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Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 46

OK, so I pay for bandwidth 'X'.
Are you suggesting that the DOCSIS modem actually provides 'X + y', and serves 'y' to other users?
But for one inconvenient fact, I would have no complaint.

Specifically, that's not true.

When I buy a pie, you don't get a slice without permission.

Of course, if you want to cut my rate in exchange for 'sharing', we can negotiate. Maybe.

Comment NIMBY (Score 1) 46

Yes, ComCast, I have to use you as the only local choice for decent internet speed.
Yes, your DOCSIS modem does have built-in Wireless that you would like to use as a local hotspot for anybody.
No, Hell No.
I'm paying for bandwidth, and sharing it with whoever is in range is NOT in my best interest.
And Yes, I do know how to disable your wireless, and did so the day it was installed.

Submission + - D&D goes digital (

An anonymous reader writes: Seems a new digital D&D will soon be offered. It's not a game in the Baldur's Gate style but rather seems to be about using apps to complement the experience.

I wonder if it includes some kind of VOIP facility so the D&D session can be established without everyone being in the same room.

Submission + - New Technique Turns Random Objects Into FM Radio Stations

An anonymous reader writes: A new technology is enabling everyday objects, such as posters and clothing, to be transformed into FM radio stations, according to research from the University of Washington. The team has introduced a technique called ‘backscattering’ which uses ambient low-power radio signals to broadcast messages from random objects to smartphones in the local vicinity.The researchers hope that the development could help support various smart city applications, and picture a future where anything from a poster at a bus stop to a road sign can transmit audio updates and information to passers-by. During testing, the researchers were able to use the backscattering technique to create a ‘singing poster’ which could send out the music of an advertised band to smartphone users at a distance of up to 4 metersand to cars in an 18-meter radius.

Comment Missing the point (as usual) (Score 2) 1001

If you surveyed the 500 most [influential | prolific| successful] programmers in the field today, across all specialties, you would find no more than 5% of them would do well in such a test.*

Programming is not about rote procedure. It is about finding a way to accomplish a goal.

Clean and efficient code is a bonus, but not mandatory. Complying with any else's definition of Good Practices may be a consideration, but only to the ones making the definition. Working well with a carefully assembled maximally-diverse team may be helpful, or may be something to overcome.

In any event, rule # 1 is paramount. Get the job Done. Everything else is value-add, at best.

*Statistics independently verified by Slashdot

Comment The most insightful VC comment of the year. (Score 1) 70

Wow. Seibel gets it.

The point of venture capital is to provide for the expansion and development of an idea. To transform the idea into a product, or sometimes to provide the means to determine that it Just. Won't. Work.

The gamesmanship that is rewarded by making the funding the goal in itself is perhaps entertaining, but otherwise completely valueless.

Now still, if anyone wants to fund my research into why shiny things attract money...

Submission + - President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence 1

bbsguru writes: From NBC News:
President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence officer, who is serving 35 years for giving classified information to Wikileaks.

The decision, made in the last days of his presidency, means that Manning can be freed May 17, seven years into her sentence.

More than 117,000 people signed a petition asking Obama to cut short the sentence. Fugitive leaker Edward Snowden said in a tweet that if Obama could only free one person, it should be Manning.

Submission + - Ambulances In Sweden Will Be Able To Hijack Car Radios During Emergencies ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Swedish government wants to make it impossible to be caught off guard by a speeding ambulance. Sure, their sirens are loud—but soon they’ll be able to take over your car’s radio. Swedish students at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a way for emergency vehicles to transit radio signals to warn other vehicles of an approaching truck. It’s called the EVAM System, according to, and it’s designed to send a signal over a specific FM radio band that’ll interrupt music or radio and display a test message over the system’s tuner display — so long as the car is equipped with a Radio Data System (RDS). The number of crashes caused by muted sirens is on the rise, Florian Curinga, one of the students working on the project, said. That’s because of improved sound insulation in cars. Emergency vehicles in Stockholm will begin testing the system this year. The EVAM System can also predict how far in advance the message needs to be broadcast, depending on traffic speed, according to It may also be helpful in warning drivers about upcoming accidents, the students added. EVAM will work on two-thirds of all vehicles on the road, Curinga said. All drivers need to do is have their radio systems turned on. If a message is broadcast then, they’ll see it—and hear it—from the tuner.

Comment Re:They're not (Score 1) 766


Given what we ask them to do, browsers (even crappy ones, -cough-IE-cough) are remarkably fast.

If you are seeing 'slow' performance, try analyzing it objectively. Obviously, another machine with a clean browser environment would be a good starting point for comparison.

As far as "hundreds of tabs", well... maybe the first step should be to

Comment The real WTF... (Score 1) 437

"questions begin to arise about Facebook's impartiality in the political race."

Why would anyone think that [Facebook | Google | Microsoft | Famous Amos Cookies] was supposed to be impartial?
Did I miss something extra in the first amendment about only speaking if you present all views equally?
Aside from the wishful fiction that they are somehow required to be, since when is anyone even claiming to be "fair and impartial"?
(OK, other than the claims of Fox News)
If you grant them any more credit for impartiality than what you allocate the wild-eyed crazy on the overpass with a bullhorn, you deserve what you get.

ALL information you get must be weighed against the source, and if you blindly accept as 'truth' everything from anyone, you are going to get burned.

In this case, of course, when enough of us get burned, we all (U.S. and 'the World') have to deal with the fallout.

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