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Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 244

While there was certainly some lying to kids going on here, it was no secret that you won't get a job with a Grievance Studies degree. People who chose a worthless degree to pursue did indeed bring their problems on themselves.

For the rest, it will keep getting worse until the Tuition Bubble pops. With a STEM degree there will be a job eventually, but college debt has gotten out of hand.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1135

... You took a sentence mid-way through the wiki article that kinda-sorta jived with what's in your head. That specific sentence was actually talking about how capital is a stock. Kind of like the stock market, but actually talking about Stock and Flow. Jesus, if you want to throw quotation marks around anything from that page how about the one defining it right smack at the top:

In economics, capital goods, real capital, or capital assets are already-produced durable goods or any non-financial asset that is used in production of goods or services.[1]

But let's beat up your idea about how capital, since it can have it's value estimated at a point in time, somehow means that capital and money are interchangeable.

The value of Trump's NAME can be estimated at a point in time. Sure it's not an accurate estimate, but then again that's built into the definition of estimate.

Let's talk about two companies. One has a lot of capital, like it owns a tunnel boring machine worth a million bucks. Another company has a lot of money. Let's say a million bucks, and nothing else. It's just an account with a number in it. Unfortunately for the first company, it's machine is currently located in the middle of the Amazon where there are no tunnels that need boring. Do you think these two companies are equal? Since capital and money are fungible concepts and can be used interchangeably? What do you think these companies are going to do with their capital? Do you think the SEC would question someone trying to trade that first company for the second? I mean, they're both worth a million dollars, what's the difference?

Sigh, and financial capital IS a form of capital. Set, met subset. It's not that hard of a concept. Seriously, don't nitpick me when you're wrong.

Comment Re:More useful than current (Score 1) 78

I meant ownership model as AC pointed out.

I can't answer in depth since I haven't looked at Rust's memory model in depth yet but the things I've seen so far sort of reminded me of linear type systems and their ilk, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was very few new ideas in it, if any.

Yeah, that's the right direction. But nothing new is rather unfair. There's a difference between type theory and a practical, fast language with those types in it.

Comment Fake, non-credible, rumors (Score 1, Insightful) 58

...The local government feared that if news outlets were to report using signals coming from social media, there was a chance that fake, non-credible, and rumors would slip through the filter. It was absurd, to say the least...

Was it? Not trying to support censorship of any kind, especially the kind that China practices, but "social media" is well known to spew "fake, non-credible, rumors..."

Comment Re:Fascinating. All of TWO relevant languages (Score 1) 78

The world is moving away. It's slow, and not going to move completely away for a loooong time, but C used to be the #1 king of the hill. It's now relegated to niches, albeit large ones. You can almost certainly avoid learning anything new until you retire, but nonetheless that does not make you superior for only using C.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 102

Every time I go to London, I see a couple of dozen burka clad people a day - consider the population of London and the fact that in one day I interact with a tiny proportion of that populace and still see burkas on a regular basis and it has to be fairly "common" in London...

Two different standards there: you see burkas yet interact with some people. How many people do you see vs how many burkas do you see? Not how many people do you interact with versus how many burkas do you see.

Comment Re:More useful than current (Score 1) 78

but languages are just rehashes of the same ideas

So... which existing language is Rust's memory model a rehash of?

there is nothing done in new languages that can't be done in others

That's only true in the fully qualified version:

there is nothing done in new languages that can't be done in others given unlimited time to implement.

Once you admit that limited resources exist, then yes, there's plenty we can do in new languages that we can't do in old one.

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