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Comment Re:The language isn't the issue (Score 2) 300

"Major Banks and Parts of Federal Gov't Still Rely On Cagey Programmers Who Never Write Decent Comments To Support Programs Instead Of Hiring People To Write Decent Comments."

It's not so much "cagey programmers" as it is over-worked programmers, especially at the State level, where computer illiterate legislators continue to dream up new legislation that puts pressure on coders to modify existing software to meet the legal demands. Except for management, most of whom are computer illiterates as well, State programmers are underpaid and over worked. Many States are having severe financial tax shortfalls, so there won't be new programmers being added to their teams any time soon. I wrote extensive documentation INSIDE my code to explain to any coder who took on my projects after I retired what I did and why I did it that way. Documentation for the users were rarely written because it was the users (clerks) whose functions I was computerizing who dictated what the GUI interface looked like and the underlying software did. If they weren't happy I wasn't happy. So, I didn't need to write documentation for them. They usually trained their replacements and the newbie clerks could ask their fellow clerks if they had questions.

The State Dept of Revenue in the midwest state where I worked have been using a mainframe running COBOL for almost 50 years. About a dozen years ago the suites decided to deploy Oracle as a "replacement". Now they have two database systems and Ellison lies awake nights thinking how to charge more for existing installations. Oracle has ended up costing more in the last decade than the COBOL system has in the last half century. Now they are stuck with Oracle and the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

Comment Re:Microsoft, can you fix Linux? (Score 2) 159

Are you a troll? Or, perhaps, one of James Plamondon's "Linux technical evangelists", a.k.a. digital terrorists, because of the postings they make on various computer or technical websites. Joe Baar wrote well of them with his article "SLIME".

I've been using Linux since May of 1998 with RH 5.0. I've experimented with lots of distros and spent time with Mandrake, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, openSUSE and a few others. For its time RH 5.0 was marvelous, compared to Win95, and so it has been. The current Linux distro I was using was equal to or better than any version of Windows available at the time. From January of 2009 I used Kubuntu, until about 6 months ago when I moved to KDE Neon User Edition.

I've never had a "reliability" problem with any version of Linux I've used. My Acer V3-771 has an Intel HD Graphics primary and an NVidia GT650M secondary which cannot be set as primary in the BIOS. Despite that, when I installed the nvidia-370 driver it made my NVidia chip the primary and everything runs on it.

Next, you complain about not being able to do "real" work on Linux. Before I retired in 2008 I was using Linux (SUSE) to write in house client-server apps using Qt4's API. I used compiler defines to switch between PostgreSQL code on Linux and Oracle code on Windows during compilation. I used Linux because I could code, debug and compile 2-3X faster on Linux.

It's a poor workman who blames his tools.

Comment Dell, Part Du? (Score 1) 128

At first blush it appeared that Dell was using the same old tricks of 10 years ago. Clicking on the 5530 link I didn't see any reference to Ubuntu but I did see this:
  Operating System (Dell recommends Windows 10 Pro.)
Uh huh. That's how it was 10 years ago.
But, I clicked on the "Customize & Buy" link and on the very next page I could select the Ubuntu OS. The price also dropped by $100 but the hardware stayed the same. THAT is different. Ten years ago Dell did the bait & switch, offering Linux on different configurations of their boxes to prevent comparisons. And, 10 years ago, the peripherals offered on the Linux boxes were very limited.

Maybe Dell means it this time and it isn't a ploy to negotiate lower per unit prices from Microsoft.

Comment Thanks but NO Thanks! (Score 2) 66

Why should I install Skype (one poster called it spyke) and allow MS to use "Legal Intercept" to spy on my communications, or give that privilege to some gov agent?

It was bad enough when Skype's previous owners burgled Linux users CPU and bandwidth to act as P2P for others communications and left daemons remaining in memory after Skype was shut down! Were they spying too? MS changed the P2P feature to a Linux server farm on which they installed their patented "Legal Intercept" software. If you use Skype you might as well open your Window and shout to the outside while you talk.

I've moved on to other PRIVATE means of communication. One nice one that works well on my KDE Neon User Edition OS is "Wire".

Comment Whose "Perspective"? (Score 1) 195

If my "perspective" counters yours, should I have the right to remove yours?
If an American Internet website creator allows public access without registration (newspaper, social, journal, blog, whatever) then the 1st Amendment applies and they have no right to restrict what visitors to their sites post.

This should be obvious from the fact that a Christian baker was fined (put out of business?) for refusing to bake a homosexual, a lifestyle diametrically opposed and forbidden by the Christian faith (Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13).

A better name for "Perspective" is "BigBrother", for that is exactly how it will be used. The current massive suspensions and cancellations on Twitter and YouTube demonstrate that very well. Google, Twitter and Facebook only wants an echo chamber that repeats socialist dogma.

