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Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1) 120

Imagine if they'd spent the last decade making Gnome better, refining it, finding the annoying details, instead of spinning in circles. It would be the best desktop out there right now.

It would be the best desktop out there because they all spent the last decade spinning in circles. GNOME wasn't the only one.

Comment Re:"Signature Edition" ironically pushes me to Mac (Score 2) 467

I have been a big fan/proponent/promoter/user of Lenovo laptops for years. They're rugged and reliable and does what I need them for - I'm writing this on a T510 running Ubuntu 15.04

The T series might be fine, but the G series are complete and udder garbage. The case simply disintegrated on my wife's. Be warned!

Comment Re:Barometer? (Score 1) 248

However, despite Apple's claims, no barometer can tell if you are climbing a flight of stairs

You are mistaken, modern barometers are phenomenally good. They've got a noise level below 10 cm. Take for example the LPS25H. I've got no affiliation with STM, but I like their chips and find their accelerometers good quality, reliable and easy to use.

The hurricane depression thing is slow moving, climbing stairs takes only minutes, so it can tell.

I'm sure the hardware accuracy is very good. However, my concern is with environmental noise factors that could trick the hardware. Tropical depressions aren't the only thing that can trick it.

Basically the are only useful if they are combined with some very good algorithms to account for inaccuracies caused by the environment.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

Having a barometer built into a phone is more useful than you would think, especially when measuring elevation changes.

I've worked with barometers in embedded devices in the past. They're shitty at measuring all but the largest elevation changes. There are many environmental factors that could trick the device into thinking the elevation has changed. Ever go into a building and hear air rushing past the doors? That's because there is a pressure differential between the inside and outside of the building. Just walking inside could make the phone think it has changed altitude by several hundred feet.

Comment Re:Barometer? (Score 1) 248

Why on Odin's green earth would a telephone need a barometer? Does it also have a temperature probe, and wind and rain gauges? A telephone should have an earpiece and a mouthpiece and precious little else.

A barometer is typically used as an altimeter. I assume they plan to use it to supplement GPS.

However, despite Apple's claims, no barometer can tell if you are climbing a flight of stairs. This is because there are too many environmental noise factors that could produce the same effect. For example, turning on the vent hood in your kitchen could trick the sensor into thinking you increased your altitude by over 100 feet.

I've worked with barometers in embedded devices in the past. I once had a device in central Ohio think it was above 2500 ft in altitude due to the remaining tropical depression from Hurricane Sandy.

Comment Re:Shouldn't customers get 40% of their money back (Score 1) 120

Although I suspect that Samsung will argue that this just that Galaxy 7s will only burn 60% as hot as they would normally.

This is what is known as a Interim Containment Action (ICA). It's merely to prevent more fires before the phones are replaced. A recall has already ordered, and anyone that owns one of these phones can return them for a full refund.

Comment Re:Street Traffic (Score 1) 395

Have you ever wondered how Google Maps has near-real-time display of traffic maps on surface streets that don't have monitoring equipment set up by the DOT? *THIS* is exactly how they do it.

True. Google has been doing this since the beginning of Android. I think the complaint is that the location services subsystem has become integrated with Google Play. In the past, you used to be able to turn off location services and your phone worked fine. Not anymore.

Basically Google Play has become the Systemd of Android. It's been that way for a while now (since Lollipop?). Someone finally realized this and is mad about it.

Personally, my complaint is the new software strategy kills performance. That's why my Nexus is still on Kit Kat.

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