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Submission + - Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid

DogDude writes: National Security Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont
This week, officials from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shared the Grizzly Steppe malware code with executives from 16 sectors nationwide, including the financial, utility and transportation industries, a senior administration official said. Vermont utility officials identified the code within their operations and reported it to federal officials Friday, the official said.

Submission + - Microsoft Is No Longer Selling Any Lumia Windows Phones On Its US Store (neowin.net)

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that Lumia has reached the end of the line, as the Microsoft Store is no longer selling any of the company's Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile handsets in the U.S. The first signs that the end was approaching for Lumia came back in February, when Microsoft launched the Lumia 650, which was said to be the last in the company's Lumia line. In August, Microsoft removed all mention of Windows handsets from its US store homepage, relegating 'Windows phone' to a dropdown menu instead. This week, just one Lumia handset remained on sale: the AT&T-locked Lumia 950, available only in white. Now, that model has sold out too, leaving none of the company's Lumia handsets available to buy on its store. The Windows phones page on the Microsoft Store lists thirteen products, but eight of these are out of stock. When more stock is expected on a temporarily sold-out product, Microsoft typically replaces the 'Add to cart' button with one that says 'Email me when available'. Instead, each of these products now has a grayed-out button, stating "Out of stock."

Submission + - Creepy Website IknowWhatYouDownload Makes Your Torrenting History Open To All (iknowwhatyoudownload.com) 2

dryriver writes: The highly invasive and possibly Russian owned and operated website http://iknowwhatyoudownload.co... immediately shows the bittorent download history for your IP address when you land on it. What's more, it also shows the torrenting history of any specific IP address you enter, and also of IP addresses similar to your's, so you can see what others near you — perhaps the nice neighbours in the house next door — have downloaded when they thought nobody was looking. Upon clicking on somebody else's IP link in my range, for example, I found that the person had downloaded a tremendous amount of Porn content of a certain rather embarrassing type in what they thought was the privacy of their own home. The website highlights XXX content in bright red on its download list, a feature that appears explicitly designed to embarrass people who torrent porn. There is also a nasty little "Track Downloads" feature that lets you send a "trick URL" to somebody else. When they click on the URL — thinking its something cool on Facebook, Twitter or the general internet — THEY see what they URL promised, but YOU get sent their entire torrenting history, including anything embarrassing or otherwise compromising content they may have downloaded in private. A website this malicious and invasive can only have been built by the big content producers to deter people from downloading piratedcontent methinks. The website appears to offer an API, customized download reports and more to interested parties in the hopes of generating big cash from making other people's torrenting activities public. I wonder how long it takes before some teenager commits suicide or similar because his school friends sent him a "trick URL" from this site that outed him/her as downloading gay porn or similar.

Submission + - An Open Source Hardware H.265 Video Encoder IP Core is Released by OpenASIC.org (openasic.org)

OpenASIC writes: H.265 Video Encoder IP Core is an open source hardware H.265 video encoder. The working group comes from State Key Lab of ASIC & System, Fudan University in China. Prof. Yibo Fan is running on this project, and he is the leader of VIP Lab (Video Image Processing Lab).

The Project Web Site is : www.openasic.org


HEVC/H.265 Main Profile
YUV 4:2:0
Bitdepth 8
4K@30fps, 400MHz
CU: 8x8~64x64
PU: 4x4~64x64
TU: 4x4/8x8/16x16/32x32
1/4 Sub-pixel
Search range 32
All 35 Intra prediction mode
Deblocking Filter
Rate control: CBR/VBR (Software)

About VIP LAB @ Fudan Univeristy

VIP Lab focus on high performance video codec, image signal processing, information security, and also the VLSI implementation of these technologies. Our target is to build next generation of multimedia circuit & system.

WebSite: http://soc.fudan.edu.cn/vip

DownLoad Code:


Submission + - Leaked files reveal scope of Israeli firm's phone cracking tech (zdnet.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this year, we were sent a series of large, encrypted files purportedly belonging to a US police department as a result of a leak at a law firm, which was insecurely synchronizing its backup systems across the internet without a password.

Among the files was a series of phone dumps created by the police department with specialist equipment, which was created by Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that provides phone-cracking technology.

We obtained a number of these so-called extraction reports. One of the more interesting reports by far was from an iPhone 5 running iOS 8. The phone's owner didn't use a passcode, meaning the phone was entirely unencrypted.

We're publishing some snippets from the report, with sensitive or identifiable information redacted.

Submission + - Google responds on skewed Holocaust search results

AmiMoJo writes: Google has said it is "thinking deeply" about ways to improve search, after criticism over how some results — including ones discussing the Holocaust — were ranked. Searching for "did the Holocaust happen?" returned a top result from white supremacist site Stormfront, that claimed it did not. "This is a really challenging problem, and something we're thinking deeply about in terms of how we can do a better job," said a Google spokesman. "Search is a reflection of the content that exists on the web. The fact that hate sites may appear in search results in no way means that Google endorses these views." Search Engine Land has some more detailed analysis suggesting that people are actively trying to influence search result rankings on controversial topics.

Comment Re: Cheaper than wind? (Score 1) 220

"Many will show that there is a limit to how much wind and solar can be added to the grid before problems arise, depending on who you ask this can be between 10% and

Denmark had an average of 42% of it's power from wind alone in 2015 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik... Notice how it actually increases with increased power usage, such that in the warmer summer months the percentage is down while in the winter it
has maxed out at over 100% of denmarks energy usage.

Submission + - SPAM: A COLD gas giant is detected - probably a Solar-like system.

