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Comment Re:"Super-Efficient"? (Score 0) 119

Hmm, to be pedantic, oil isn't really a fossil fuel and the carbon in oil never was in the atmosphere. Oil is made from geological methane by archaia bacteria deep under ground. Coal, yes, that was in the atmosphere, since it is plant (fern) residue. It probably took much longer than 10,000 years for the archaia to make 1 year's worth of consumable oil. On the other hand, oil production is still going on, but being so effing slow, it doesn't help.

Comment Re:Different Fuel. (Score 1) 275

...and the fly ash and sulphur can be captured with proper electrostatic filters and sold and used as a by product. The trouble is that most American coal plants are old and inefficient, but that doesn't mean that coal fired plants in the rest of the world are also all old and inefficient.

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