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Comment Re: Those figures should not be trade secrets (Score 1) 49

Somehow I don't like the idea that people can keep the details of what they are offering me for the purpose of putting it into my body a secret. Not that the tools for managing that information is all that great... and they really ought to be a whole lot better than they are currently. The company that provides my health care is just now getting all their people on one system and there are no guarantees regarding exchanges of information between health care companies.

Comment Re: I am? (Score 1) 203

I am not sure about the most of my life part and I have illness that limits my output, but I generally work to create content for nothing and if you want you can trawl the qb64 and probably FreeBASIC sites and find lots of free content. Steam Workshop-supporting titles have a lot of content created for free.

Comment Re: I am? (Score 1) 203

I have no ethical issues with the way the copyright system is set up. Until we sit down and talk about forming some ethical underpinnings as to if copyright makes sense and if so for how long, I take the position that it is a government law infringing on the normal operation of culture and free speech. The original intent of the earliest forms of copyright was to censor and I can only assume that is its primary effect today.

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