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Comment Re:No so many jobs to hop to (Score 2) 214

I suspect this is the driving factor.

That was self evident to me. They're not loyal to their employers because their employers are great and worthy of their time. They don't have options, so they cling to what they can get. In two other millennial stories appearing today and not being featured on Slashdot; millennials can't afford the world their parents have made for themselves, so they're still mostly at home, wondering who pulled up the ladder. As such, their prolonged childhood continues.

And if your knee jerks up and smacks into your chin with a "uneducated plebs and their sense of entitlement" view, you should think about who we have for a president now and how well your indifference is working out for you. You can't actually shit on a whole class of voters forever without consequence until you take away their vote.

Comment Re:And what about the other three? (Score 2) 366

Do care more for this guy than the others because he worked for a tech company?

Yes. Had the victims been safely confined to unremarkable plebs and not included a figure from one of vaunted fight-the-man music streaming outfits you can be certain there would have been no mention of these events on Slashdot. Quite the opposite.

Twitter has already buried his account ("Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!") , but if you dig it out of Google's cache you find Chris retweeting Obama campaign playlists. No surprise. One wonders if he too spent time down modding wrong-think "racists" in his online safe spaces.

Comment Re:Amazon will have the upper hand (Score 2) 467

you never have to see these people

Online retail has provided the means to avoid contact with the decline that's happening all around us. My parents shopped in downtown Detroit when they were young. Later, after the flight, they shopped in suburbia. Today Walmart, even in the suburbs, is a nut house; even the employees are dysfunctional and, like you and 95% of the people that frequent Slashdot, I do precious little brick and mortar shopping any longer.

The demographics don't really matter any longer either. In the big cities you have problems with half deranged minorities; that's been the case most of my life. Today, in the small town hinterlands you have half deranged white trash wandering around making scenes and causing trouble.

But we have "low, low" prices, don't we? Yes sir. No need to suffer the cost of paying fellow citizens to produce anything. Plenty of disposable Asians to do that, and robots otherwise, leaving us with tens of millions of "surplus" people. Our elites and their boot licker professional class (most of the shitheals reading this,) signalling their virtue with open contempt for some of the losers (whites) and pandering to the others (blacks,) all banging away at Amazon "ship it" button.

It's the new white flight, and you are "exhibit a."

Comment Re:What frequency? (Score 4, Informative) 57

Based on this it appears to be 769-798MHz based on the guard bands for FirstNet, so near typical UHF cell network frequencies.

15 years to get this ball rolling. And there's no credible answer for how this will serve anything outside major urban areas. Basically we've found a way to justify nationalizing first responder comms. Henceforth the deals with be handled in Washington by the "right" people. Yay.

Comment Re:Consider the source (Score 2) 107

That's exactly what this is. With one regulation a universe of small competitors are obviated. Getting the unique id is going to take lawyers and incur costs. Manufacturing the special transmitter will be closely regulated operation and cost a small fortune.... That's what you do once your the market leader; go to Washington and have them pull up the ladder for you.

Comment Re:Staging Point (Score 1) 236

Give that AC a cookie.

We need a place to house the people and tools that will assemble, test and prepare a large number of independently launched modules into an interplanetary space craft. We need a place to house the people and tools that will assemble an array of large optical reflectors into a big, orbiting interferometer with two orders of magnitude better resolution than Hubble.

There is an obvious and crucial purpose for IIS when you consider in-orbit assembly and service work. Getting to Mars etc. is relatively easy if you can incrementally assemble and fuel an arbitrarily large space craft in orbit. IIS has all the habitat, power and communications facilities to host the necessary construction crew and equipment.

IIS is a STATION. It is not an end in itself anymore than a gas station has a purpose without cars.

Comment Re:We fucked up. Bad. (Score 1) 51


A thousand times this.

Since their competitors have failed to voluntarily participate Samsung will take it to Washington next; lobbying Congress and the FCC to erect a (another?) battery safety bureaucracy complete with $250k certification fees and a special "fast lane" process for the well healed. Never let a fuck up go to waste.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 5, Interesting) 236

Microsoft has actually done a good job with Visual Studio Code.

If you're willing to completely dismiss performance concerns then yes, great work. On the other hand, if you care about performance, and memory usage, it's pretty hard to do worse than VSCode without including including something like Eclipse or Intellij in the survey.

Comment Re:No Crime (Score 1) 233

I don't know what 'violently protesting' means

I don't either. The thing is our mutual ignorance of the meaning of that bit of media speak isn't terribly relevant. The rioters have actually been charged with crimes; Felony Rioting, specifically. Here is the actual statute:

And perhaps the most relevant part of that is:

If in the course and as a result of a riot a person suffers serious bodily harm or there is property damage in excess of $5,000, every person who willfully incited or urged others to engage in the riot shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine of not more than the amount set forth in 22-3571.01, or both.

So any riotous trustafarian that texted any of their follows in a manner than that appears to incite or urge is a felon. Just yelling or holding a sign can get you there; all the prosecutor needs is some evidence. That's where all the phones come in.

Some folks got use to having their way with no push back under Obama. As these rioters and others (Dakota Access squatters, for instance) are learning, the worm has turned. The next Ferguson is going to be very different.

Comment In other "protest" news... (Score 0) 233

The "March for Science" is floundering as various grievance groups push their diversity agendas into the fore. The event's "official diversity policy" is now on its forth revision amid the resignations of organization committee members.

Some are concerned the event will — much like the vaunted Women's March — have conspicuously white optics. Others are concerned the March for Science is losing focus as sundry aggrieved interests try to attach themselves to the imprimatur of "science." In all likelihood they're both right.

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