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Comment Re:Wind (Score 1) 85

"It is far more reliable that solar or even wind on other places"

Really?? That's impressive given how sunny Texas and the Southwest is, in so many, many places.

I've heard the same said of winds outside Copenhagen; their offshore Middelgrunden turbines benefit from relatively mild but amazingly steady winds, with the turbines producing some power over 95% of the time.

Comment Re:Long-term contracts, ... with God? (Score 5, Informative) 85

Last I checked, wind and solar guarantee exactly zero power coincident with demand.

Check again; solar is follows the morning demand curve pretty closely and can be better matched to demand in some markets by facing panels westward.
Some places have very reliable winds and pretty good forecasting, which has gotten much better in the past several years.

So your "zero power coincident" is a gross exaggeration.

Comment Re: Huh. (Score 1) 78

From Bill Maher

“New Rule: Conspiracy theorists who are claiming that we didn't really kill Bin Laden must be reminded that they didn't think he did the crime in the first place.
Come on, nutjobs, keep your bullshit straight: The towers were brought down in a controlled demolition by George W. Bush to distract attention from Hawaii, where CIA operatives were planting phony birth records so that a Kenyan named Barack Obama could someday rise to power and pretend to take out the guy we pretended took out the Towers.
And I know that's true because I just got it in an e-mail from Trump.”

Comment Can't believe those speeds!! (Score 1) 38

"The 960 Pro offers a nice bump in sequential read/write speeds compared to the 950 Pro. The 960 Pro will have a read speed of 3.5GB/s and a sequential write speed of 2.1GB/s. The 950 Pro, by comparison, topped out its read speed at 2.5GB/s and a write speed of 1.5GB/s.

Samsung's promising a sequential read speed of 3.2GB/s and a write speed of 1.9GB/s for the 960 Evo. The 960 Evo will also be the first SSD to come with Samsung Intelligent TurboWrite technology, which the company says helps accelerate sequential read/write"

Those speeds won't happen all the time and at queue depths that typical users will never reach but even 20% sustained would be incredibly quick.

Comment Re:Doll. Fin. (Score 5, Informative) 305

How's this?
From http://www.thepunctuationguide...


American style uses double quotes (“) for initial quotations, then single quotes (‘) for quotations within the initial quotation.

“Economic systems,” according to Professor White, “are an inevitable byproduct of civilization, and are, as John Doe said, ‘with us whether we want them or not.’”

British style uses single quotes (‘) for initial quotations, then double quotes (“) for quotations within the initial quotation.

‘Economic systems’, according to Professor White, ‘are an inevitable byproduct of civilization, and are, as John Doe said, “with us whether we want them or not”’.

The above examples also show that the American style places commas and periods inside the quotation marks, even if they are not in the original material. British style (more sensibly) places unquoted periods and commas outside the quotation marks. For all other punctuation, the British and American styles are in agreement: unless the punctuation is part of the quoted material, it goes outside the quotation marks.

Submission + - Tesla reveals slew of Autopilot improvements in upcoming 8.0 firmware (

haruchai writes: Less than 2 months after parting ways with optical driver assistance systems maker Mobileye, Elon Musk and Tesla have revealed the soon-to-be released feature upgrades for Autopilot — and it's all about radar, baby!!

Musk claims a dramatic reduction in false braking events, stating that most drivers may never experience another for the lifetime of the car and that v8.0 will give access to 6 times as many radar objects with far more detail and no new hardware required.
More at Electrek —

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