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Comment Re:Two glasses of wine per day would wreck me (Score 1) 104

This is why most of these studies say it's OK to have the two drinks; but they also say you shouldn't start drinking if you aren't already.

I think we are just at the brink of finally getting past statistical medicine and in to something much better. Statistical medicine is like Newtonian physics. It serves you well up to a point. To really do advanced things, we need to get beyond it and get to an understanding based on each individual's genetic makeup and environment.

It's only recently that they acknowledged the basics, such as Ambien effecting women differently than men!

Anyway, the mechanisms going on in your body might be such that you can't drink. You might be part of a large, but distinct minority. In a world that's moved beyond statistical medicine, the studies will say things like "Men over 40 with Gen profile signatures X2, N353, and G872 should not drink. Women over 50 with the same signatures should have one per day".

Comment Re:Holy Blinking Cursor, Batman! (Score 3, Insightful) 122

Yeah, my old Commodore 64 had a blinking cursor, and it somehow managed that remarkable feat with an 8-bit 6510 CPU running at 1MHz!!!

Behold the power of Javascript! It gives a modern PC with 8-16 GHz of total CPU ... less actualy processing power than a Commodore 64.

Well done JS engine guys. Well done.

Comment Re:Here's the actual problem, (Score 1) 185

First off, whatever label used will eventually be a slur or co-opted. Welcome to the treadmill. Language sucks. If you're trying to steer it though, you should at least offer your preferred alternative. The alt-right / right / conservatives / republicans have it just as bad.

Second, I'm not sure you should jump to the conclusion that any idiotic statement on our side of the fence must be some false-flag trolling operation. Both camps are HUGE and we both have our fair share of idiots. Unless we call them out and self-police a little, then the idiots will flock to us and we'll be as bad as those TEA partiers. Some people will simply fight anything and everything suggested by Trump. And that's dangerous. ISIS is really deplorable. They should not be defended even tangentially.

Really, it ought to be:

First they came for the muslims, and you agreed because they look like ISIS. Next they will come for you, and all your bootlicking nazi buddies will turn against you.

This issue here though? With the visas for those from "ISIS controlled territory"? For the uninformed, that's fancy-talk for "Syrian refugees". And of course those people should be investigated. The newsworthy bit is that it calls out social media. Like what the hell is a "social media check"? If someone's friend posts to their cat-picture-post on facebook with "durka muhamed jihad", and a search tool hits that, is that it? Check failed? Entry denied?

Comment Re:Amazon isn't moving (Score 1) 74

These aren't taxes on activities that happened in America. If they decided to incorporate in e.g. the Caymans, they'd still owe US tax on US activities, just like today, but they wouldn't owe US tax on stuff made, shipped, and consumed in Europe, like they do today.

It's the tax system that's fucked up here.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 219

The GOP establishment is not conservative. Hasn't been for 20 years. The Dem establishment isn't liberal. Hasn't been for 20 years. They're two faces of the same party, who's only agenda is protecting the financial interest of their donors.

But I take it that's not news to you, so your question seems odd.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 185

You are assuming said screening involves you giving up your passwords for your accounts. If you are a US citizen they cannot do that legally. Of course they will look to see who has posted against Trump and harass them for a good long time before finally letting them back in.

Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 230

Sarkeesian's problem isn't that she makes "mistakes", it's that her videos are hours upon hours of self-righteous indignation

Ah spot the weasel!

First you claimed dishonesty, which you failed to prove or even give a convincing argument for. Now you've moved the goalposts and without ever withdrawing or backing up your accusation, you've moved smoothly on to another one.

IOW, you're the dishonest one.

Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 230

Yes, and the terms "sexist" (prejudice or stereotyping based on sex) and "bigot" (intolerance towards those holding different opinions) clearly apply to Sarkeesian, regardless of whether you agree with her politics.

Citation needed.

And don't go citing some randos blog. Actually point to a place in the video, or if you prefer, text transcript proving your point.

I suspect she actually does,

Suspect based on what? Nothing except the fact you don't like Anita Sarkeesian.

In any case, your sarcasm meter is broken.

I don't think you know what "sarcasm" means either.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 153

So you're saying that if I don't like your opinion I should go somewhere else.

Bro, do you even read?

I said, if you don't like this website (tag line: news for nerds, stuff that matters) when it has an article which (a) is of interest nerds and (b) matters, then perhaps you should consider visiting a different website, one more aligned with your interests perhaps.

I don't really care if you like my opinion. All things considered, I think I'd feel better if you disliked it.

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