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Comment Re: what about not giving a printer an public IP (Score 1) 58

FTP and TELNET are worse than HTTP because the latter is a transport layer only. All auth is accomplished through HTTPS. This is the equivalent of the industry standard of using SFTP and SSH. Nobody with a clue claims that there aren't open vulnerabilities in the protocols. Cleartext password exchange not a problem? Are you fscking kidding me?

Comment Re:Fake News? (Score 1) 658

> Right, so nothing they say can possibly be true

I did not say that and that's not the point.

> This is exactly the issue that causes Fake news.

No, it is not and I don't think you understand the nature of the problem with Fake news. Believing every news source to be equal is the problem.

> You choose to believe something based on who says it

Tech Dirt has the journalistic integrity of Facebook, I don't need to "check it out" to treat it as such.

Comment Honest question: (Score 1) 60

Would there be any way to make Google itself update the Android installed on a smartphone without the need of support from the smartphone manufacturer? Maybe put an intermediate layer between the hardware and the operating system to deal with the drivers specific to each model? Or change the Android kernel so that it somehow identifies the available hardware and then downloads or compiles the necessary drivers? Because depending on the manufacturer of the equipment has became clearly wrong since the manufacturer no longer have the slightest interest in updating the installed software after the device leaves the store.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 346

Your hypothesis:

Actually my hypothesis is that you're pretty dim. Reality matches.

Reality: Fairly progressive website (/.) scored my comment +5 insightful.

So, you agree with every +5 post out there! This should be interesting.

I notice you still haven't provided any evidence for your original claim beyond a few upmods.

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