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Comment Re:DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 2) 156

The problem isn't if they add DRM for plugins and modules for properly licensing content.. It's that it USUALLY will mean they will have to enact it across the board or lock our certain other plugins as part of the licensing model.

you mean like how firefox had to go closed-source before they could play netflix videos? and you are telling me that "only closed source browsers can support flash"

what an idiot you are

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Comment Re:DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 4, Insightful) 156

There's a reason many people used this platform (right or wrong) and they're removing that reason. Now, they'll just be yet another media player that's locked in with DRM in a giant pool of pre-existing systems.

perhaps it could be considered that actually using a product for its intended purpose would be why people choose it, adding new features to a product does not necessarily diminish the value of the existing features

or maybe you're just a stupid troll

You clearly don't understand the product or why it's so popular. The problem isn't if they add DRM for plugins and modules for properly licensing content.. It's that it USUALLY will mean they will have to enact it across the board or lock our certain other plugins as part of the licensing model. That's where they're going to lose out and the point of my comment.

Comment Re:The four seats were used by crew, how was this (Score 5, Informative) 575

United should be fined hugely for this, the four removed should sue. The staff involved fired, the execs making that policy fired.

But nothing will happen, i normally fly them, but will look elsewhere.

Yes and it seems many others here are blindly commenting and don't understand what actually happened. This wasn't an overbooking scenario. This was a scenario where passengers had been cleared, boarded and seated. Then another flight crew needed to board to make a flight for the next day. No one volunteered, so they played Hunger Games with the passengers. One of the ones selected was a Dr that had patients to see in the morning and thus his refusal.

United Airlines then turned in to President Snow and had a 69 year old man beaten and drug, yes, drug, (not carried as some outfits want to say), off the plane over it.

United could have easily booked this crew later or sent them by other means. They chose to violently remove a 69 year old man like he was brandishing a weapon or threatening people.

So, people carrying on about overbooking can get bent as that's not what happened. This wasn't denial of boarding. It was violent eviction.

United is going to end up paying for this event, one way or another.

The Aviation Security officer has already been placed on leave and his outfit as publicly stated his actions were not in line with their policy (re: he's f*cked).

Now it's on to see how UA is going to handle this mess.

Comment Re:Perspective, Please! (Score 1) 103

Linking together observatories spread across such a huge area...

It is a symptom of humanity's hubris to believe that an area the size of Earth is considered huge when measuring the massive black hole that sits at the center of our galaxy.

You sound like Clark from Good Will Hunting, spouting off seemingly highbrow garbage in an attempt to sound intelligent but ultimately just coming off as a douche. There is nothing hubris about the passage and you completely misunderstood and misinterpreted the same by trying to belittle it (and all of us in the process).

Comment Re: Boldly? Daring? (Score 2) 86

Daring: adventurous or audaciously bold // adventurous courage

Adventurous: willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

Bold: showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

So..... flying a very expensive craft, billions of miles away, on hours long time lag, with limited fuel, in a crowded orbit that no human eye has ever seen directly, some how isn't bold or daring?

Yeah. Sure thing. :/

Comment Re: Boldly? Daring? (Score 2) 86

Oh, maybe remotely piloting a very expensive probe, with hours long time lag, in orbit around a very cluttered planet and very complex math and projections to assist with what needs to be where.

Imarine playing a driving sim, where you had to plan the entire race from before it started and had no real time control to move away from something coming at you and 0 options of a do over

So, plenty to be daring about.

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 1) 251

Tesla sells supercars and luxury SUVs that are futuristic EV's that *work* and look good. Tesla IS the future of cars.

Ford sells shitboxes that break down all the time and still burn gas.

I know which i'd buy.

Looks are subjective and while I'm not a fan of Ford, I think Teslas look like they have extra chromosomes and their interiors are drab at best.

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