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Comment This would be a great political solution (Score 1) 187

It would be a great political solution for airports that already have issues with the flight path of people living around airports. Instead of pissing of a few, you can piss of many more. Why is this a great solution?

You know it won't ever be actually done and you just leak this great plan to the opposition who then can commit political suicide by stealing your leaked plan.

Comment Re:SJW only allow missionary position (Score 1) 494

Can it be done with 2 men, because technically that is possible. Can I do it just for fun? Can I do it during a one-night stand.
As far as I know sex is only allowed in missionary, with the wife to produce offspring. Anything else is forbidden.
And yes, I specifically said 'with the wife' and not 'spouse of a different gender' because the woman has no say in these matters.

Yeah, that is what way too many people think about it. People decide how others should have sex. And even NOT having sex is not an option. One MUST marry and reproduce according to many people.

Comment Re:Crazy (Score 1) 494

Perhaps people should watch a few videos on PornHub or the like where it is very clear that there are strict rules and that the sub ALWAYS has the option to back out at ANY moment.

And this is not just in Porn. This is in real life as well.

Also both parties will be doing it because they WANT to. They are WILLING to do it. Limits will be set and must be respected. It has a lot to do with both respect and trust. Something that many people who just do missionary don't have.

Comment Re:Goes Back To Kennedy (Score 2) 129

I once worked at Rockwell-Collins, which had been a supplier for the Space Shuttle programme. When I arrived, they were very stringent about how we handled our time reporting and billing. Why? Because apparently before I got there they had just gotten heavy slapped down for exploiting cost-plus Shuttle contracts. Whenever any project went over budget, they just had employees credit their time to the Shuttle programme.

Comment Re:It is in the nature of the business! (Score 1) 129

And before you go and say Blue Origin and SpaceX are doing it so much cheaper, yes, but that is because they are standing on a mountain of research & technology courtesy NASA.

Something both of them readily admit. SpaceX in particular has continually expressed their gratitude for all of the support they've gotten from NASA over the years. And they have an interesting cooperative model in place now for Red Dragon - no money exchanged, but they get access to NASA facilities and time working with NASA researchers, and in turn NASA gets all of the data they acquire from their missions.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 4, Insightful) 129

I'm anyone but someone to defend SLS, but this report seems rather flimsy. It seems that they're calling anything that NASA does in-house "overhead". That's not really a fair measure. A rocket is not just its physical construction; there's a huge amount of cost in research, design, testing, and support infrastructure - in the case of SLS, particularly the Exploration Ground Systems (EGS). Part of the problem however is that every time NASA builds something new, they're rarely allowed to shut it down. Including major projects with contractors. Congress keeps mandating this inefficiency, when what NASA really needs is the freedom to put large amounts of infrastructure to the axe when it can't contribute toward competitive costs, and reallocate the funds as is needed. So long as they face mandates to keep everything open (both internal, and with specific production lines run by particular suppliers), they shouldn't be criticized for their high costs - congress should.

I really think NASA would fare better if it went back more to the NACA model - a research and support organization for other players, maintaining the common infrastructure and R&D used by others - with the addition of a scientific exploration program. NASA shouldn't be making anything that a private business case can be built for (for example, rockets reaching LEO / GEO), but they should be running the DSN, range support, creating a market for private industry to continually expand/improve its capabilities, nurturing startups to increase competition, and extensively working to bring more advanced technologies (that the market couldn't afford to sink money into due to the risk) from theory into real world - not trying to make "workhorses", but proof-of-concept systems that others will run with if merit and maturity can be demonstrated.

In short:
If there's a business model for it: private industry
If it's too risky or long-term for business: NASA proof-of-concept
If its a common need for multiple businesses in the field: NASA permanent infrastructure

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 344

Pre-paid is done when you use the pump directly. They will take an amount in authorization (125EUR), you tank, the amount in authorization is placed back and payment is done.
Manned service or pumping normally will mean that you pump, go inside and pay there. At some places you need to signal the person inside so he activates the pump.

I have never went inside to put an authorization on my card or pay upfront. Not saying it doesn't exist anywhere, just that I have never seen it in 25+ years of having a drivers license, so it is not a standard.

Comment Re:Sucked out of an airplane? Not likely (Score 3, Interesting) 274

So please explain how a pilot fell out of the window of the cockpit after it broke
The window is not underneath him

While extremely entertaining, Mythbusters are pretty bad in using Google and I would never use them as an example of why things are not possible, only to say if they are possible. (Bit like a ping doesn't say much when you don't get anything back)

Comment Re:You don't want this to succed (Score 1) 338

The difference and this is essential, is that Windows10 was forced, while installing Linux or anything else won't be forced.
There was no "no thanks, please never ask me again" option with the update.
Bit like if you push down the gas pedal and have an accident or your car pushes down you gas pedal and has an accident.

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