RockDoctor writes: For 8 years now we've been used to a steady stream of discoveries of planets orbiting stars from the Kepler satellite, and a smaller stream of discoveries from high precision "radial velocity" surveys of selected stars. But both of these techniques are strongly biased to detecting large planets in close orbits around their star — which is decidedly not the configuration of the Solar System.

Another technique for detecting distant dark objects also returns a small number of planet detections. "Microlensing" surveys look for the effect of objects passing between Earth (well, telescope) and a distant star, when the intervening object effectively acts as a lens to focus light from the distant star towards the telescope for the period of the alignment. Individual events are unpredictable and rare — literally million-to-one events. So, if you look at a millions of stars at once (easily done by looking at the dense star clouds in the centre of our galaxy, or in the satellite galaxies of the Magellanic Clouds), and record the brightness of those millions of stars thousands of times each through years of observation (just the recording is non-trivial — you're looking at billions of data points), making sure that you assign the correct brightness datum to the correct star's record, then eventually you will discover sporadic brightening events. And some of those have the simple shape of flares on the star, but some have the complex shape of a transit of an object amplifying the light of the background star during it's temporary alignment with the telescope.

It sounds improbable, but these lensing events have been found repeatedly in the last few decades. And as data acquisition and database processing has improved, more objects are being seen, and more information extracted from those observations.

A paper this week on Arxiv (accepted for publication in MNRAS) anounces the recovery of the transit of a star and planet system which sounds much more like the Solar System then most of the thousands of candidates from Kepler. From the complex variation of the brightness during the transit, the star is most likely to be about 2200 parsecs (7200 light years) from Earth, has a mass of 0.62 times the mass of the Sun ; the planet is between 2 and 4 times the mass of Jupiter, and their separation between 3 an 5 AU (Jupiter is 5.2 AU from the Sun). Compared to the typical Kepler discovery, with a "hot Jupiter" orbiting at a small fraction of an AU from their star, this is a far more Solar-like system than most.

The question of "how many Earth-like planets are in the galaxy?" remains open, but steadily it is moving from the realms of unconstrained science fiction to a matter of statistics.

Follow-up observations are planned to search for the lensing star (and attendant planet) as it moves out from the glare of the background star. By that time there may be a more memorable name than "OGLE-2014-BLG-0676Lb"

Submission + - Hell freezes over, Microsoft launches Visual Studio for MacOS (theverge.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Well first it was the cubs winning the world series, then Donald Trump won the presidency, and now reported by multiple tech blogs Microsoft launches Visual Studio for MacOS. A skinned version of Xamarin Studio.

Comment Re: None of Linux's choice quotes? (Score 1) 110

So why isn't Darl running for president? I would vote for legalizing prostitution.

Because everyone on slashdot hates him!
Darl was the CEO of SCO. You should be old enough to remember the SCO vs IBM debacle (too old?).
One of his more amusing claims was that the GPL is unconstitutional because communists or something
like that, which led to Linus stating the above.

Submission + - Tor veteran Lucky Green exits, torpedos critical 'Tonga' node and relays (theregister.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: "Chap responsible for very early nodes says 'recent events' make it impossible to continue"[1]

18 Jul 2016 at 06:35, Richard Chirgwin

"It will therefore be left to others to speculate about whether or not Green's decision is the result of the turmoil in the project, which emerged when Jacob Applebaum exited amid accusations and recriminations, and continued with the project's board replacing itself."

[1] Full Article:

[1arc] Full Article (Archived):

"Lucky Green's message[2] to the community reads as follows:"

"Given recent events, it is no longer appropriate for me to materially contribute to the Tor Project either financially, as I have so generously throughout the years, nor by providing computing resources. This decision does not come lightly; I probably ran one of the first five nodes in the system and my involvement with Tor predates it being called "Tor" by many years.

Nonetheless, I feel that I have no reasonable choice left within the bounds of ethics, but to announce the discontinuation of all Tor-related services hosted on every system under my control.

Most notably, this includes the Tor node "Tonga", the "Bridge Authority", which I recognize is rather pivotal to the network

Tonga will be permanently shut down and all associated crytographic keys destroyed on 2016-08-31. This should give the Tor developers ample time to stand up a substitute. I will terminate the chron job we set up so many years ago at that time that copies over the descriptors.

In addition to Tonga, I will shut down a number of fast Tor relays, but the directory authorities should detect that shutdown quickly and no separate notice is needed here.

I wish the Tor Project nothing but the best moving forward through those difficult times."

[2] Tonga (Bridge Authority) Permanent Shutdown Notice:

[2arc] Tonga (Bridge Authority) Permanent Shutdown Notice (Archived):

Submission + - SPAM: How to access whatsapp on laptop

Democratic bloggers writes: In a very short period of time Whatsapp had a user of more than 1 billion and it become highly downloadable android app in quick time. It become the 5th most downloadable android app. Whatsapp brings so many changes and innovation from which one of the feature is that Whatsapp introduces Whatsapp web.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Ransomware Wreaks Havoc in the Cloud (lmgsecurity.com)

rye writes: Today, researchers at LMG Security released a video of the "Jigsaw" ransomware spreading across the "HackMe, Inc." corporate network in their "Play Lab," starting with the very first click on a phishing email, all the way to the encryption of HackMe, Inc's cloud repository. Watch as the ransomware spreads to the company's networked file share and OneDrive cloud repository. A perfectly creepy "Billy the Puppet" head pops up as the ransom note is printed in green letters across the desktop.

Want your colleagues or management to understand the true potential damage of ransomware? Just show them this video. Then, unplug your network cable, crawl under your desk and hide.

"What does it actually LOOK like when ransomware encrypts all the files on an employee workstation and then moves on to encrypt your company’s file share, and even cloud-based documents?"

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