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Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 1) 606

Germany is a special case there. Reunification was financed to a large extent from pension schemes. East Germans were free to draw state pensions although they had - of necessity - paid nothing in. That went to the German constitutional court and was given the green light there, it was a decision the government of the day was free to make.

Comment Re:Yeah, keep laughing, UMC (Score 1, Troll) 606

This is happening all over the developed world.
The root cause is competition from places like China, India, Vietnam or Thailand. US/EU/Whatever companies are free to farm work out to these countries (or import workers from there) and they simply work for less. A lot of jobs in the EU have also moved to countries like Hungary, Poland or Estonia.

I'm not sure you can blame any "greed-pig" class, many people here use websites to see where they can buy things for 10c less and that comes at a price.

Comment Re:In general... (Score 1) 982

I need to run Windows (7) two or three times a month so two of machines are dual-boot, taking the main one: One of the applications I have relies on a vpn connection and is extremely sensitive. Both the virus-scanner update and Windows update require the vpn to be deactivated. All this means that I have to fire Windows up a day before I need it to get those oh so important functions out of the way. Factor in that some updates have broken my machine and were automatically backed out (and re-installed, and backed out), and that Windows will sometimes meditate for an hour or three before getting its update lists and another hour or three before performing the updates I permitted - I spend far more time administering the beast than using it. The bug where Windows 7 says that the network cable has been pulled, the one where you have to remove the power cord for 20-30 minutes? Seen that.
Windows 10 requires you to install all updates, that would include the ones that put me into an update/back-out loop.

My laptop could possibly be a candidate for Windows 10. The vpn application does not work there anyway, and it goes into sleep-mode when I tell it to install the May updates. Yes - it waits so long for those updates that it gets bored and goes to sleep.

Comment Re:Copyright trolls...meaning the industry at larg (Score 1) 46

And they do not even need to prove it. They make contact with the ISPs asking who had a particular IP Address at a particular time and . . . profit. If their software comes up with the wrong IP Address or they get the time wrong, it makes no difference. I think the minister who came up with that particular law was the woman who took her "official" car with her when she went to Spain on holiday - along with her driver - and the car was stolen. That happened shortly before an election and her party lost. Not the brightest bulb around.

Comment Re:Silly rabbit - entitlements are for the unemplo (Score 1) 247

An increasing number of jobs can be replaced by robots.
Eventually everyone is out of work.

I sometimes lurk in a forum which has degenerated into a Tea Party session where they tell each other that the best thing to do is to save taxes by getting rid of most government jobs, I saw that the current target was the Department of Education a few days back.

What comes next? Butlerian Jihad? An army is a necessity because the excluded are going to revolt at some point.

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