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Comment yeah (Score 1) 52

Anyone who's actually watched YouTube with captions will know almost immediately what I'm getting at in the subject. Saying the system "is prone to errors" as above is being very kind. Amongst its many errors are frequent phantom occurrences of the word "yeah". While the phantom "yeah" instances are more funny than anything else, many of the other errors are much worse. Amongst other problems they have been known to convert a family-friendly video into something that no longer fits that description.

Comment Re:Glasses vs. Glasses-Free (Score 1) 435

I agree that the glasses are the biggest barrier to entry. TV works because it requires no effort to watch, and can even be social. Glasses require effort and remove the social aspect. Really something like Ultra-D (http://www.ultra-d.com/) is needed to make 3D TV work, but they've been so slow to get their sets out and still have such a high price point.

Comment Neither Big Party Candidate Computer-Savvy (Score 4, Interesting) 122

Neither Democrats nor Republicans thought that being even a little bit computer-savvy would be useful for the POTUS. This means that the decisions made by either will likely be either 100% trusted to aides, or made by "feel". Furthermore, both these candidates have expressed an interest in increased surveillance, weakened encryption, etc. Seriously, how do you think this'll play out?

Comment Ovshinsky Innovations & ECD (Score 1) 231

ECD had solar shingles back in the '90s, and the work Stan Ovshinsky was doing improved both their average productivity and durability significantly while reducing production cost. After he retired though the company went downhill and eventually went out of business. How does the new Tesla offering compare to the Ovshinksky offerings from a decade or two ago?

Comment Different from Win Back-In-The-Day How? (Score 0) 351

It's amazing to me that people are clamoring for legislative solutions now when this sort of problem has pretty much always existed. Remember all those insecure home Win boxes that were pwned and used for DDoS attacks a decade or more ago? Sure, there is an order of magnitude more IoT devices now, but the network and resource limits are also an order of magnitude bigger. We're not going to magically legislate good security from either companies or home users. Even when well intentioned they'll make mistakes. We need to make the network more resilient.

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