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Comment A contract takes two parties (Score 1) 469

And while there is plenty of blame for "the system", I would not say that the people are much better. It is a mixture of envy, hubris and a greed that makes the gig economy so attractive to many people: they think that professionals just rake in the money (uber driver trying to be a rich cabby), they overestimate themselves and their business skills, and they fail to account for the operating expenses and costs of providing a service.

In the past, you often have to satisfy a certain standard to run a business or provide services, and that standard would require formal teaching in your subject area and in business. Now we have "deregulated" the market, and everybody can do everything, including working themselves into the ground. It turns out that "the freedom to work yourself into the ground" is not that great after all. As I said, hubris is part of it.

Comment Re: Rough edges visible miles away (Score 1) 92

Yes, 99.9% have a cell phone. But: 0.1% of a few million is still a lot of disgruntled customers.

And there is the question whether the cell phone is compatible with whatever software contraption Southwest are working on. I know, they are pretty decent when it comes to software, but again 99.9% is not good enough.

Comment Re:Choosing Google considered harmful (Score 1) 44

Yes, that is the impression I am getting. A key feature, running Android apps, was not available at the launch of the device, and is only slowly stabilising. The GUI is also subject to change, and it is nearly impossible to stay on a certain version (even ignoring security issues).

It is a very nice piece of hardware, but the software limits it to a web browser, and for that it is just too expensive.

Comment Re: As soon as you're invited to visit, I agree (n (Score 1) 193

So how about reciprocity? Would you hand over your phone, your phone password, your email password, your facebook password, when you want to visit Canada, Mexico, England, Russia, China, North Korea?

And even if were happy with it, it would still be a federal crime under US law. So we are basically making travel illegal, and you just hope that you do not get caught...

Comment Re:Still much more secure (Score 2) 136

Nice try, anonymous troll. By most measures, Europe is a much safer place than the US. You are unlikely for example to be shot for honking at someone cutting in front of you. You are also safe from civil forfeiture. And you have the right to criticise the president - any president.

But as the OP said, civil liberties are not appreciated anymore.

Comment Re:Define "long term." (Score 2) 101

Yelling is usually a sign a bad social skills, as is recommending to yell. It is just not how normal people behave.

And I agree he is just trying to detract from the fact that he promised something and did not deliver. 2 years is nothing - not enough even for the fast moving Ubuntu distribution, and certainly not enough for embedded development. Once the device is released, you usually do not want to change kernel versions, so 5 years would be more useful.

Comment Re: Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

Exactly. Recursion is heavy on stack use, and you cannot be sure that your target system has enough stack space available.

But it depends on how you use it. Binary recursion is usually considered ok, because you end up with a reasonably small number of levels (in the tens). Divide and conquer is a classic example, but even there you will usually find a loop implementation, because it is faster, and only marginally more difficult to code. Linear recursion on the other hand is complete madness, both in terms of stack use and in terms of performance.

A decent functional language will unroll recursion into a more efficient loop implementation. C will not do that. So as always, you should understand your language and your compiler.

Comment Re:Constutution (Score 4, Insightful) 91

And this is one of the reasons we are moving to Microsoft for our email and file storage. I have no idea why the 4th amendment only applies to Microsoft, not to Google, but so be it.

Of course according to Trump, aliens are not people. I wonder whether he can find a corrupt judge to support that argument.

Comment Re:Using a computer has become a minefield. (Score 4, Insightful) 498

That is absolutely true. "Using a computer" has become for "knowing how to work around bugs in the software". Updates are just one of the issues.

Although to be honest, my Windows 10 PC upgrades over night as it should. Yes, your tabs are gone, but they reload at the press of a button, and the state of the tabs would mostly be stale, anyway. So my inconvenience has been quite limited.

Comment LG G5? (Score 1) 86

I have to say that it looks quite nice. Especially the wide angle camera is unique in many ways, although it would be nice to also have a telephoto option.

And that is exactly where the "camera" module disappoints: it does not have a camera! That would have been a perfect opportunity to add a zoom in camera.

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