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Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 408

Get used to it. There is zero chance CA HSR doesn't turn into a boondoggle of heroic proportions that will fill news cycles for most of the rest of your adult life. A horde of pigs are stacking up to get their snouts into that trough and no one in CA government has the slightest interest in moderating the abuses to come, or even that they're supposed to be trying.

Comment Re:Government looks after itself (Score 1) 821

You're assuming that's the only evidence the administration has.

I'm not actually. If these people had a smoking gun they'd put it in a NYT headline and play it for all it's worth, damn the consequences to our intelligence operations, and you know it. They'd love to create a constitutional crisis and embroil Trump et al. in a world class scandal. The fact that this isn't happening — and instead what we see is this pathetic harassment of Russian diplomats; the classic diplomatic cop-out — is as good as proof they are empty handed.

They have nothing. They have nothing because this is fiction; uncorroborated "analysis" from unnamed political appointees in the "intel community." A bunch of political fake news garbage that suckers like you want to lap up.

Comment Re:Government looks after itself (Score 1) 821

IP addresses in the logs will indicate the origin of the attacks.

I get hostile connections from Russian, Chinese and Indian IP address all day long every day on all sorts of hosts all over the country. Citing Russian IP addresses as proof is the opposite of proof; it means the only "evidence" they actually have is worthless.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 821

They found no evidence of actual election systems hacking,

If they had one iota of credible evidence they'd be shouting it from the rooftops and all their sycophants — including the people running this site — would be blue in the face, jumping up and down in outrage and demanding real action. They've got jack shit; this is all fake news intended mislead and misdirect their moron supporters and — empty handed as they are — they pull the classic diplomatic cop-out and expel a few diplomats to fill the news cycle. Deeply pathetic.

Comment Expel diplomats LOL (Score 1) 821

That's the classic diplomatic cop-out. All the sound and fury; ginning up fake new stories around the world... finally — knowing he's empty handed and has no credible proof of any of this — our cowardly shitheel of a president expels a couple diplomats. Jesus fucking Christ.

More fake kool-aid for the libtards. Trump is going to welcome those same diplomats back into the US with a big shit eating grin; this pathetic exile will last about 22 days.

Comment Re:For those unfamiliar with California law (Score 1) 255

I-9 is the one requirement that liberal small business people love to bitch about. Among the several forms and many regulations they have to cope with this is the one, singular requirement where they have no difficulty imagining a parade of regulatory horribles. It's a pencil whipping operation; actually prosecuting an employer that isn't blatantly violating immigration law is next to impossible since "knowingly" is the standard, but they still whine and moan. Even when their lawyers tell them how little is expected — as we see here — they bitch and bitch.

Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 4, Informative) 715

Here is Secretary Of State Kerry today, unwilling to hang his hat on unnamed "intelligence officials" and their latest evidence free "analysis."

It's all fun and games at CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the usual suspects; they don't hesitate to broadcast the 100% evidence free analysis of political appointees in the "intelligence community" as metaphysical certitude. But aim a camera at one of these politicians and suddenly it's "I'm not commenting on that."

It's fake news folks and it's not going to work. Trump isn't some pansy ass RINO praying no one calls him a name or tries to put stink on him. You can echo this shit all you want. In the end it won't matter.

Comment Re:Let's hope the Electoral College does their job (Score 1) 858

Let's hope

None of this stuff is going to work. Not yelling about the popular vote, not pointless recounts, not baseless claims by the political leadership of intelligence agencies, not faithless electors in the Electoral College (you'll get a couple, at most.) You are not stealing an election.

On Jan. 20 Trump will be the boss, appoint the leadership and deal with any insubordinates and their insubordination. Trump thrives on firing people; it's practically a trademark with him. And no, he won't lose his supporters; we have no love for politicized science and the patron elite that rely on it to enforce their will, always the same; higher costs and more scrutiny, the Managed Decline.

It's going to be ugly. That's why we voted for a fighter. You want to take this to the next level and get to clappin, that's ok too; the alternative is not worth living.

Comment Re:$20 trillion in debt? (Score 1) 255

I count no less than five blah blah

Three government shutdown hysteria stories, some Rand Paul "war on science" crap and a tangential NASA story from 2007, none of which have any mention of the scale of the deficit or debt. If that's the best you can come up with then I stand affirmed. Thanks.

Comment $20 trillion in debt? (Score 0) 255

So now we're going to have stories about US debt? We've gone for years and years here at good 'ol Slashdot without much mention of the crazy growth in US debt and the chronic deficits we run, year after year, good economy or not. But let Trump get elected and all the sudden we're talking about the debt! Oh crap, spending bad because inflation and debt and stuff!

Google reveals one Slashdot mention of US national debt in Oct. 2008 [1] related to the "Debt Clock" overflowing and needing another digit, and one other story in 2011 about some federal "Debt Reduction Super Committee" [2] that "failed" to come up with any savings. No other demonstrative mention on Slashdot of the $9.3 trillion in debt racked up during the last eight years.

At least we're talking about it again. Hello libtards; yes, the borrow and spend spree has been huge and the US deficit is out of control. I know you missed that for the last couple terms since the "news" sites you frequent — such as Slashdot — never mentioned it to you, but there it is; $20 trillion and counting.


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