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Comment Re:Exhibit A (Score 1) 62

Because the only worthwhile thing to accomplish is to build intergalactic nuclear bombardment facilities to nuke anything that fails to build intergalactic nuclear bombardment faciliities. Or was that neurotoxin plants. What were we talking about again? Your name wouldn't happen to be G.L.A.D.O.S. or Ripley, would it?

Comment Re: Wait...what? (Score 1) 181

Alright, I've read more of the actual article and the CTO does not seem to understand emotional intelligence. The AI makes statements indicating its own emotional intelligence. That awareness can help people understand how various segments of the population, such as voters or potential hirers might view the way they express emotions. That is what is actually happening here.

Comment Re: Of course (Score 1) 209

I have worked hard to figure out the mindset of the people who are described in the Bible. Right now we can talk about generations of people replacing those who came before but from what I can tell the nation of Israel was just as much Israel as Jacob was when he first acquired the title. The AI of the future will replace us the same way we now think of generations replacing us, and I intend to have representation within that reality. Wheher that future AI generation is me or not is a philosophical notion. I am not the 'me' of my youth. That person may as well be dead and gone for purposes of philosophy. So it will be with me and any future AI. I am already more like a Time Lord regeneration being than most people think of themselves as. No wonder the Doctor barely sleeps. It brings him that much closer to a sort of death.

Comment Re: Colossus (Score 1) 209

The Nationalists and the Globalists duke it out while the Individualists are off doing their own thing. I have health problems, and that is a bigger damper on my liberty than any attempts by the two aforementioned groups to rope people like me into their schemes. Meanwhile I'm learning all I can about programming and have licenses for a number of game engines and asset libraries, so while I am dealing with health issues, I am pretty much off to the races in other respects and want nothing to do with those blowhards.

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