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Comment Re:Passwords exist (Score 3, Informative) 189

Passwords suck. Even with SSO, even with a password manager, even with salting and hashing, passwords suck, and will always suck.

You need an authentication token. *One* authentication token. Microsoft can do it, Google can do it, Facebook can do it (but of course they are not compatible).

Millions of little websites still use passwords.

Comment Re:Wow. Excellent question /. (Score 1) 537

Yes, those are all appropriate observations, but how would a smart phone app change that, or even any technology? These are cultural and social problems, and they need cultural and social answers.

Asking for a smart phone app to solve drug problems in the Mid West is like asking a Star Wars toy to deliver peace in the Middle East. The framing of the question is wrong.

Comment Re:Questions (Score 1) 63

Use maths.

So far, after about one week, the risk is about 1:100 000.

BuT: Samsung says only 0.1% of phones are affected, so 35 in 2500 affected phones. That is more than 1:100. Does that risk continue? If so, after a year the chance that your phone has exploded is higher than the chance that it still works.

Basically those deffect cells have to be consider as time bombs, and if that is the case, the recall is not nearly urgent enough.

The Hover Board is the only other device with a similar high likelihood of going spectacularly wrong.

Comment Not Impressed (Score 1) 37

I am not impressed with the Google devices. I have both the Nexus 7 (2012) and the Nexus 4. At least the Nexus 4 is still a nice phone, but the Nexus 7 is just obsolete now. Both are out of support and out of security updates. Both devices look quite small nowadays: with phablets approaching 6" screens, a 7" tablet is kind of useless.

And recently Google has turned up the price. The Chromebook is great, but overpriced, and the Pixel C is kind of ok, and also overpriced. So my prediction for the new tablet: kind of nice, but overpriced. And in two years they will stop supporting it.

Comment Re:This will be typical Google (Score 1) 34

I absolutely agree. They tend to be very good with great announcements, and often they do make a lot of sense. But following through is another matter - and it very rarely happens.

Now at least I think Chrome is pretty safe, and will not be discontinued anytime soon. But it was always CPU heavy, and probably will always be.

Comment Re: No surprise (Score 2) 168

Yes, but the grandparent is right: while some manufacturers make smaller phones, they are usually stripped down versions. The Moto G is not exactly small - the Moto E is, but it is also anemic. The same applies to the Galaxy S mini series. Sony is the only manufacturer producing small phones with decent spec: the Compact Z series was legendary. Of course they cannot pack the same components in a smaller case, so compromises are necessary. Sony balanced that really well in my eyes. (Shame they discontinued the Z series - X does not quite seem to reach the same top performance range).

Comment Re:Good lord.... (Score 1) 176

Indeed. The key question with % is always "of what?". It seems that all percentages are relative to total iOS sales, which is not intuitive, but it does make some sense. Therefore, 58% can be divided into smaller percentages based on individal models.

58% of all iOS devices failed
29% of all iOS devices were failed iPhone 6
Maybe 60% of all iPhone 6 failed (but that number is not given, it depends on the market share of the iPhone 6)

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 515

Actually, I think KDE 1.1 was the best KDE ever. It had some quite innovative features, such as desktop level workers, and a desktop level VFS, which actually worked. KDE never quite reached the same level of functionality later - there was too much change for change sake. KDE4 was a disaster on release, that is correct.

So unfortunately, there is no Linux DE that I actually like. Things were so promising when Gnome and KDE appeared, but soon the fragmentation set in, and now we have 6 or 7 DEs, and none of them reaches any kind of quality. LX is at least light on resources, but man is it ugly.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 1) 166

That is all very nice, but if you want to avoid Windows 10, you have to avoid Windows. Or you stay with an unsupported product like Windows 7, but then again you could have saved yourself all that trouble and stayed on unsupported Windows XP.

Windows 7 is nearly seven years old, and extended support will end in just over three years, so migrating to it now is madness.

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