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Comment Establishment vs outsider (Score 1) 416

You need to look broader than parties: it's the establishment vs everybody else game. GOP doesn't want Trump either, especially now that he vowed to upset their gravy train by imposing term limits and banning ex-congressmen and senators from lobbying for 5 years after they get kicked out (due to term limits) or leave. That's literally tens of billions of dollars that will not go directly into the pockets of interested parties.

So aside from Breitbart, everyone is just serving their corporate masters who are scared shitless of the fact they don't own Trump. Breitbart doesn't really have a corporate master, and it benefits from controversy, so it'll publish whatever the fuck it wants.

Comment The very worst thing you can do for women is (Score 1) 557

The very worst thing you can do for women is ironically what the companies have been doing: hire them as "diversity" hires and promote them because they're female. That automatically and implicitly labels any woman, irrespective of the actual merit, as a "diversity" employee who is hired and promoted not because of merit, but because they don't have a penis. This, counterintuitively to some, makes it much harder for them to earn the respect of their male peers.

So if affirmative action is your idea of how to improve the situation, I suggest you reconsider, and instead turn to the only thing that works in high tech: strict, unyielding meritocracy, and high hiring bar irrespective of gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Comment He does not (Score 5, Informative) 552

>> He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

Will you stop spreading this tired bit of propaganda? He merely wants to stop the flow of people from Muslim countries _with may of which we're de-facto at war_, and then only until appropriate vetting procedures are established. This never was about a blanket "Muslim" ban.

Can you guys and galls get it through your thick skulls that letting in military-age men of an uncertain background from the countries where radical Islam is a dominant ideology is an absolutely idiotic thing to do? What's so bad about figuring out how to make sure you're not letting in an ISIS or Al Quaeda operative?

Comment Re:Yes, seriously (Score 4, Insightful) 636

They gave it a bare minimum of coverage. As an example: most people don't know about wikileaks revelations, about immunity deals, about lying to the FBI, about destruction of evidence. Why is it that some dude gets prison time for merely taking a picture in the vicinity of something classified, yet HRC deliberately mishandles top secret info and gets off scot free?

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