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Comment Re:Tipping point (Score 1) 539

Valid argument. So, my thought is remove the limit entirely and start a radical new policy of requiring all workers involved in making products imported into America to get comparable pay to that position's average in America. It would both serve to solve our job outsourcing issues and become the humanitarian move of the century.

Comment Isn't this just moving jobs? (Score 1) 186

Unless Amazon is really believing they will increase sales by 50% and that it will all be new sales instead of sales taken from other stores, this is just moving jobs from other companies, like UPS, and putting them at Amazon.

This looks like a likely net job loss for the country due to increased efficiency of shipping and even more pressure on small businesses due to reducing the value of the immediacy of shopping down the street.

If not for walmart, It could also be seen as leveraging their monopoly and unhealthy due to adding to their vertical depth. Is a "duopoly" bad when it damages or destroys thousands of small businesses that spread wealth more effectively?

Comment Re: Model S (Score 1) 179

But not better than other 100K+ cars that can do 0-60 in 2.5. It outperforms cars that cost several times more AND STILL seats 5. Performance will win the long game in the US market. The same will be seen in the trucking industry soon. The low RPM torque of electric motors will be a big boon for heavy vehicles.

Comment Just strategy - Trump up every American build (Score 1) 432

Companies have never stopped building in America. In the past few years, they've had to build and modernize a lot of facilities to get the production back to its current record levels without rehiring the workers lost in the 2009 time frame. Yet the net increase in factory jobs has been negligible. Here's a great chart showing what has happened.

That will continue. Actually, it would be surprising if we don't start seeing the jobs go lower while output goes up.

The difference is that now, all of those projects will be highly publicized and touted as due to Trump so that Trump can reward them with tax breaks they weren't getting before for the same thing.

Submission + - Tinder and Grindr dating apps linked to more than 500 UK crimes (

schwit1 writes: Data compiled by almost three-quarters of police forces across England and Wales listed 523 crimes from the past five years where official logs included the words Tinder or Grindr.

It comes after serial killer Stephen Port was jailed last month for the murders of four young men, including Daniel Whitworth, he met on gay websites and apps including Grindr. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warned: “I worry that these shocking figures could just be the tip of the iceberg.”

Comment People choose their facts (Score 2) 415

Wasted effort.

I recently stumbled on this article from 2014 that really nails the source of our recent issues and explains why even if all of our news perfectly matched the facts we'd still have the same disagreements. Just get past your reactions to the title and read the contents.

Humans are poor reasoners. We can talk ourselves into any position, often looking at the same facts as those with an opposite position and especially when identifying with a group that holds positions.

The only way past the bias is education directed toward how to think as opposed to what are the facts. That will never happen because all sides of the system thrive on this human vulnerability.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 357

No. Their model was to be both employee and asset light. Now, they are being legally challenged by suits claiming their contractors are employees. Given the choice between adding employees to their model or assets to their model, they have decided that assets are more viable. It would be harder to avoid the taxi regulations with adding employed taxi drivers than driverless cars.

Submission + - Panasonic's new checkout robot could send supermarket cashiers packing (

drunkdrone writes: Panasonic has created a robot for supermarkets that automatically scans and bags items, doing away with the need for cashiers altogether. Panasonic plans to introduce the machines to supermarkets in Japan starting in 2017.

Self-service checkouts have already diminished the need for human staff in shops, yet the growing push for retail automation from companies like Amazon threaten to do away with their need completely.

Comment This is just because it's a better investment (Score 2) 263

It's easy to jump on the bandwagon when it's finally rolling to riches. Wind and solar are now both under the cost of coal and will continue to drop as technology already in the pipeline matures and volume keeps increasing.

I saw someone post that we'd still be using oil in 2050. They are right, but it won't be for energy. There are many other uses that won't succomb as quickly. By that point, we'll probably be spraying solar cells onto everything around us for pennies on the dollar compared to deriving energy from petrochemicals.

We didn't reach peak oil so much as we reached critical mass on true renewables. If we keep resisting the inevitable, the only result that will come from it is being left behind as other countries rake in the bucks from the new businesses created.

Comment For under 20 months? Something that answers why? (Score 1) 204

I don't have any great suggestions for others because I can't seem to find what I think should be out there right now based on where tech is at. I'm looking for things for an advanced seven month old to enjoy over the next year, and I'm seriously thinking I may just have to get some little WiFi or bluetooth device (preferably cheaper/smaller than Alexa or Google's new offering), cut a stuffed animal open, and sew it in.

Does anyone know of a stuffed animal or something similar that has a bluetooth microphone/speaker combo built-in and uses software running on a computer or phone to help it (with adult guidance) interact with a child?

Do any of you know of a toy that simply answers the question "why?" with some semi-reasonable answer - endlessly - without tiring? Just a little bit of voice recognition tuned to the kid level, a (child safe) internet lookup to retrieve the answer, and some text-to-speech packaged in the form of a stuffed animal would be awesome.

Since the order in which sounds are learned (in general) is well known, is there a toy out there that detects what sounds the child is making, baby-talks back to them (during appropriate pauses) with those sounds sprinkled with the next ones in the progression, and gets excited in some way to encourage new ones when they are detected?

How about a toy that just says a calming "Shhhhh" and perhaps vibrates in a purring sort of way when they cry out at night?

Or a stuffed animal that simply reads whatever e-text I feed it?

Why am I not finding things like this out there?

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