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Comment Re: DeadHat !! (Score 1) 84

Keep in mind that Slashdot is no longer a place where the majority are competent. Over the past decade or more it has increasingly become a place for those who think they are experts because they have fixed all their friends computers ( each time reinstalling Windows without having a clue as to what the real problem was or how to fix it.) For example there was a guy recently who was convinced that since the systemd logs said "initiating shutdown" that it was systemd that was causing his system to sit down at a time he didn't want. I couldn't get him to realize that his WM Power Management settings were the precipitant. systemd said it was shutting down the system so systemd was the problem. These are the people that blame all their woes on systemd.

Comment Re: Theoretical nonsense (Score 1, Insightful) 37

The real story is "Crackpots make ridiculous claims and theoretically intelligent people are proven to be anything but". If anyone seriously believes an ambient light sensor can leak your URLs, please leave this site and head over to digg for something. You don't belong here. Editors, I am including you in that statement.

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