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Comment Re:Since when do you need FUCKING PERMISSION!?!?!? (Score 1) 74

What the hell is wrong?

I thought we lived where you're free to do what you damn well please as long as it hasn't been outlawed.

But now we need explicit permission for ANYTHING?


If we accept that by and large more rules means less freedom, and that governments by and large govern (which means creates & enforces rules which are limits on freedom), then it follows that more government means less individual freedom.

Once the US Federal government began blatantly violating the US Constitution in deeper and more fundamental ways beginning in modern times in the early 1900s, the US Federal government has grown immeasurably in size, power, and scope.

Power and control are a zero-sum game in that in order to increase one individual's or group's power and control, others must surrender (or have forcibly taken away) their power and control in roughly equal measure. When we speak of government versus citizens, governments only grow in domestic power and control by taking it away from the citizens.

To be honest, as much as the US Federal government has grown and comparing it to the paths and timelines of other nations through history, I'm surprised we have as much freedom, or even the illusion of it, left to us as we seem to enjoy currently.

We either put our big-boy pants on as Americans and handle our lives, responsibilities, and duties ourselves for the most part, or lose more and more rights, power, and control of our own lives as the government takes responsibility for more and more of peoples' lives and finally devolves into total corruption and collapse. Then the war(s) come At least, that's been the typical path if history is any guide. The US seems to be at the "devolving into total corruption" stage currently. Not many places left to hit an exit ramp before the big movie-cliff drop, and even those are now more like emergency dirt impact berms than a highway-style "exit ramp"

Better wake up and stop letting them divide us. I'd bet most everyday regular people, Democrat, Republican, Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, black, white, whatever, etc etc, agree on *far* more principles than they disagree. And it's *principles* which matter most! It's just in how we go about doing things we all agree are good, like feeding the hungry, where we differ in how best that should be done.

Stop allowing them to play Emperor Palpatine and tell you to let the hate flow through you for $GROUP/IDEOLOGY/RELIGION/RACE/CLASS/ETC, for it is true that a "dark side" will surely follow. We saw a glimpse in WW2 of how that sort of thing goes.


Comment Re:pretty poor science (Score 1) 342

a mere 15 million years ago CO2 levels were 4 times higher, average temperature was several degrees warmer, and seas were 200 feet higher.
The earth was an unihabitable wasteland!
no, wait, it was lusher and more fecund than now.
It's a reasonable hypothesis that returning the CO2 levels to their prehistoric norms could raise temperatures back to the previous levels. That it would cause extinction level events for humanity is ridiculous chicken little bullshit.

People should look on the bright side.

In only a very short time in geological climate terms humans may well have gained the ability to accurately compute and predict the global climate related effects of human civilization on a planet-sized massively-chaotic system.

True, for now we humans only posses a tiny fraction of the knowledge of all the variables necessary to measure and account for as well as only a tiny fraction of the computing power that's necessary to create a model that even tracks past, known patterns accurately never mind multiple decades or centuries ahead, but there's hope for the future


Comment And So It Begins... (Score 2) 100

The villification through fear-based propaganda of civilian ownership & use of drones has begun in earnest.

First, villify, then regulate, then outlaw.

That's the same playbook as those who would like a gun ban implemented use, except there's that pesky 2nd Amendment in the way with guns.

Fortunately for them, there's no such protection for drones, so they are free to proceed with the push to heavily regulate most drones & owners, and outright ban some types/uses of drones (typically the most useful as bureaucrats are wont to do).

The propaganda program to gin-up fear is the first step.


Comment Re:Jealousy... (Score 1) 84

... disinformation...

Who decides what is or is not "disinformation"?

If the evidence is so overwhelming would it not be a much more sane and rational route to simply publicly prove them wrong instead of limiting free speech?

Why must you jump immediately to abridging the free speech rights of an otherwise law abiding person or group of like-minded people? What other rights do you think this fully-politicized agenda trumps?

To me it more closely resembles the old Catholic Church of the 1600s and Heliocentrism versus the Church's official Geocentric views.

About every decade or three or four, there's been some new impending climate doom predicted. Seriously, I've been around a good while and I've heard and watched this all before. The only difference is that the marketing's gotten slicker and shriller, and schools don't really teach crap anymore, they're babysitters.

It's all about wealth transfer. Every single international climate proposal, treaty, etc etc that I've ever heard of, when boiled down, was at it's core a transfer of wealth. Follow the money. *Always* follow the money.

Speaking of following the money, check out "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin for an eye-opener on the US Federal Reserve and how it was born, why, and by whom it was designed and created.


Comment Re:Backwards politicians as usual (Score 1) 313

Popular culture feels eugenics is wrong tho... So making a weapon that can easily be disabled remotely by authority sounds much easier and acceptable. Make no mistake thats the real ultimate aim..

