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Comment Re:that's great and all... (Score 1) 15


It was dead the moment Oracle ate Sun -- it wasn't even their primary target, merely collateral damage in their plan to kill MySQL.

Unrelated: you really should check your keyboard, either your Caps Lock or Shift is stuck. If you can't fix that immediately, try stty iuclc although this helps on terminals only (although elinks is an option). If you did that intentionally, please at least use small caps: apt install tran; echo "But what about Solaris?"|tran smallcaps; that's way less rude. As the Great Runes are dead in England since 11th century, last computer terminals since late 1970s, there's no reason to use them.

Comment Re:First and most important question (Score 1) 68

Will we be able to disable/uninstall it?

No, but it will be able to uninstall ebooks you own. Although, as usual, this innovation has been copied by Microsoft from others, in this case, from Amazon dropping YOUR copies of "1984" down the memory hole.

And when a book becomes only partially ungood, the technology will kindly destroy and replace the copy your own, instead of ordering you to cut out a page from your Great Soviet Encyclopedia and mailing a replacement sheet you're supposed to glue in, with random visits to the encyclopedia's subscribers to check compliance (Orwell wasn't the one to invent this either).

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 136

Ah right Unicode...

Don't worry. One of these days /. will catch up and you'll be able to use it. Of course that will probably happen just before the sun consumes the earth, but it'll happen.

Oh you sweet summer child... that's only 7.6 billion years from now! How can you dream of Slashdot moving that fast?

More seriously, Slashcode supports Unicode since forever, it's just for some reason not enabled on Slashdot. It's a matter of flipping a config switch and a single query to convert the database. Of course, a single query affecting all rows in a database this big on a live site isn't trivial, but not exactly rocket surgery.

Comment Re:Intel needs a swift kick in the ass (Score 2) 91

But history shows AMD hasn't been able to be that kick in the past 10 years....

5 years ago I did the research and it was AMD Phenom II x6 which was at the sweet bang-to-buck spot. Worse in single-threaded but for compiles/etc kicked the ass of similarly priced Intel chips.

And despite its age I still don't feel an urge to upgrade -- it's adequate for software I work with, I don't compile anything bigger than the kernel these days. So unless I'll need to run big bisects or something, it stays for now. Being one of the last non-backdoored CPUs from both sides of the aisle is a big bonus.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

Or, what if that porn you downloaded, legitimate other than for copyright, contains kiddie stuff? Especially if it's been sitting on your disk for months, awaiting its turn to be watched?

Thus, you need to immediately go and watch the entirety of your porn stash! All of it, not just the beginning of every piece -- it's an obvious trick to hide it from cursory search by attaching a fake part at the start.

Comment Re:As it should be... (Score 2) 389

Just guess what happens if the malware du jour, instead of sending spam or encrypting your files, plants some kiddie porn then gives you an offer. Or, if you have said something not expressing love towards Hillary/Trump/Putin/Erdogan, not say anything to you and call law enforcement immediately?

Comment killing off competition (Score 4, Insightful) 101

integrating Vector's hardware and software know-how into its own organization

Yeah right... it's like Oracle buying MySQL or Gillette buying all other razor blade makers. All that "know-how" employees will be let go, designs put into the round file, etc. The only thing they'll keep will be patents, ie, monopoly rights. It's all about removing competition.

Comment Re:The best poultry is steak... (Score 1) 224

with BPF now in Linux and ZFS sort-of working, the number of claimed reasons to use BSD grows thin.

He-he, as long as you don't know, what else you are missing... Yes, I suppose, ignorance is bliss.

Well, yes -- I'm just quoting the two reasons that are nearly exclusively said. I don't run FreeBSD myself other than to port my programs to. I guess this is a wonderful place to say "please enlighten me then".

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