protects their right to exist, keeping assembly and speech destroyers from doing just that?

Comment Re:Alternate Headline (Score 1) 59

You don't need to pull the chips, though that's not very hard.

You can send a national security letter to Samsung.
You can hack your own firmware together and flash it to the drive and have the drive dump out the contents of every flash chip.

For backups, everything should be stored encrypted (with a key you control).

For generic filesystem issues, use a better filesystem? Or at least one that provides a way to truly delete/overwrite space marked as free?

Comment Nuke Anything (Score 1) 168

>What do you use?

One I have not seen mentioned that I like is:

Nuke Anything Enhanced- a GREAT way to hide/remove stuff you don't want to see, especially useful before printing. Also useful for getting rid of distracting animated junk while you are trying to read.

Of course, I also use Adblock Plus, and Classic Theme Restorer, and a few others.

Comment Re:So make it equally first amendment to block the (Score 1) 163

The actual issue is that unwanted robocalls are already handled by the national do-not-call registry, but the politicians have exempted themselves from the relevant laws meaning they do not have to respect the do-not-call registry.

Using this judge's backwards reasoning, that is a violation of the 1st amendment and said exemptions must be shat upon.

Comment Re:First Amendment ... no, sorry. (Score 1) 163

>"It should be illegal for them to ignore the federal do-not-call list, and for them to call cell phones period. The First Amendment doesn't say I have to provide anyone a platform at my expense or my inconvenience."

Exactly. Except it should be illegal for *ALL* robo calls to *ANY* phone, including land lines. This has nothing to do with free speech, it has to do with invading my privacy, wasting my time, and being an unnecessary annoyance. They can send through the US mail if they want to contact me. People have to pay money for an unlisted number and this totally borks that.

If it keeps up, I will have to find some system that will screen calls and challenge the caller before it will even ring through.

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