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Comment Re: Nintendo (Score 1) 388

(bad phone situ, on computer now) Mimic race who procreates by copying another being, except replacing the propagation info with its own and then killing the original. The "Same" race get its name by the fact that they inject a child member of its species into another culture to learn from it. Samu was destined for Human Space Pirates originally, but The Identity detected Mimic among the space pirates and swooped in.
This game is tailor made to toe the line but not cross it. It shares elements with Metroid and Star Trek. My dad's side's got a lot of lawyers and my dad's with the Ohio bar. Your move, Nintendo.

Comment Re: Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 1) 388

For me, 8 was a major trade off; 8.1 fixed most of the problems; 10 largely added Cortana- I still want 'switch user' back and miss 98s floating toolbars. Man, was that a great feature! You could write batch files to put shortcuts close at hand! Stability issues is what moved me to XP. 'Cept for that, 98 had everything, almost.

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