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Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 336

"People thought Tim Allen was crazy for joking to Jimmy Kimmel that being even a moderate conservative in Hollywood was starting to feel like being a Jew in 1930's Germany. But he wasn't just shooting his mouth off. One of the first things the Nazis did with Jews was ban them from most employment"

And also imprisoned on false charges.
Tim Allen was convicted on the very real charge of smuggling cocaine and got his sentence reduced by ratting out on his closest associates.
Less than 3 yrs later, he was a free man. There a a lot of dead Jews who never got a chance at such a sweet deal.
He stopped using his birth surname a long ago but he's still a Dick

Comment Re:Well it is in one respect (Score 1) 98

Elon Musk is clearly easily bored.

Starts cool things, but moves on to something else on a whim. Are investment analysts going to consider this a risk for his current main companies?

That's quite the overstatement. He's been helming SpaceX and Tesla for nearly 15 years. He does seem to have a restless intellect but that doesn't make him flighty

Comment Re: This has happened before. Humanity excelled. (Score 1) 211

why wouldn't you cite Ljungqvist's 2010 30-proxy reconstruction, which was more widely supported? Ljungqvist's chart [lwhancock.com] Is it because it shows both the Medieval Warm Period as well as the Roman warm period were just as warm or warmer than today?

Perhaps because he's already read the rebuttalls? And that Ljungqvist himself doesn't agree with how his results are being interpreted?
But try not to let that upset you because the Medieval Warm Period poses a thorny conundrum for den....er "skeptics"
If it did happen as they claim, that implies that climate sensitivity is on the high end of the scale


Comment Re:Fake news, see the MASIE data for yourself (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Ice extent is the easiest variable to measure but can be misleading as there's no difference in a patch that 15% covered or 100% covered.
Ice area and volume are also very important but more difficult to determine but Arctic sea ice volume has declined dramatically in the satellite record and is 30%-50% lower than 2006-2007


Comment Re:Destroy code? (Score 1) 519

Seems like encryption systems need to have two passwords; one that decrypts the volume and another that wipes the keys and images a fresh filesystem. When they compel you to enter your password, you enter the "destroy code."

Sure, you could be charged with tampering with evidence if they realized what you'd done. But maybe that would be preferable to indefinite incarceration for contempt of court.

I doubt that would work in this case as I'm sure LEO images the media and tries to decrypt the images.

Comment Re:Not to say "I told you so," but... (Score 1) 519

I told you so.

While it still (at the moment) seems unconstitutional to force a person to reveal their passwords, it is simple to get around this by ordering the person to enter the password themselves.

So if you think you're going to evade the long arm of the government by memorizing all your passwords, think again or you too will be jailed.

And remember kiddies, "I forgot" or "I don't remember" only works if you are part of the government itself ;)

The Cheney defense although I'm sure it was used by others long before him

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 519

In my personal experience, passwords that are > 24 characters, are easily forgettable if unused for a period of time. I struggle with remembering complicated passwords if I haven't used them in over a month. Not sure if it's because they're to complicated or if it's a neurological limit. I also suffer from ADD and have a history of radiation exposure.

That being said, I completely understand how it's possible for someone to forget a password.

Obligatory xkcd - https://xkcd.com/936/

Comment Re:That's not good law (Score 1) 519

Just because the guy is accused of having a child porn collection doesn't mean the niceties of law shouldn't apply

Does the law distinguish between having, distributing or making these images? I consider those very different crimes.
Also, since they know he visited the sites and downloaded *somethings*, they can nail him just for that crime and waive or suspend the contempt charge if he agrees to forfeit possession of the hard drives.

Comment Re: This calls for ballot stuffing (Score 1) 125

You might not have heard it, and I can't speak to Modula 2 but Pascal was absolutely intended to be a "teaching language"

Modula-2 was intended to be a systems programming language and Wirth didn't stop there, nor did others.
There was Modula-2+ which was extended to be Modula-3 by some people from DEC; also Wirth developed Oberon, Oberon-2 and from that came Object Pascal and Component Pascal and derivatives like Zonnon.
A lot of that stuff seems to have made its way into Delphi

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