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Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 345

The majority of people you have met save a little, get promoted a little higher, find slightly better jobs, got married which improved their lives a little, had kids which improved their lives a little, lived in apartments and bought houses because shelter is an absolute necessity, purchased cars because transportation is also essential and slightly better cars.

Comment Re:Oh Yeah (Score 1) 108

And the first step to destroy the gods is to learn BASIC. The next step is to learn how to create and embed your own commands into a BASIC compiler. But tread carefully! The believers in the gods seek out those who would destroy the gods. A man named Steve McNeill, started down that path and was brought low, and a recent accounting of his tale was scrubbed from the annals of

Comment Re:Because Human Nature (Score 1) 345

People want to feel productive and as if they have control of their destiny. They don't actually make much effort to confirm if they actually do. If they did, it would be perfectly fine for robots to take over the jobs, because they would realize they could find ways that actually contributed to productivity and not just was more productive than nobody or thing doing something but less productive than robots being as productive as they can be.

Submission + - Zuck: I'd Like To Teach The World To Use Facebook (In Perfect Harmony) 2

theodp writes: OK, it's not quite Ted Kaczynski-length, but Mark Zuckerberg's new Facebook Humanitarian Manifesto weighs in at a whopping 5,700+ words. In it, Zuck envisions the world being bettered by greater adoption of an AI-powered Facebook, which may evoke memories in some of the iconic "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" commercial (video, lyrics), which envisioned a world vastly improved by increased Coca-Cola consumption. Hey, everything old is new again!

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