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Comment Re:KITT (Score 1) 186

"A talking car. Well, now it's my turn to be impressed. KITT, is it? What an intriguing voice. A little too much gain in your tweeter, and a slight metallic tone to your bass."
"Do you really think so?"

If TV was as explicit then as it is now, that might have been written as "just let me demonstrate some of the features of your seat and we'll see just how much gain we can get out of your tweeters"

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 186

"Worth noting that Autopilot was never advertised as 100% autonomous - this new system will be"

In time, not today, not this year and not next year. But this & future generations of the hardware will be capable, just awaiting the software to catch up, which will take time. Another question is just how good the earlier & existing Autopilot cars can be since they simply don't have the hardware for L5 which Elon confirmed 2 years ago.

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 186

5 yrs seems too soon; my guess is more than 10. Cars will probably have fair-weather driving nailed within 5-10 yrs but the Northern Hemisphere gets all kinds of crazy weather and L5 cars will have to be able to cope reliably. Nine times out of 10 won't be good enough, it'll have to be more like 995 times out of 1000.

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 186

"self driving" should not require a human at wheel. tesla requires one"

This announcement is about the hardware necessary for autonomous driving but there's a huge amount of testing & programming to get the software up to that level. And I'm reasonably certain legislators or insurers will still insist on a human behind the wheel for years after the cars are good enough.

"how about an alarm to warn driver that he has been away from wheel after a few seconds"
I believe that was implemented in a recent update & Autopilot will be disabled if the driver ignores too many warnings

"musk and tesla better learn that false advertising will get them in trouble as crashes pile up"
I think they are learning that lesson but should have been more cautious from the very beginning

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 4, Interesting) 234

Don't forget to mention.
Who work in an area where they can easily find a job elsewhere.
I bet these guys had jobs ligned up before the "bravely" quit Apple.
Rarely a whole department will quit at the same time. If the job really sucks you will see a migration where people quit over the course of months. Because normally before you quit you need an other job.
Having Apple not join open compute sounds more liike the first intent to look elsewhere. Then the reason to quit.
I expect they all just got picked up by some companies they found out they were all quitting at the same time so they used that as the reason for their exit interview.

What they did was found a new company, SnapRoute - http://www.snaproute.com/our-s...

Submission + - GOP headquarters in North Carolina destroyed by firebomb (nytimes.com)

haruchai writes: The Republican Party offices in North Carolina's Orange County was hit by a firebomb last night and warnings for the "Nazi GOPers" to leave town were painted on a nearby building. Clinton supporters on Facebook were quick to blame it on radical rightwingers, comparing it to the Reichstag fire of 1933 that allowed the Nazis to become the dominant party and has long been suspected of being a "false flag".
As some Dems have claimed, "why would we do this? We're winning"

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

"There were many on my team that said it wouldn't happen, couldn't happen; pointing at the crypto sourcecode as a prime example of what couldn't be moved outside the US.
Of course they neglected to realize that there is no law about re-implementing the same feature/API outside the US and making sure it works"

That sounds like a wonderful way to introduce a bunch of new bugs. Sure, they'll be fixed, in time, but until then it's a huge liability.

Comment Re: Of course (Score 1) 332

By that argument; Police shouldn't stop white bread suburban kids going into bad neighborhoods to buy drugs?

That is racial profiling too.

What year are you living in? There have been drug dealers in the suburbs and even upscale areas of every city I've lived in since 1985.
Are there no black, brown or Asian kids going into your drug-fueled bad 'hoods to buy dope or are the cops simply assuming that the non-white kids all live there?

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