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Comment Re:Would prefer a seperate app (Score 1) 70

That's literally the point. To go from screen-cap + crop + text -> image with no asthetic requirements, mspaint is great

It's useful for extremely simple stuff. I work with professional (video game) artists, and they use it all the time for quick and dirty internal screen cap, joke, or congrats type emails, etc.

It's frequently the right tool for the right job.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 3, Insightful) 428

One thing that /. users don't get is that while that may seem obvious to you, it's not obvious to everyone. That's why the law and regulations are constantly in search of trying to balance citizens from having to be experts about everything they buy/own/need. And the time honoured thought of "oh, only idiots will not do this, and idiots are people who deserve what happens to them" plays nicely into the hands of a dysfunctional society. If you have a "just world" mentality, that things happen to people *because* they deserve it, you may not get out enough.

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 4, Informative) 212

Because the people that made the content signed a deal with a distributor in Canada saying that nobody in canada (including you) may view the content unless it's being broadcast or streamed by them. You really want to be blaming the people making the content for signing those deals.

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