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Comment Re:Net worth is over $86 trillion!!! (Score 1) 237

Printing money is mathematically identical to an inflationary pressure. If deflationary pressures are enough to balance it, inflation does not have to occur. Because it removes an equal amount of value from every dollar in the nation and transfers that value to the initial spender (the government in this case), it is in fact the most perfectly flat means of taxation of wealth.

Comment Why no devices? (Score 1) 1

It seems very odd to see a rev to a standard in the wireless market ratified before devices appear. I double-checked though and it seems true that devices are not generally available yet.

Usually, the devices lead by months and claim that they will be compatible with the spec when ratified (sometimes via promised firmware update). Apparently, little has changed in this version since summer, so it would likely have been safe to do business as usual.

Is Bluetooth perhaps good enough now that improvements can't drive sales? Or perhaps device makers are taking other directions? What gives?

Comment In other news, US factory output near record level (Score 1) 310

That's right, our factory output is currently almost identical to 2008 levels (, yet our factory employment is still way down.

Our factory jobs have been given over to automation and increased productivity within our own country.

Submission + - Bluetooth 5 is here ( 1

BrianFagioli writes: Today, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group announces the official adoption of the previously-announced Bluetooth 5. In other words, it is officially the next major version of the technology, which will eventually be found in many consumer devices.

So, will you start to see Bluetooth 5 devices and dongles with faster speeds and longer range in stores tomorrow? Nope — sorry, folks. Consumers will have to wait until 2017. The Bluetooth SIG says devices should become available between February and June next year.

Comment Re:Net worth is over $86 trillion!!! (Score 1) 237

Wow. Then you need to do some more digging into the reality of the normal American.

A trivial search on "us debt to income ratio" yields an answer 370% for the the average U.S. household. Even assuming 300%, that individual above will normally be running a $540,000 debt. He's doing great to only be at $200K. If he reduces his spending to $100K per year (an unbelievable amount for someone who is only paying $24K per year on their mortgage), he'll be debt free within five years even giving 30% to taxes. With a mere 2% inflation, that $20K is matched by his net worth increase. A complete wash.

Frankly, if I were in the same situation, I'd cash out, quit my job, purchase a $150,000 house to live in, find an investment that guarantees about 3% on my money, and not worry about the rest of my life. I can easily make it on $20K per year with zero debt to pay.

We are rich beyond belief and completely misdiagnosing our problems. If the US's wealth and debt were evenly spread, every man, woman, and child would have over $300K in property with about $60,000 in debt. The middle class's success has not been given away to Mexico, China, and India. That is just misdirection. It is behind other doors within our own country.

But, back to the point. The inflationary pressure mentioned in the article is BS though it could be magically hyped into existence. The whole article is hype designed to boost someone's bitcoin investment.

Comment Net worth is over $86 trillion!!! (Score 3, Insightful) 237

Stop it with the debt crap! And stop comparing the spending of money against the GDP instead of our overall total value!

Let's say you own property worth $1,000,000, you have $200,000 in total debt, and you make $180,000 a year. Would you worry about spending an extra $20,000 this year?

Those numbers are the US economic numbers translated to personal terms.

The NET worth of the US was over $86 trillion at the end of last year. That's value minus debt folks. Get real.

With value like that, the government could spend nearly $5 trillion per year over taxes (enough for a $15K / year universal basic income for every American rich or poor) and only be creating about a 6% inflationary load against our overall worth. The resultant increase in consumer spending (people with less money spend a large portion of what they get instead of banking it) would be like attaching solid rocket boosters to the economy. With proper management, deflationary pressures could be created using the greater economies of scale to counteract the inflation. A win for all!

Stop the fear mongering!

Comment Sort of like eating I suppose... (Score 1) 159

If all the grocery stores sold was bread, I suppose most of us would just eat bread. That doesn't make it a good thing. Netflix badly needs a real competitor. Perhaps turning movies and television shows into commodities and forcing all distributors to get the same non-exclusive deals might work. i.e., if I want to distribute a movie, I pay the same per viewing to do so as anyone else.

Comment Re:the trouble with trolls. (Score 1) 71

Just go ahead and take it all the way. In these modern times, people don't want to hear anything that doesn't just echo their beliefs. So, just have these chatbots automatically create "friends" for all users that echo their beliefs, never show a real person on anyone's page, and everyone can be happy.

Comment This has a BFL (Big F'n Loophole)! (Score 1, Interesting) 90

Near the end it states:

"A [contract form] provision shall not be considered void under this bill to the extent that it prohibits disclosure or submission of, or reserves the right of a person or business that hosts online consumer reviews or comments to remove, certain: [...] (3) law enforcement records;

Since everything on the internet is now a de-facto "law enforcement record", it follows that a contract provision is not void if it prohibits any disclosures on the internet. Right? :D

Comment So people addicted to sugar consume 66% more... (Score 1) 327

to get the same amount of sugar while consuming even more fat than before the change since that wasn't reduced. Therefore the total calories consumed will increase despite eating the same amount of sugar. Most importantly, though, Nestle will have higher sales volume.

The publics ability to neglect the reactions in active systems never ceases to amaze, but the corporate world's ability to take advantage of it is even more astonishing.

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