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Comment Re:Unethical (Score 1) 72

Two points here:
- I live under a rock but I still knew about the breach months ago, there was an article here about the hack and I passed it on to a Yahoo Group I am a member of.
- Yahoo themselves are claiming that it was something along the lines of a state-sponsored group which hacked them. Well, they would say that - there is very little shame associated with being hacked by a top group of hackers with huge funds. Personally I doubt it but you never know, and Yahoo probably don't know either.

Comment How long have they been active? (Score 3, Interesting) 63

I read the article here a couple of days ago where he "outed" the pair and got the impression that vDOS had been active for more than just two years.

Brian Krebs writes that he has obtained the hacked database of an Israeli company that is responsible for most of the large-scale DDoS attacks over the past (at least) 4 years.

They are 18 now? Most of their misdeeds would have been performed as minors, and I'm a bit sceptical that they started when they were (at most) 14.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 226

I use Mozilla and was mostly happy with it until they dropped the "decide on the expiry date of cookies at runtime" option a couple of months ago. Now I use ESR and am hoping an alternative - or add-on - turns up. Experimenting with Chrome shows me where the more idiotic of the recent changes arose, at least Firefox has about:config to turn most of them off again.
Who cares about logos? The whole discussion indicates that their priorities have gone south.

Comment Its all about me! (Score 1) 412

Last year - in particular the start of July and August - we had the highest temperatures ever recorded here.
This year has been a few degrees cooler, the thunderstorms in May and June stopped the temperatures running away.

Elsewhere? No idea.

I glanced at a forum recently which claimed to have found proof that global warming is really fiction. It was some community site in Oregon. The crazy thing was, the posters to that forum were serious.

Comment Paperless Tickets (Score 4, Interesting) 239

This story brought to you courtesy of paperless tickets. Yes they are cheaper, yes it is simpler if people can print their own tickets, but the IT has to be up and running.
I remember an airline IT outage back in September 2004, there was a bug in the OS's error-handling routine for a particular class of error. This had all been tested with this particular OS level and had worked, but they had been forced to change the OS configuration to accomodate some new software and the bug was in place. Moving to new discs required a reboot, an additional configuration error caused problems. If it had been fixed within (I think) 90 minutes all would have been fine. The outage was 8 hours.
Passengers turned up at the airports with their paper tickets and were allowed to board. Any pre-allocated seating was ignored. People were laughing about flying the way things used to be, a good time was had by most.

Then came paperless tickets. The next outage had effects more like those we see in this case.

Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 1) 614

Germany is a special case there. Reunification was financed to a large extent from pension schemes. East Germans were free to draw state pensions although they had - of necessity - paid nothing in. That went to the German constitutional court and was given the green light there, it was a decision the government of the day was free to make.

Comment Re:Yeah, keep laughing, UMC (Score 1, Troll) 614

This is happening all over the developed world.
The root cause is competition from places like China, India, Vietnam or Thailand. US/EU/Whatever companies are free to farm work out to these countries (or import workers from there) and they simply work for less. A lot of jobs in the EU have also moved to countries like Hungary, Poland or Estonia.

I'm not sure you can blame any "greed-pig" class, many people here use websites to see where they can buy things for 10c less and that comes at a price.

Comment Re:In general... (Score 1) 982

I need to run Windows (7) two or three times a month so two of machines are dual-boot, taking the main one: One of the applications I have relies on a vpn connection and is extremely sensitive. Both the virus-scanner update and Windows update require the vpn to be deactivated. All this means that I have to fire Windows up a day before I need it to get those oh so important functions out of the way. Factor in that some updates have broken my machine and were automatically backed out (and re-installed, and backed out), and that Windows will sometimes meditate for an hour or three before getting its update lists and another hour or three before performing the updates I permitted - I spend far more time administering the beast than using it. The bug where Windows 7 says that the network cable has been pulled, the one where you have to remove the power cord for 20-30 minutes? Seen that.
Windows 10 requires you to install all updates, that would include the ones that put me into an update/back-out loop.

My laptop could possibly be a candidate for Windows 10. The vpn application does not work there anyway, and it goes into sleep-mode when I tell it to install the May updates. Yes - it waits so long for those updates that it gets bored and goes to sleep.

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