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Submission + - Chinese boy sells kidney for iPad2 (minyanville.com)

aquabat writes: According to Shanghai Daily, the fanboy from the Anhui Province desperately wanted to buy Apple's flagship tablet but didn't have enough cash. Rather than waiting to save up the money for the Apple product when it invariably gets marked down, the lad decided to sell one of his kidneys for 22,000 yuan (roughly $3,400) so he could afford one. But, surprisingly, the scenario in which the organ was harvested wasn't in the best of conditions, and the boy isn't feeling very well.
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Submission + - What happens to a GPL work when copyrights expire? 4

aquabat writes: Many software projects are composed of code written by several different authors. If the various authors hold the copyright to their respective parts of the code, then it seems to me that the copyright on those parts will expire at different times. If the code is licensed under the GPL, then how does this partial expiry of copyright protection affect the rights and responsibilities of project users, distributors and contributors?

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