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Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 2) 142

As I recall, the ledger that was leaked also included a salary for Peters, which is a big no-no in these cases, and probably the thing that pushed CBS over the line -- well, that and financing a studio to make more productions. He wasn't taking a huge a cut, I think it was in the $30k region, but it definitely made the Axanar project more than a not-for-profit fan film.

Comment Won't Be Star Trek (Score 2) 142

The only thing I can read from this is that in order to meet CBS/Viacom/Paramount requirements, it can't retain any of the Star Trek elements we'd like to see. In which case, it will be just another space combat short with no connection to any greater framework that makes it have relevance. Peters' bluster has not only ruined his Axanar project that would have brought an interesting bit of Trek 'history' to light, but it has ruined the chances of any other fan film becoming a serious production worthy of consideration, thanks to those stringent guidelines CBS understandably developed.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 2) 1476

Oh, it works, if my discussions with friends who voted for Hillary are any measure. Every last one of them conceded Hillary's weaknesses, but insisted she was a better pick than misogynistic, homophobic, racist Trump. And I can't really blame them for that opinion based on how much the media drilled that impression in. But while I agree that there are people who voted for the Great Pumpkin specifically because of the exaggerated and hysterical rhetoric used by the media, I think Hillary's defeat primarily came from her campaign's smugness about victory. The final weeks before the election, the message was consistently "Hillary's got this one, and Trump doesn't stand a chance." What hubris! What stupidity! That basically told all her supporters that it wasn't critical they get out and vote, while telling Trump's just how desperate the situation was.

But then, Hillary's campaign was a series of mismanaged debacles.

Submission + - Mapping the brain functions of extinct animals

brindafella writes: How can scientists map the brain functions of an extinct animal? The technique is called diffusion tensor imaging, and it has recently mapped the preserved brains of two thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), extinct as of 1936 in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. Thylacine were the largest known carnivorous marsupial (pouched mammal) of modern times. Diffusion tensor imaging looks at how water diffuses inside parts of the brain. Using it with traditional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the researchers mapped how molecules moved through the brain of the thylacine while it was alive to reveal the neural wiring of different brain regions. They tested the technique with a brain of a similar animal, a Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii), preserved at about the same time, and the brain of a recently deceased Devil.

Comment Re:NSA is part of "big government" after all (Score 1) 179

Crap. I have to burn this because I accidentally moderated you as insightful. You're right that big government is a failure. But Trump isn't going to do a blessed thing to downsize anything. That man's as much a totalitarian as Hillary and neither should have gotten as far as they have already. Twenty years ago, the scandals and missteps by both of them would have ruined their campaigns. Hell, Howard Dean torpedoed his run with a single howl only 12 years ago!

Comment Re:Writers decide who a character is (Score 1) 354

Really? In the Star Trek episode, "The Enemy Within", the writers wanted Spock to sneak up behind the evil Kirk and knock him out with a punch. Nimoy, the actor who played Spock, thought this was too violent for such a thoughtful character, and he and Shatner worked out an alternate idea that they then demonstrated to Gene Roddenberry. This was the creation of the famous "Vulcan Neck Pinch." In a later episode, there was a need for a Vulcan greeting. Once again, Nimoy came up with the solution, calling upon his own experiences in a synagogue when he was a kid. The actors bring a lot more to their characters than just playing their parts.

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