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Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 1) 55

Either that or there also wasn't any 'south vietnamese' government during the Vietnam police action, which was at the time heavily supported by the US, but just a conflict between North Vietnam and the US.

You are right. There was no South Vietnam when the US was fighting its dirty war.

You can call them "rebels", but they were fighting for the US, just as the Ukrainian rebels are fighting for Vladimir Putin.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 195

I just don't feel the need to own everything in the world to be happy.

How's your retirement savings going? How would if be if the government took it on a whim? That's the ehart of conservatism in America - a government without the power to fuck you.

the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness

Conservatives give more to charity, and all of progressivism is the search for moral superiority. But I bet that quote was from the 80s (or before), the era of televangelists, before the parties swapped the role of moral scold.

Comment Re: chip on your shoulder (Score 0) 89

And it can easily be done elsewhere than in public. How do I know that? Simple. Mother's in the US still breast feed, kids aren't starving, and I can't recall the last time I witnessed breast feeding. I personally don't have a problem with it, but in the scheme of things I'd say it is a complete non issue.

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 0) 55

And during the US election you threw vitriol at anyone bringing up the number of deaths and "suicide by two gunshots in the back of the head" surrounding the Clintons.

What makes those claims absurd conspiracy theories and yours about Putin not?

I think you answered your own question, in a roundabout way.

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