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Comment Re:Clearly we have too much land and too few starv (Score 1) 351

So let me see if I understand the sheer genius of this move: we're going to be legislated into reducing millions of acres of food crops while millions the world over are starving, reduce those millions of food acres to fuel additives and then burn them to increase greenhouse gasses. Brilliant!

There is no global food shortage, otherwise everyone would be farming to strike it rich. Most of the world's poor are farmers that aren't competitive. Giving away free food only means their crops are even more worthless. Driving up the price of food means they stand a greater chance of making a profit.

Now this doesn't help the non-agrarian poor, but flooding the market with cheap food doesn't help people with zero money. They need an opportunity to earn a living.

If you want to give something away, give away opportunity. Give away education, or an interest free loan to an entrepreneur. The ancient proverb was on to something. "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Comment Re:Cost? (Score 1) 191

Don't forget the shipping cost of those 300 gallons of diesel per day, the maintenance and parts required for the generators, etc.

300 gallons of diesel per day isn't very much. That's about the fuel consumption of two semi trucks. Maybe 300kW by my math. Assuming 3kw per house, that's 100 houses. Makes sense since TFA says there are only 600 residents.

When I went to the Saint Thomas, they had two EMD 645 engines sitting near the dock. The two of those could likely burn through 300 gallons of diesel in an hour.

Gotta start somewhere...

Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 1321

Why does the US continue to try to make voting as difficult and complex as possible? Is it really the end goal of the US government to prevent people from voting?

The Republican party tries to make it more difficult for people to vote in the US. It statistically makes it easier for them to win elections.

Comment Re:Yes He Can (Score 1) 534

The reasons that Obama won't pardon Snowden are two: First, he doesn't want to. Second, it would beg the question of pardoning Hillary Clinton.

Pardoning Hillary Clinton is a separate issue. "...A pardon carries an imputation of guilt and that acceptance carries an imputation of guilt." If Clinton ever wants to hold a political office again, she cannot accept a pardon. It's really her decision.

That's not an issue for Snowdon. He's owned up to what he has done.

Comment Re:You get what you pay for (Score 1) 624

The problems is free news. Or more correctly, people not wanting to pay for news.

When most "new organizations" rip the articles off the AP or Reuters feed, it's hard to justify paying them. The few that do actual journalism might be able to make a sale. The trick is, they have to provide consistently better coverage than the wire services.

Comment No One Knows! (Score 1) 244

The problem is, the candidates have spent so much time insulting each other and laying blame prior to this election, they never got around to creating a platform. No one knows what President Trump is going to do. That's what makes people so scared.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 109

We hear up to about 20 kHz - ultrasound is above that. To avoid wasting bandwith, nobody sample above 20kHz.

CD audio quality is defined as a sampling rate of 44.1kHz. That Nyquist frequency solves for a reproduceable sound of 22.05kHz. That would provide a very narrow band at which humans wouldn't be able to hear. Furthermore, most audio compression algorithms currently in use filter out sounds that aren't audible to humans even further.

I'm calling this story bogus.

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