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Comment Re: The Donald (Score 1) 235

The reason Republicans are obstructionist is that their constituents want them to obstruct. If you remember, Obama had a Democratic Congress when elected. He immediately used the control of Congress to ram a particularly bad healthcare bill through. The backlash was to lose the House on the next election cycle and the Senate on the one after that. We had a Democrat in my district who was one of the very last moderate Democrats left in the House. He voted for the health care bill and despite the fact he had had a long and popular career he was done. People didn't send him up there to support Obama but to support his district. He failed and they removed him in the very next election.

Comment Send new password to manufacturer? (Score 1) 23

If they have access to the internet, couldn't manufacturers setup an API endpoint that accepts a serial number and a password... so that the password could be changed and the manufacturer could be sent the new one?

The owner, when locked out, can call the manufacturer, they can look up the password, etc.

Not totally sure how one might secure said API so it doesn't just get spammed as well, but... :P

Comment Not Unexpected (Score 3, Insightful) 84

[Fascism Intensifies]

When you give government all these powers to do all this social-engineering and other crap, you can expect that they will be corrupted and conspire against the people with those with wealth and power in the private sector. It's human nature and why the founders did not want the government having the sort of scope and power it does today. The results speak for themselves.


Comment Re:Transparancy (Score 1) 57

@ techno-vampire

        And now we know what Obama meant when he claimed that he'd run the most transparent administration in history: absolutely nothing.

You realise that you're being totally ridiculous as well as having your partisan bias show though, right?

It's insane (and party-political) to suggest that an ongoing counter-intelligence operation, that has been confirmed by a judge to meet the criteria agreed on by law, should be splattered on the front page just to satisfy your idle curiosity.

It's insane because counter-intelligence operations are needed to prevent spies and/or terrorists from being effective when they work here and in doing so and thereby to protect our security.

We have laws and procedures in place to ensure that snooping is done only when warranted. They are being followed and it has been determined that in this case the snoop order is warranted. Even the House Intelligence committee has been briefed (as it should), and apparently they agree too. So much for your smear that it might be "unconstitutional".

Yet there you are posting unjustified, snide, and derogatory comments. Well, that's your right. But it makes your comments squarely party-political because you're trying to make a government, that is simply doing its job, look bad just because you don't like it.

In a word: deplorable.

And here he is in person, kiddies!

The Tool Of The State in all his glory!

Huzzah, Sir! Tyrants past and present approve!


Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 557

Obamacare should have been a single-provider healthcare. Thanks to Republican governors insisting that their states use the federal exchange, we're already half-way there to single-provider healthcare.

Great! Instead of a pacemaker for a cardiac issue we can then just "give Grandma a pill" to ease the pain while nature takes it's course. Too bad about Grandma but it saves the Collective money, right?

You people have no clue what you're letting yourselves in for in the near future. You think the government is corrupt and over-reaching now? Ha! Once more of the ACA schedule is enacted you're going to have political/ideological enemies, journalists, and critics suddenly and mysteriously have trouble getting health coverage for random procedures, etc, and mysterious and life-threatening mistakes to their personal electronic health records, and sudden IRS trouble related to mandatory coverage as well.

There are few more intrusive, personal, and powerful tools of control over people than to control their access to doctors and medicine. That's why ACA was passed despite ~70% of US citizens opposing it, and don't even try to say otherwise, those refutations have all been debunked. "We have to pass the bill to see what's IN the bill." is a pretty stark admission of how much the public opposed the ACA when they weren't even willing to let anyone see it until they passed it.

Me? Screw the ACA! I'll go outside the US for healthcare.


Comment Re:too big? (Score 1) 156

Government already is limited via the 4th amendment, Wiretap Act, and other statutes.

Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are!

Two words: "Parallel construction".

The US government has become powerful enough and the power concentrated enough away from the States and citizens to the federal government that those limits no longer have any real meaning or force behind them except as propaganda for the masses.

Rule of Law is no longer applied relatively (nothing is perfect) equally nor universally. Far from it, as a glance at recent headlines proves. Laws in the US currently apply to, and are enforceable against, an individual or business/corporation in direct proportion to the amount of wealth and power they wield. "Too big to fail"..."No intent (when the federal laws in question do not care about nor require intent in determining guilt/innocence, only *possibly* as part of determining the length of prison time) to mishandle Top Secret documents/data".


Comment Re:8% (Score 4, Insightful) 104

it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that and not have anyone tell them that their ideas were stupid

I have no doubt that plenty of people have told them exactly that. It would not surprise me to learn that they fired anyone who did so, though.

If Twitter were an engineering-driven company, they wouldn't be lousy with SJWs.


Comment Re:Role Reversal (Score 1) 39

Public officials are under more scrutiny than ever.

By a foreign government and not our own 4th-estate or oversight, and current US leaders are willing to rattle the thermonuclear sabres over it...but not Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, etc etc...oh, no! Those little Russian military faux-pas are not sufficient reason to threaten reprisals. But, just release some emails that were supposed to be "polished...with a cloth" and suddenly it's 1962 Cuba.

Kinda tells one where their priorities and loyalties lie, doesn't it?


Comment Re: DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 1) 352

Idiot that can't read. Nowhere did I advocate mass genocide. Nowhere. I did mention I was fine with the Malthusians that advocated the genocide being offed but even that was meant tongue in cheek as it were. I was pointing out what it would take to stop it. The point being it's not going to stop so we'll just have to deal with it as best we can. Of course, if the people running around screaming the sky is falling were to get their worst case scenario where we have global famine then that war I spoke of is inevitable. Starving people are vicious in the extreme.

Comment Re:The Police State expands (Score 3, Insightful) 39

And "privacy experts are concerned!" And the useful idiots think that Mrs. Clinton is their friend.

For decades it's been: "But if we vote 3rd-party/write-in the wrong lizard might get in! We'll just keep voting for the same 2 of them will eventually listen to us!"

"Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results is one definition of insanity."


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