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Comment Re:Not so fast. (Score 1) 62

Actually, lets.

It is perfectly legal for me to repair my own brakes or steering. People have done so for decades even though a failure while driving could be very bad. The upshot is simple, if you're going to work on safety critical parts of your car, you'll want to make sure you know what you're doing. If you screw up, you might face significant liability.

Comment Re:DMCA is a federal law (Score 1) 62

He did that because he HAD to. Otherwise, he starts a small scale war where the state then makes most activities that might support enforcing the federal law illegal. Next thing you know, there are DEA agents sitting in jail while it all winds it's way slowly through the courts. Worst case (for the president), the legitimacy of invoking interstate commerce to permit the federal laws to exist ends up in court with an opponent that can actually afford to fight it.

Comment Re:Just a warmup for the PTP (Score 1) 11

The only good that can become of a Trump presidency is that it may destroy the Republican party.

I was telling myself that for a while; and then realized that it was just something I was telling myself to make me feel better. Trump couldn't destroy that party if that was his initial intent; they will happily swing their beliefs to whatever set brings them the most power. If he suddenly declared himself a Scietologist tomorrow, they would say that was the greatest philosophy they'd ever heard of. As it is I expect we'll see them distributing copies of "the art of the deal" at their next convention.

There were times that I wondered if Trump actually was setting out to covertly make the GOP look ridiculous, then I realized that is not something he is capable of in any manner.

Comment Not good enough! (Score 3, Funny) 169

I want him to roll in the additions from Cilk++, Aspect-Oriented C++ and FeatureC++, the mobility and personalisation capabilities of Occam Pi, the networking extensions provided by rtnet and GridRPC, full encryption and error correction code facilities, everything in Boost, and a pointless subset of features from PL/1.

If you're going to do it all, might as well do it in style.

Seriously, though, Aspects would be nice.

Comment but wait; there are markings (Score 1) 125

The abos are not so innocent as the liberals want to portray them after all.

Here's the thing: the upside of inventing a writing system is world domination; the downside is finally having to admit in public that you are a real ass (and always have been).

In the above, "you" is a set of nesting dolls, innermost being the fifty-year-old white male technocrats of western European origin who treat Wikipedia as their private, personal playgrounds (thence to aging white European males, white European males, white males, whites altogether, etc.)

Here's the second thing: after a society invents writing, soon the society has written myths (with serious legacy entrenchment) that innocence preceded the current sad state of affairs (how-far-I-have-fallen porn, not that the larger consequences can't be remedied by kneeling under the right cumulus cloud for a thoroughly abject sixty seconds).

Society will re-invent writing over and over again (movable type, Movable Type) before the reversal of true illumination makes the least headway: that the human asshole apogee was attained circa the advent of the original edged weapon.

As far as the abos go, they all need to repeat to themselves "there but for the grace of God go I", unless they think their ancestors truly enlightened enough to not have had even the most remote possibility of inventing any form of written record, whatsoever (best if you're not much past the wreathie leafy loin cloth, because any loose thread threatens to quipu a long record, and then immediately you're on the outie asshole train along with every other post-prehistoric posse of mugs, pugs, and thugs).

Comment Re:Important milestone (Score 1, Flamebait) 142

Google's AI is literally leaps-and-bounds ahead of the game in that respect as the search space is so much unbelievably huger than chess that chess is laughable in comparison.

Most people are too nice to point this out, but what you just wrote here amounts to waving a bright red "I'm an idiot" flag.

Consider this: the search space of Go 25x25 is so much unbelievably huger than Go 19x19 that Go 19x19 is laughable in comparison.

But wait, I'm not done.

Consider this: the search space of Go 37x37 is so much unbelievably huger than Go 25x25 that Go 25x25 is laughable in comparison.

Just two strides, and I'm already breaking into a Cantor.

Consider this: the search space of AES 512 is so much unbelievably huger than AES 256 that AES 256 is laughable in comparison.

Are you still laughing?

Check out Game complexity. By your chosen criteria, Connect6 19x19 two decimal orders of magnitude more manly than mere Go.

Really? That's the standard you judge by?

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 11

I've suspected for some time that the US has been hurtling towards final fragmentation into independent nations. I was all but convinced we would be going down that path - perhaps violently - if Hillary won the white house. Honestly if she had won (nevermind that of course she did win the election) we probably would already see either secession proposals from Texas and Alaska or the very open build-up of armed "militia" groups. The GOP is too much in love with Trump to realize they just appointed a fascist idiot as their leader however, and the democrats don't - as political party of elected officials - have the spine to do the same. Only if actual people start rising up will we see a change, but it seems that we have gone too far now to make it very likely that we can save this country.

It is probably time to think about where our nuclear weapons are located - geographically - to get a sense of how to fracture the country into new nations in a way that the fewest number possible end up in the hands of future fascist idiots.

Comment Definition Request (Score 1) 2

I'll admit I am not a part of the larger LGBTQ community, so I am missing something here.

Can you please tell me what a "straight transsexual" would be? When you use the term

straight transsexual women

(which you mentioned in the context of a "repressed gay man") does that mean someone who is born male, identifies female, and then as a female has sex with males? I just want to make sure I know what is being discussed. I don't dispute the legitimacy of the label I just want to understand what it means.

I once had a grad student (who I guess would qualify as a Q-female) try to explain all these to me and I was left somewhat puzzled. All I understood in the end was that she was describing one particular event that was upcoming at the time (has since passed years ago) where I - as a "cis-male" - was about the only person not welcomed in the crowd.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 11

There is no spite here. This is about preventing the end of our democracy and perhaps the end of democracy worldwide. We have just inaugurated not only an arrogant ignorant dickwad who is less informed than a typical high school senior of the workings of our high school government, but we have done so at a time when the world needs logical and intelligent leadership.

We have failed the world

And it would be one thing if the US were a smaller player on the world stage. Regardless of your take on what "American Exceptionalism" means - and whether or not it matters - the US still has one of the largest nuclear arsenals anywhere and now we have an angry orangutan sitting at the button. This would be a small mistake if we were a small country without these weapons at our disposal but we are not. Even once he sinks our economy we will still have our weapons and his temper.

And once his administration collapses in a giant inferno we are then stuck with either President Pence or President Ryan - both of which are terrible realities. Being as Trump gets to appoint the head of the CIA we'll have a hard time expecting them to take care of this for us.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 11

I can not imagine a reason to wish him success. As far as I am concerned he is a terrible human being. As I already stated pretty well his entire life is one giant lie after another. It is nearly impossible to imagine a scenario where his success could possibly be good for me, and I can imagine many scenarios where his success would be terrible for me. I am hoping that he quickly gets exposed as being part of a giant administration-ending scandal, and hopefully it includes both Pence and Ryan as well so we can sweep them all out early as they are - as hard as it is to imagine - even worse.

I think one thing this has really confirmed is that indeed there is no God. I cannot imagine why any "benevolent higher power" would want to allow this to happen to his "Creation".

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