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Comment Try Mindcraft (Score 1) 425

Mindcraft has the old time Lego feel with a new toys and you never run out of blocks! Fir more info take a look at this Wiki

Pssst don't tell any one we do not want to lose the privilege, but down load the game, and when it asks for a login, unplug your rj45 and It will let you try the game. If you like it PLEASE pay the one time fee for unlimited play. Since unplugging the net ( wait I am being shot at, a sec... ) everytime you want to play is a bother.

Comment Yes, But perhaps a new OS. (Score 1) 625

I am no Apple fan, but there UNIX core OS make that a much more stable base for games. I would hope a free or at least open OS would be the future.

It still amazes me the group think that gave us the MS-PC for business. Why do people use a gaming platform for work. Any group with an IT staff, shame on them from using such a OS. I understand smaller groups have to wait for more access to support.

Many smart corporations have left the PC all ready. the two examples I know off the top of my head are Google and the German Government.

Comment No Match: ultrabook linux preinstalled (Score 1) 513

Subject: Your search - ultrabook Linux preinstalled - did not match any shopping results. ( on Google shopping )

No Wounder the things do not sell, people want an Operating System that works. "Silly Rabbit" Windows if for Gamers not real people.

ps. Google even suggested the search string.

Comment More frequent but smaller IS better! ... FTFY (Score 1) 259

I am Computer Scientist not a Seismologist. But as I understand it getting the input data that described the pressures on the faults for modelling Is not a simple task. In general releasing pressure on a fault line in a controlled manner is a good thing. On the other hand the Goal of fracking is not to reduce earth quakes, its to get natural gas from the ground. Government over sight becomes a political issue and we know where government officials get there money. So we are going to have to hope for the best.

Comment Re:Future (Score 2) 285

I wonder when we'll get the first windowing system based entirely on HTML5.

That would be a web browser. Browsers can run in lots of windows. You can have that already. (right?)

NextStep tried using postscript to render window content. I never got to use one, ... as I understand the problem was the hardware was under powered. Perhaps an idea before its time.

Comment But Nextstep software.... (Score 1) 1052

You can see what you are doing on a Pad. and get a full keyboard for typing.

Took one look at the Next step software and figuratively barfed all over the place. I guess the don't know any better fan boys just don't know any better.

Comment Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 630

If you want someone that can understand your project, improve it and keep it on track, you want a computer scientist. If you want someone that can whip out code snippets in the out dated technology of the day( ms and apple ) then you want a programer. You might want both.

Some would say that's an emotional statement. But I say if your not using open source and free software from the get go, as your core, in the long term you are doomed.

Comment Is there profit in it? (Score 1) 76

Oh I mean can you send and receive data? Say over fiber optic at speeds like this? How about data over a lazar to (where?) say mars?

I have no problems with basic science, Great science Guys. I am just wondering what is next? the Lab (FAST) is the Florida Atto Science & Technology (FAST). So the tech part is next.

Comment Tech Entrepreneurs Need To Know How To Code! (Score 1) 202

If you plan to sell an Item with embed software, IMHO, you had best know at least how to read that code. That's not programing, but when there is a depute that you need to get involved in over some code issue You Had better know what is going on.

I do have mod points, and would have given you an off topic mark, but I do agree that people need logic. And I do agree that Coding is Logical Thinking. You do not need to program in 'C', but it is not a bad place to start. Logo (turtle) might be more fun. My last boss thought a few lines in a spread sheet was his clam to fame in coding. But I say no, he lacked basic logic skills to boot. I got the #*!! out of there, I am retired now.

Some where in this thread someone asked how much of society needs logic. I would hope all of the voting population has good logic skills. Also voters need a good science background so they can see throw the smoke and mirrors the people that would run a muck just to make a dollar.

Comment 2 problems (Score 1) 168

If its free is it a product?

I do not know what growing up has to do with it?

Google gives away a lot of stuff fro free. ok, so Richard Stall man might not call it free, but we do not pay for lots of Google stuff. But a lot of other corporations are attacking Google so It seems to me to pull back to basics is a reasonable respounce, BTW you can get the weather data from other sources.

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