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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why is Windows 10 LAN shares so *#$@ed up? 3

An anonymous reader writes: All I want to do is share a single folder on my LAN. No passwords, no freaking authentication, no nothing. Everything's set to where it should work. I can find Linux shares just fine from Windows, but trying to get to a Windows share from Linux is increasing my French vocabulary. Yeah, I've done this and that already until I'm red in the face. Always the "please enter your credentials" popup asking for a username and password for a share that is not supposed to have one. It was working just fine until an update did something. Even my printer share is not working now. I've read about 2 dozen web pages all about the same unresolved problem.

Submission + - FCC chairman, Justice Department sign off on Charter's takeover of Time Warner C (

jriding writes: "If the conditions are approved by my colleagues, an additional 2 million customer locations will have access to a high-speed connection," Wheeler said in his statement. "At least 1 million of those connections will be in competition with another high-speed broadband provider in the market served, bringing innovation and new choices for consumers, and demonstrate the viability of one broadband provider overbuilding another."


Submission + - Largest US Insurance Company to Leave Obamacare (

FlyHelicopters writes: "UnitedHealthcare, the biggest health insurer in the United States, said Tuesday that it plans to exit most of the Affordable Care Act state exchanges where it currently operates by 2017.

And according to estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation, it could mean higher insurance premiums in several states — most notably Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina.

UnitedHealth rivals Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) are merging. So are Cigna (CI) and Anthem (ANTM). That means that the industry could be about to go from five big players to only three."

User Journal

Journal Journal: HOWTO safe rm in Linux 1

--HOWTO safe rm on Linux (at least):

- Interactive:
o Use Midnight Commander. Works from a text terminal, no GUI needed.
Insert to mark files/dirs, F8 to delete. Never had a misfire, even as root.

- Script (for the paranoid, and want a log):
IF you have a known dir " destdir=/tmp/blah " with a subdir " /tmp/blah/1 "
$ cd $destdir && cd 1 && cd .. && rm -rv 1/* |tee /tmp/rm.txt

Comment What I'm not seeing in the Slashdot echo chamber.. (Score 1) 460

--HOWTO safe rm on Linux (at least):

- Interactive:
o Use Midnight Commander. Works from a text terminal, no GUI needed.
Insert to mark files/dirs, F8 to delete. Never had a misfire, even as root.

- Script (for the paranoid, and want a log):
IF you have a known dir " destdir=/tmp/blah " with a subdir " /tmp/blah/1 "
$ cd $destdir && cd 1 && cd .. && rm -rv 1/* |tee /tmp/rm.txt

- REALLY safe rm, with find:
# find multiple (known) names of files > 40 days old in a given directory and delete them
cd $pathh && \
    find $pathh/* \( -name "bkp*gz" -o -name "bkp*bz2" -name "bkp*lzop" -o -name "flist*" \) -type f -mtime +40 -exec /bin/rm -v {} \;

--If you need to delete multiple levels of subdirectories, or dotfiles -- do it interactively, and use MC.

Comment Re:Old Saying (Score 1) 460

--You do know you can override the alias by calling the path+exec?

$ alias hostname
alias hostname='hostname | cut -d '\''.'\'' -f 1'

$ hostname # calls the alias

$ /bin/hostname # calls the exec direct

--Plus, bonus:

$ for i in .profile .bash_profile .bashrc /etc/profile /etc/bashrc; do echo $i; grep 'rm -i' $i; done
$ grep -R 'rm -i' /etc/bash/*

> Command-line tools that ask for confirmation suck for scripting. Especially if those prompts only occur under specific conditions (such as confirm overwrite).

--Agreed, but you can usually get around those by ' echo y| annoyingscript ', unless you have sudo in the mix... Then you might have to (shudder) use parenthesis or something ;-)

Submission + - Canonical Brings Snaps to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop and Server

prisoninmate writes: It's not the first time we here Canonical planning this major change for Ubuntu Linux, but now it's official. Starting with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), due for release on April 21, 2016, users will finally be able to install various applications and packages via snaps. If you're wondering what the big fuss is all about, we can tell you that the implementation of snaps in Ubuntu Linux, which will coexist with the standard Debian packages, will finally let users install newer software versions, as soon as they're released upstream, but only if there are developers willing to create these snaps for Ubuntu. The best part of a snap package is that it can be installed as some sort of container on top of your Ubuntu operating system, and won't have any impact on the rest of the installed applications and libraries. In the same way, you can also bring a certain package to Ubuntu that is required by a newer software version. Canonical promises to work closely with the Ubuntu community and third-party developers to support them in migrating their existing apps to the new format, which might become the default sometime in the long distant future.

Comment Re:choices are too many and change quickly (Score 1) 565

--Caveat: ' convert ' requires the " imagemagick " package to be installed; which admittedly most desktop/multimedia-oriented distros provide with the default install these days... ;-)

--Still a perfectly good commandline solution tho. To folks like me and thee, arguably SIMPLER than using a GUI frontend for it. But some folks aren't commandline-oriented, unforch. Blasted kids, probably grew up with Win XP instead of DOS...

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 1) 565

> Also, I have an old laptop that is still fully functional. Sad thing is, I have to rely on distros from Jurrassic Park that are no longer maintained. So I am stuck with outdated and buggy components. Any attempt to update causes the laptop to no longer boot spitting out useless error messages.

--This is an honest attempt to help; can you post the laptop make/manufacturer and specs? Feel free to email me, just put your Slashdot username in the subject with the details.

--If you can get System Rescue CD or Knoppix to boot on your laptop, that is a good start...

--I have some experience with getting older laptops working well with Linux. I have a single-cpu 32-bit Dell with 1GB RAM and a 100GB HD running fine, and also just finished getting an old Vista-era Dell laptop with 1xCPU ((64-bit)) with 2GB RAM running a ZFS 2x500GB external SATA RAID1 mirror with an SMB share.

--BTW, as long as your CPU is 64-bit, getting getting ZFS+Samba working is not hard. You may have better luck with straight Xubuntu 14.04-LTS.

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