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Comment Re:But... but... (Score 1) 181

It's really gonna blow his mind that pot isn't even the opiate gateway for the rest of teen (any?) abusers, either. Their gateway is not pot but other people's opiate prescriptions. Yup, Oxy and its brethren are pretty much the universal entry point for opiate addiction, and have been for... decades now?

Nobody ever says, "Gee, this marijuana is entertaining, I think I'll go buy a bag of gross dirt that's been in someone's rectum and inject the liquified contents into my arm!"

But I knew kids in HS (20 years ago) who were reduced to writhing-on-the-floor tears when their Oxy connection went dry. It would take more than two hands to count just the kids from my community and age group, that I knew, who've died from opiates, including a dear friend of mine. Dozens more who were or are in the thick of it. And from everything I can gather, not one of them started that journey with an opiate that was illegally produced.

Comment Re:clearly the truckers are right (Score 1) 331

I think this manual would be Exhibit A supporting the truckers. Abstracting the rule from the example: "If your list includes a prepositional phrase that could be construed ambiguously, draft the list so it's no longer ambiguous."

Just like the phrase "of 3,000 pounds gross weight or less" could be modifying one or multiple things, the phrase "for shipment or distribution" could be referring to one or multiple things. It was well within the legislature's power to follow the manual and write it as:
"The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, packing for shipment or distribution, marketing or storing of:"

That's much clearer**, and it doesn't even break up the logical flow of "things you do to move food through the supply chain." Even better, just say "...packing, shipping, distribution..."

**Though even this construction leaves a possible mini-list interpretation at the end. This is but one example of why I always include the fucking Universal Grammatical Separator whenever I need to, you know, grammatically separate things. #oxfordorgtfo

tl;dr: The instruction to omit the Oxford comma is inseparable from the instruction to rewrite the list if such omission leaves it ambiguous.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 1) 281

As a parent, I get how easy it is to be absolutely paralyzed by fear of $everyBadThingEver happening to your child.

If you are that afraid, you should not have children. I don't have any of my own. . .

It's cool, this is one you're just not going to get. No knock, I didn't either—no one does until they're actually responsible for a little human they made. If you do end up going that route, don't be too hard on yourself when you feel those irrational fears. It's hardwired in.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 5, Insightful) 281


As a parent, I get how easy it is to be absolutely paralyzed by fear of $everyBadThingEver happening to your child. I still have no sympathy for those who subject their own children and everyone else's to the very real threat of deadly, preventable diseases because of thoroughly discredited nonsense.

You're not allowed to put uranium in your kid's lunchbox because you mistakenly believe it emits Healing Jesus Waves; you shouldn't be able to send your kid to school with (even the potential of) active measles virus because you mistakenly believe the not-mercury in vaccines is going to give her autism.

Your freedom to believe post-truth pseudoscience bullshit ends at the point where it endangers my child's safety.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 3, Insightful) 507

It's funny that all of this stuff wasn't a big deal to you hyper-partisans when Clinton was accused of them, but they suddenly are a big deal when Trump is doing them.

Your rah-rah-my-team bullshit is fucking up our world. It's a big deal when both teams do it. (And I'm calling you out, Ami, because you were defending Clinton for these very same things.)

It's perfectly valid to point out and criticize hypocracy, regardless of whether one personally agrees or disagrees with the underlying position.

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