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Comment Re: Just like trying to ban guns (Score 3, Informative) 446

The use of phrases is called a code. That is a very simple verbal form of a cipher. Read up on the basics of codes and ciphers and you have a lot of the basic information you need on encryption.

The other process you are describing is also well known, it's called "steganography". There are already algorithms written to not only encode data that way, but also to detect patterns of encoded data in an image. Read up on "stegbreak".

Comment DLNA/UPnP? (Score 4, Interesting) 204

Hi, great program! Thank you - longtime user here. Any plans to support streaming to ("fling to") players using DLNA or UPnP?

Many devices like WDTV, FireStick/Kodi, etc. support this protocol, and I can control them very easily from a media "player" PC. I prefer the PC's user interface over the crummy remote control UI's of the playing device(s).

Comment Re:Which KB fixes this? (Score 3, Informative) 29

Did a little more research; MS-16-014 addresses the fix, and the KB's resulting from it are KB3126587 and KB3126593.

However, oddly, they are not included in the "SP2" roll-up released on 5/12/2016. Weird. I tried to find out if those two KB's were replaced by something newer and I haven't been able to turn up anything.

I did find a couple of articles about the KB's causing some errors and failing to install on some systems, usually caused by a lack of an earlier update that they apparently are dependent upon.

Comment Which KB fixes this? (Score 1) 29

I read the article and the researcher's PDF and neither really points out which "February Fix" MS released that addresses this particular bug. Anyone know which one, specifically?

I have all Windows Updates turned off normally, so they can't pull a drive-by WinX install on me, but I would sideload this one KB if it was really worthwhile.

Comment Re:Lack of competition fallacy (Score 2) 182

That was what "net neutrality" was supposed to accomplish. Yet, every day since then the motherfuckers have been trying more and more shitty tricks to do an end-run around the new laws or get them overturned.

Some actual ENFORCEMENT of the law might give those assholes pause when they try thinking of their next trick to screw the consumers harder and deeper.

Comment Re:if you think Hitlary will be any different... (Score 4, Interesting) 531

From the 1930's to about the 1950's or so, most normal people idolized the cream of the intelligentsia, Albert Einstein was quite the celebrity in his day, even among common folk. Werner Von Braun and the Rocket Kids of the 1950's-1960's were probably the last of the scientists regular people looked up to.

Comment Re:because it's universal (Score 2) 536

FWIW, IBM actually PUBLISHED the SOURCE CODE for their IBM PC BIOS in an actual book!

Among the service documentation you could buy for the model 5150 was an IBM blue binder manual that had actual scans of MX-80 printouts of the BIOS in 7-dot matrix
print as well as the actual schematics of everything in the 5150 except the Power Supply, which they bought OEM from Astec at the time.

You had to buy the SAMS 3rd-party manual for the PC if you wanted power supply schematics.

Comment REAL caller ID (Score 4, Informative) 120

Just a non-fucking-spoofable caller ID would go a long way to fixing this, the assholes couldn't hide behind spoofed numbers and would be thus made easily reportable to authorities.

As soon as I heard that caller ID was FUCKING USER MODIFIABLE, I realized it was an absolutely worthless "feature".

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