Comment Liars and the lies they tell (Score 1) 401

Uh huh. And in 2007 Gore claimed the Arctic would be ice free in seven years (2014) and in 2009 Kerry made the same idiotic claim.
It was quite obvious in the 2009 & 2011 whistle blower release that the CRU scientists were fudging the results. NASA was just caught with its hand in the data jar, fudging the results. The climate "scientists" threw out well calibrated satellite covering the entire ocean in favor of spotty cargo ship temperature data, which is known to be chronically high, just like the temperature stations next to air conditioners, on parking lots, hot roofs, etc, simply because they could be used to support AGW.
Then, to top it off, these geniuses want to make massive changes in the Arctic ocean subsurface environment! Didn't they learned anything from Australia's invasive species problems, all caused by well meaning scientists: cane toads, rabbits, red foxes, etc...????

Too much rain, AGW. Too little rain. AGW, Too hot. AGW, Too cold. AGW. AGW is a repeat of Lysenkoism. it is not a science (because it can't be falsified) it is a religion.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 2) 594

My first job out of HS in 1959 was at Shwayder Bros luggage plant on South Broadway in Denver. One of the brothers, Jesse, was manager. His door was always open and one could walk in at any time to offer suggestions with no fear of losing their job. Every Christmas he divided the company profits into bonuses based on years experience. I only worked there for a year but my dad worked for them from the middle 1930s until he retired in 1969, at 65.

Across the street was the Gates Rubber Co. Their employees were always striking about something. About three months before I quit and went to college, union members from Gates began picketing in front of Shwayder Bros with posters making outrageous claims. Also, some recent employees, obvious plants, started making equally outrageous claims a/o lies of abuse and mis-management. A couple years after I left a vote was held and the Union lost. After a few more years the union won. The employees lost. Instead of going directly to Jesse employees had to take their suggestions to union stewards, who would decide if and when they would be passed to management. During financially hard times, which the unionization caused to happen regularly, union stewards had job security regardless of seniority. Bonuses stop. Wages stagnated, except for union stewards and the union bosses who had front offices. Union dues, however, did not. 2% of your income for the "privilege" of being a union slave with no freedom or rights except those "granted" by Union bosses.

Comment PS- (Score 1) 85

I just remembered a big problem attending Sun's lectures, or PBS Science or music events: when the number of avatars approached around 100 the lag killed performance, for both video, sound and avatar movement. Is that fixed? Can 500 or a 1,000 avatars attend an event without causing a crash?

Comment The decline and fall ... (Score 2) 85

I joined SL more than a decade ago. At the time corporations and news media had a presence. CNN, IBM, Sun, etc... I attended conferences at Sun's amphitheater and listened to avatars give speeches and present videos. NASA had a hugh display of VR rockets. There was a life size model of the Startrek Enterprise, and of the TItanic, IIRC. Over the course of a couple years those sites became defunct because SL did NOT turn out to be a medium conducive to business. The population map showed that the spots with the greatest number of avatars were those showing porn movies or populated with avatar couples having virtual sex using animated genitalia. Who knows how many marriages were destroyed when avatar owners made real contact with the owners of their avatar lovers. I suspect that password protected "communities" probably had pedophilia or worse going on. That's when I stopped using SL. The VR SL will not bring any new visitors to SL. It will just make a lot of basements a lot stinkier, and turn loose onto society even more hyped up sexual perverts not satisfied with self-gratification.

Comment Yes, squirrels are. (Score 1) 150

A power transformer across the street from my office window on the 2nd floor of the NE State office bldg was blown out three times during the ten year period before I retired. I watched the last rascal jump between two insulators and draw a 21,000 volt spark. There was an explosion and fell to the pavement. With the power down and nothing else to do I went outside to check the squirrel. His skin was split from his left rear foot pad to his left front paw, like a zipper had been unzipped. And the air was filled with the odor of cooked squirrel. I didn't see the previous rascal's demise but I went out to investigate it as well. It had somehow gotten jammed and the current cooked him and then carbonized him before it exploded.

Comment I moved to ... (Score 1) 503

Linux 18 years ago and haven't worried about Windows malware or Microsoft's intrusions since then.

Microsoft patented "Legal Intercept" and after they bought Skype they killed Skype's P2P server system and installed a bunch of Linux servers (they don't eat their own dog food!) to run Skype networking on, each server running Legal Intercept. Using Skype you have NO security or privacy from anyone Microsoft allow$ to use their intercept software.

Comment Re:ok Komrade (Score 1) 65

"staunch Republicans"= RINOs, i.e., Republicans who talk like Conservatives and vote like Democrats, so they are Democrats in Republican clothing.
And she did NOT win by "record margin". Not even close. Check the margins of victory in the two previous presidential elections.
And, there is NO evidence of Russian hacking interfering with the election, but we have plenty of proof of Democrat operatives paid by the DNC doing just that by their own words.
You've got to stop spending so much time being indoctrinated by Media Matters/ProgressNow, who funding the BLM riots.
After all, it was Hillary who said that not accepting the results of the election was "Horrifying, un-democratic and un-American". Remember?

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