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Comment Superdistribution of Content (Score 1) 203

The attackers are distributed. The victims are not. We need to superdistribute web content like we do with music. Think TOR meets torrents. It would take httpd authors, browser authors, and even search engines to get in on the act, but it would put an end to the problem. (somebody is probably already working on this)

The web, like e-mail, is going through death throes. The kids will decide what lives and what dies I guess.

Comment Form Over Function (Score 1) 78

Let's face it, companies like HP need a way to differentiate themselves from the myriad of assemble-it-yourself boxes out there. They are (or at least have been) an engineering powerhouse. Let your designers do cool stuff and you'll end up with better designers and more loyal customers.

For the first time in a long time I am beginning to feel like the big companies of yesteryear like Microsoft and HP are moving in the right direction. It has been a while and it is probably a lesson in "necessity breeds invention".

Comment Re:*The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 1) 175

This (for me) is actually the issue. These cars are not actually that "fast" generally, they are only fast in a straight line. You don't see any Teslas at amateur (or professional) racing events because they overheat after just a few minutes of spirited driving. To get the range and acceleration you want requires so much weight for the battery that they don't corner very well.

What is the maximum Gs you can pull on a Tesla around a corner? Not too high, I would wager. But nobody talks about that.

Comment Re:Lucky you're not in Australia (Score 1) 623

Great post. You failed to mention one interesting thing about driving in Ontario though. If you get caught doing 50km/h over the speed limit (31mph) this is considered "stunt driving" and not only do you instantly have your license suspended and your car impounded, but there is a mandatory fine of between $2000 and $10,000!

The strange thing about driving in Ontario is that everybody is doing 15+ over the limit, but people don't get pulled over until they are 30+, and NOBODY in their right mind does anything like 50+ over. So in practice everybody is driving 20-30 over the limit. In the US people are driving between the speed limit and 5mph over.

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 2) 219

Years ago I was driving home at night after a movie. I had just hit the outskirts of town where the streetlights and such had ended when all of a sudden something ran out from the side of the road and stopped right in front of me. I hit the brakes and stopped within a foot of a young woman who had crouched down with her hands over her eyes.

When she looked up she started screaming at me: "Why didn't you hit me!? Why didn't you hit me!?" I looked at her -- she was crying, and her face was black and blue.

I spoke calmly to her and managed to convince her to let me take her to the hospital (probably a risky move in hindsight). "I'm drunk and stoned" she said; she wouldn't let me take her to the cops. Claimed her boyfriends sister beat the hell out of her, but I suspect it was the boyfriend.

In any case, I won't bore you with the rest of the details. Bottom line from that experience is that I don't skimp on tires when I buy them (you use them for stopping too), or brakes. Having a "third" eye in a car looking out for you and for other people can't be bad.

Comment Re:Compromise (Score 1) 369

I think this is a very good suggestion -- a compromise as you suggest. And I think that the arguments against it insomuch as it may help identify (log) someone who "needs" to post anonymously are missing the point. Everything you do here is logged, and having the additional datapoint of an e-mail address is not going to make you any more anonymous. You're not anonymous on Slashdot or anywhere for that matter. You're just annoying. This suggestion seems like the right one to improve the signal to noise ratio here.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 185

Have you guys done the math on what happens to your revenue stream if we stop allowing AC posts? I realize that there is a small percentage of people and a small percentage of stories where it would be important to post as an AC, but my feeling about that is if it is important to say you can create a burner account to say it. I'm not sure if you've noticed but the trolling and flaming has achieved some kind of new low here these days. Most ACs are just here to fuck with us because it is easy and they get off on it.

My poll question would be:

Should Slashdot remove the ability to post anonymously?

1. Yes
2. No
3. All my posts are written by CowboyNeil

I have no idea if this has been asked before, but it should probably be asked again anyway. Times have changed.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 59

When we have self-driving cars I'm planning on picking up the highest-paying job I can find an hour away so I can game my ass off before and after work every day without any distractions from the wife and kids. :)

You obviously have a much better laptop and a much better data plan than I do. ;)

Submission + - Volkswagen: $10.2 billion settlement for emissions lawsuit

Khashishi writes: Slashdot has been following the story of Volkswagen manipulating diesel emissions tests for some time now. The control software contained algorithms which reduced emissions during testing but not during normal driving. Well, now Volkswagen has agreed to pay $10.2 billion to settle the case. This is higher than the $430 million damages estimated in this story. It appears that vehicle owners will have the choice of fixing their cars or selling them back. Most of the money will go towards fixing the cars, buying them back, and compensating owners.

Submission + - 'Women In the Workplace' Emojis Rejected By Unicode Consortium (

itwbennett writes: The Unicode Consortium has spoken and a woman's place is not in workplace emojis — except in the traditional roles like dancer, princess, and mom-to-be. This might not seem like a very big deal, except when you consider that a 2014 survey found that '76% of American workers admit they have used emoji in digital communications to people in their professional life.' Add that to a growing body of research showing that 'You can't be what you can't see,' as Sheryl Sandberg famously asserted when launching a collection of stock photos depicting women at work. So, yes, even in emojis, representation matters.

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