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Comment Re:Good lord.... (Score 1) 175

Indeed. The key question with % is always "of what?". It seems that all percentages are relative to total iOS sales, which is not intuitive, but it does make some sense. Therefore, 58% can be divided into smaller percentages based on individal models.

58% of all iOS devices failed
29% of all iOS devices were failed iPhone 6
Maybe 60% of all iPhone 6 failed (but that number is not given, it depends on the market share of the iPhone 6)

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 512

Actually, I think KDE 1.1 was the best KDE ever. It had some quite innovative features, such as desktop level workers, and a desktop level VFS, which actually worked. KDE never quite reached the same level of functionality later - there was too much change for change sake. KDE4 was a disaster on release, that is correct.

So unfortunately, there is no Linux DE that I actually like. Things were so promising when Gnome and KDE appeared, but soon the fragmentation set in, and now we have 6 or 7 DEs, and none of them reaches any kind of quality. LX is at least light on resources, but man is it ugly.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 1) 166

That is all very nice, but if you want to avoid Windows 10, you have to avoid Windows. Or you stay with an unsupported product like Windows 7, but then again you could have saved yourself all that trouble and stayed on unsupported Windows XP.

Windows 7 is nearly seven years old, and extended support will end in just over three years, so migrating to it now is madness.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 2) 166

That is all very nice, but as an engineer I am always surprised how many IT problems are self inflicted.

"Every computer has to run off the same image" must be up there with the most painful guidelines ever. 90% - sure, 98% - good. But every computer? That is just not feasible, and there is always going to be the odd laser engraver, scanning oscilloscope, motion simulator, or ATM machine that still runs an obsolete OS as an embedded system. Nothing wrong with that as long as network connections are strictly limited, and no data from the public is being processed.

And while we are at it, why is anybody migrating to Windows 7, a system that is already EOLed? Surely by now migration to Windows 10 would be indicated.

Comment Re:Interesting post (Score 1) 82

I agree. Tablets are really useful, and there is clearly demand, but very little on offer in the quality tablet space.

There is Apple, there is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and there was the Sony Xperia Z Tablet series (now discontinued). The Kindle Fire HDX also has aspirations. Dell never played in the same league.

2-in-1 devices are certainly more flexible, but I find Windows really off-putting. It may be more powerful, but the App market is very sorry looking, and real Windows programs just do not scale properly for a tablet.

Comment Re:Super majority (Score 1) 634

> maybe those old geezers having been around the block a few times actually know a few things the young naive whippersnappers don't.

Possible. Or maybe if you are 65+ and retired, you do not care much about jobs, while people age 18 certainly do. I think the young people have a point, even if they should have turned out in greater strength.

Comment Re:Standard Operating Practice (Score 1) 634

> although it should be noted that the EU bureaucrats choose who gets "their" largesse

You seem to imply that is a bad thing. What makes you so sure that the UK administration is better at allocating funds than the EU administration? I can see absolutely no evidence for that assertion.

And the EU also spends other countries' contributions according to common interests, including UK interests.

Together we stand, divided we fall. And at the moment, the UK is deeply divided, It could even become the Kingdom of England and Wales.

Comment Re:Never let a tragedy goes unexploited (Score 1) 396

> For the foreseeable future, a gun is the only device that is a true "equalizer", that allows the weak to defend themselves from the strong. If nothing else, that is one excellent reason to allow people to carry guns.

True, but there is a serious side effect. If guns are prevalent, every time somebody goes crazy, somebody dies (often the same person, often not). And yes, people can go crazy without warning.

In places with much more limited access to guns, people also go crazy, but usually that causes much less harm.

Given that gun ownership is going up in the US, and at the same time being shot is the leading cause of death for working age people, I wonder whether this is the right way to go.

Comment Re: More context (Score 1) 228

Indeed. I wish we could drop the term "range anxiety" from our vocabulary - it sounds too much like blaming the user. Often (not always) the problem is range rather than anxiety.

That being said, 50 miles round trip should be perfectly possible in good conditions, but you if things go wrong, you would need a charging point along the way.

Comment Re:I'll probably hold out a while longer. (Score 1) 150

A lot of them are useless,but four are not:

ext4 may not be the most existing file system, but it is the default, solid, and good enough in most situations.

XFS is faster (especially for big files), but it has a few issues. reiserfs is quite good, and more space efficient for small files. Neither are clearly superior to ext4, unless you have specific requirements.

ZFS is taking it to the next level, and as such it may well be worthwhile. It remains to be seen how reliable it is on Linux, but in terms of features it is a clear winner.

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