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Comment Re:Dude, just STFU (Score 1) 827

So does Russia. Russian subs patrol Eastern Seaboard 24x7x365. But they can't really carry all that much armament, so land based launch capability remains important. And the only place you can shoot this shit down is during or shortly after takeoff, before it goes hypersonic and reduces its radar signature by shedding the stages.

Comment Re: Dude, just STFU (Score 1) 827

How about three hundred years of Russian hegemony, with ethnic connections going back another few hundred years? The capital of present day Ukraine is the birthplace of Rus, the country known as Russia nowadays.

But that's beside the point. NATO bases will simply not be tolerated next to North Caucasus. This was demonstrated in Georgia, and it will be demonstrated again and again until the West gets the point. Russia has paid too heavy a price for being complacent before, and it won't be fucked with again.

Comment Dude, just STFU (Score -1, Flamebait) 827

How about the US stops training operatives in Ukraine to start a rebellion? How about the US doesn't put fucking nuclear missiles within 100 miles of Saint Petersburg, and doesn't push Ukraine (which is right next to Russia's densely populated and at times explosive North Caucasus) into NATO, no doubt to "protect everyone against Iran" by putting missile bases there? How would you like if fucking Putin talks Mexico into hosting Russian nuclear missiles? That's exactly how he perceives US actions in Ukraine. Just because it's not on Clinton News Network doesn't mean it's not going on.

As a US taxpayer, I'm 100% in favor of the US minding its own business, and minding it well. Let Europe, Iran and Israel deal with the Middle East bullshit somehow. It's right next to them, they should figure it out. Fuck the freeloaders.

Comment Re:Keep reading HuffPo (Score 1) 827

Oh, you mean like that strawman two posts above about Trump threatening the world with nuclear weapons (which, as best as I can tell, he never did).

Tell that bit about torture to Bradley Manning. The most humane, most liberal president in the world has been holding him in solitary for years for absolutely no reason. A regular prison would've been just fine. That is torture. And that's what we know about. If you have any doubt that e.g. the CIA uses torture every now and then in one of those "extraordinary rendition" prisons they _still maintain_ throughout the world, you're completely detached from reality.

I'm not "fine" with it, I think it's very rarely effective, but realistically it'll continue to be used no matter who you elect.

Comment Re:I'm an immigrant (Score 1) 827

Why is it morally reprehensible to deport non-citizens who broke the law? Before I got my citizenship I could be deported for fucking DUI or smoking pot, and for a litany of other offenses. Literally, I could be deported for a bar fight or the like. If a non-citizen of non-Hispanic origin walks over the border and get caught, or even enters legally and overstays his visa, he will never be able to legally set foot on US soil ever again. What gives these folks the right to stay in the country, given that they have undeniably committed a crime, some of them multiple times? I don't get this logic. Why have this ridiculous double standard, where Mexicans can just come right over and everybody else has to suffer the vagaries of DHS and USCIS?

That said, I'm presupposing that there _is_ logic in the first place, and not just bullshit talking points you've picked up without even thinking. That might be too strong an assumption.

Comment Re:Keep reading HuffPo (Score 0) 827

Obama _kills Muslims from a drone_ without trial, and you're fine with that. Clinton (or, realistically, any subsequent president) will do exactly the same. I haven't personally heard Trump talk about "registration" for Muslims. I have heard him talk about restricting the flow of unvetted people from the countries we're at war with, and increasing surveillance in mosques. Both of those things seem pretty rational to me.

No one is going to use nuclear weapons. It's a very much one way street, and MAD is not fun at all.

As far as the economic policies, Trump strikes me as a guy who's not a fan of giving people fish, but instead giving them opportunity to fish. No one gave anything to me for free, so I agree with that. What he's proposing is very simple: create more competition for workers on the lower (unskilled/low-skilled) end of the market by eliminating the constant flow of illegals who are ready and willing to work for peanuts, and deporting a large fraction of the ones that are already here. That too seems rational to me.

Comment I'm an immigrant (Score 1, Interesting) 827

I played by the rules, it took me 6 years to get a green card, and another 5 to become a citizen. I'm a skilled immigrant, and I pay six figures in taxes each year, while _not_ being in management, just for my skill, that I have cultivated over the past 20 years with hard work.

Nevertheless I agree with Trump. You can't leave the border wide open. Especially not when you have more and more people in poverty. It's supply and demand, it is not even a question for anyone not blinded by liberal demagoguery that staggering influx of people from Mexico creates oversupply of low-skilled labor and drives down the wages. Same as H1-B (thanks to which I was able to immigrate and naturalize, BTW) creates an oversupply of skilled workers on the lower end of the market, and keeps the wages in check there.

Trump also suggests good things for H1-B as far as I'm concerned: raise the prevailing wage, and abolish restrictions on moving between employers. Currently H1-B is little more than an indentured servitude visa. While moving from one employer to another is allowed, it is fraught with danger and requires filing additional paperwork. If your employer lays off or fires you, you have to GTFO of the country in very short order. This means the employer has near complete control over you, and doesn't really have to pay you more to retain you: you're likely too chickenshit to move and risk losing the visa anyway. All of that shit needs to be nuked from the orbit, with extreme prejudice. Give H1-Bs freedom to change jobs, and give them _at least_ 6 months grace period to find a job if they leave their employer or if they get fired or laid off. That will massively cut down the appetite for H1-Bs. It's not a secret abuse is widespread.

Finally, Trump (with his typical foot-in-mouth eloquence) even suggests rational things for immigration from the middle east. It's IDIOTIC to willingly import military age males from the countries _we're at war with_. At the very least, not without extremely thorough vetting, which we currently don't do. And that's all Trump is suggesting. Stop the flow temporarily, figure out how to vet, open things up in a controlled way. How is this controversial? I don't get it.

Comment Keep reading HuffPo (Score 1, Insightful) 827

Critical thinking is a challenge for some. Clinton is far more likely to plunge us into another war (she's a well known hawk), she's also far more likely to fuck the poor (just look at who's bankrolling her campaign, if you think they're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, you're beyond naive). The only thing Clinton has going for her is that she's far more likely to die early into her presidency, but then you get Kaine, who, according to her own words from a few years ago, is "a terrible choice".

Comment Re: Unconstitutional (Score 1) 410

Played well against the people, armed forces will be quite happy to lend the government a helping hand. All you need is near total control of mainstream media and a few provocations. This happened MANY times in the past, just not in the US. It is foolish to think it can't happen here.

Comment Re: Unconstitutional (Score 1) 410

Don't be retarded. "Security of the state" is a lot broader than "foreign invaders". Shit, we could be 7 weeks away from electing one of the two most unscrupulous candidates to ever run for president, and you _still_ want people to give up the only thing that denies the government absolute power.

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