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Comment Re:We live in that environment now. (Score 1) 152

SJWs are a very specific group of indoctrinated individuals, rather than "every clinton supporter" (that are in majority just people that don't want to vote for trump, as most trump supporters are just people that don't want to vote for hillary).

True, this election most Americans are trying to find a way to vote against what they perceive as bigger evil. And let's face it, between the two real candidates there's no lesser evil.

Comment Re:We live in that environment now. (Score 0) 152

It a the backlash against the SJWs and PC Nazis. If it's a free country, then they have a right to be a bigot and racist

But nowadays it's SJWs who are the racist bigots. For Clinton voters, racism is good if it's against whites or asians.

(I'm not claiming Trump voters are not racist -- they are -- but it's mostly not them who call everyone "bigot" without even being aware of hypocrisy.)

Comment Re:And the net effect this will have? (Score 2) 270

What player worth still using does not handle AAC directly?

What player worth still worth using does handle AAC directly? All I've tried recently don't.

But there's no reason to use AAC anymore. It's barely better than MP3, and proprietary to boot. In blind listening tests, OPUS at 96kbps fares better than AAC at 160kbps or MP3 at 320kbps.

If you're really paranoid, you can encode OPUS at 128kbps, for real-world equipment and regular ears 96kbps is more than enough.

Comment Re:Easy back-up solution (Score 1) 141

As if we had a network of store-and-forward servers that can disperse email-like messages over the world, scalable as every server serves only local clients. Such messages could then be archived or expired based on a configurable policy. It might be less usable during a September, but since the Eternal one has ended, we can somehow wait these five days :p

Comment Re:Which RAID level? (Score 1) 475

btrfs has a real RAID 1 mode for a single disk, although to prevent accidental use it's named differently: "DUP". Every block is stored in two different places on the disk, with obvious results for data safety and performance. In fact, it's the default for metadata on hdd (but not ssd as those tend to die in ways that loses the entire disk rather than just some sectors).

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