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Comment Re:Does it bundle.. (Score 1) 159

Of the four mentioned, the first one adds SURT functionality to the dism command line, and the other three are just CEIP and UAC telemetry. I would avoid the telemetry patches, personally, but the SURT patch is actually pretty useful; instead of having to re-download a 500k update every time I want to fix a broken Update database, or go find the .msu file on my drive and re-install it, I can just type "dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth", and it runs SURT using the saved .cabs from the first download/run of the update.

Comment Re:I'd really like original van Gogh's too (Score 1) 438

reply#2: But I was commenting on the value of the content, not on the cost (in risk) of getting it. I was trying to convey how much more valuable one's personal time is than anything else in life, really. Whether you pay for it or not, the content we watch is seldom worth the opportunity cost of the time we give up to watch it. And yet we habitually choose to use large portions of our waking life staring at lights on a piece of glass instead of going out and actually living.

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