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Comment Re:Perfect malware delivery system (Score 0) 99

Can you imagine hacking the system and sending out an alert with a link to malware, beautiful .

It's better than that.

The system itself is malware!

The only ones who get these typically-useless/out-of-locational-context alerts anyways are people with smartphones. Good luck warning Grandma or the poor with this waste of tax money who don't and likely will never have a smartphone. But thank God Mr. & Mrs. BMW get alerts at Starbucks paid for by the working-poor while they sit and sip their $8 lattes!


Comment Re:Needs more mobile focus (Score 1) 46

Actually I haven't seen that much use as a desktop computer for the Pi. It's mostly used for things like KODI, Retropie, Robotic projects, remote projects such as weather stations and industrial applications. It's a hobbyist board that happens to have desktop capabilities. In some places I suppose it's nice to have a computer that will run off a cell phone charger but although I've fooled around with the desktop a bit on the Pi unless you have a Pi 3 it's not really very usable.

Comment Re:Too late to modify JUICE or The Europa Clipper? (Score 1) 96

Oh, c'mon!! 'Offtopic' my shiny!

That was *funny*!

In a thread and on a topic that desperately needed it before comas set in!

With no intent to belittle or harm anyone. With all the *other* kind of mean & hurtful jokes out there, I'm sure Snoop would get a chuckle here on jokingly assigning him 'comic-book-superhero powers of partying' status.

People need to chill on the hyper-sensitivity.


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