"Oh Thufir, I see they installed your heart-plug already. Don't be angry, everyone gets one here!"


Comment Jealousy... (Score -1, Flamebait) 84

Looks like the Church of Climatology is jealous of the levels of esteem & high regard held for the Church of Scientology and the Westboro Baptist Church, and are exerting maximum effort towards correcting that discrepancy.

Can't fault the CoC for lack of effort in that regard.

The Church of Climatology: The US Progressive/Liberal version of the bastard-child of the Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Scientology if they bred. Even the tactics they use against their critics are nearly indistinguishable.


Comment Re:This is a problem, why? (Score 1) 156

Beyond necessary regulation to prevent interference, etc he's largely correct. Regulatory capture is a huge problem among regulatory agencies in the US.

Generally the larger, more powerful, and broad the regulatory agency's power is, the bigger the problem tends to be or become.

The FCC is no exception.

Government powerful enough to give you everything you want and need is powerful enough to take it all away...and/or sell it.

Modded "Troll"?


"I disagree" =/= "Troll"

Aren't you intelligent enough to form a cogent argument, Mr. AnonyMod?

Must be a Trump or Sanders/Hildebeast supporter. "The government is horrible & corrupt! Give it broad new powers and more of those other peoples' money!"


Comment Re:This is a problem, why? (Score 0) 156

Don't forget, all those rules are only there to protect the incumbents from newcomers... regulatory capture to impose costs on them...

I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. I'd like to think it is, but something tells me you are serious.

Beyond necessary regulation to prevent interference, etc he's largely correct. Regulatory capture is a huge problem among regulatory agencies in the US.

Generally the larger, more powerful, and broad the regulatory agency's power is, the bigger the problem tends to be or become.

The FCC is no exception.

Government powerful enough to give you everything you want and need is powerful enough to take it all away...and/or sell it.


Comment Re:5th ammendment (Score 1) 793

In the case of an encrypted hard drive, there may be no other way to get the evidence other than the owner decrypting it.

        A (written) confession is also physical evidence. Sometimes, there may be no other way to get this evidence than jailing the suspect indefinitely until he produces it. Think about it.

They have the physical evidence already, the drives. The can copy and replicate the encrypted data to their hearts content. No, what they want is KNOWLEDGE, and it's knowledge that's immaterial. Being that this information is an extension of what's in his brain - requiring the final key to decode - how can the 5th not apply in this case??!!

Because we the government say so and we will happily imprison or kill anyone who opposes us. We've already fully subverted the election process such that anybody we allow you to vote for is already under our control.

What are you gonna do about it?

Pick up that can!


Comment Re: Good (Score 3, Informative) 1080

- Cruz - Too much interested in promoting the stagnant republican agenda.


Are we talking about the same guy that many if not most "establishment" Republicans despise so much they'd prefer Hillary Clinton as POTUS over him?

What I've heard from Cruz is a push to return to the Rule of Law where those in power are actually held accountable and insistence on Constitutional limits on government power. Of course if you get your information and opinions secondhand instead of actually researching things yourself, your confusion is understandable.


Comment Re:So long as it is PUBLIC posts... meh... (Score 2) 215

Students in a situation like that don't have a right to a lawyer, and they may not even have a right to remain silent.

What? How is that a thing? Fourth Amendment doesn't say anything about minors being exempt from its protection.

"Answer the questions Johnny or you'll be (expelled/suspended/anything-else-they-can-come-up-with) immediately!"

Also remember that police may knowingly outright lie to you, but any small detail of anything you say that's proven not 100% accurate, true, & factual is an arrestable and chargeable offense.

"When did you make this post?" "Uhh, 9:15pm." "The logs show it was actually 9:19pm. You're under arrest for providing false statements to law enforcement investigators."


Comment Re:Fuck the rest of the world. (Score 1) 317

What are reproducible experiments but experiments that have been reproduced and that are generally agreed to have been properly conducted? What use is a reproducible experiment that you have not reproduced? You accept other people's words that the experiment was indeed done. If you stop believing in what others in general say, how are you to progress? If you do believe in them, is that not consensus?

The only way a scientist can function is to assume that the consensus is generally correct.

So now it's semantic word games, eh? Independently verifiable results proven by independently conducted experiments are the only thing that count. Anything else is politics and hand-waving, but I repeat myself.

None of the predictions made by "climate scientists" has ever come to pass, none of the global cooling "crisis" of the 1970s nor of the global warming "crisis" currently in vogue.

They are both simply propaganda tools used to enable the transfer of wealth and concentration and centralization of political power.

There is more proof there were WMDs in Iraq than there is of an impending global climate crisis.


Comment Re:Fuck the rest of the world. (Score 1) 317

We don't have the technology to produce electricity from non-fossil-fuel sources?

Not as a replacement for current baseline power sources, no.

Getting rid of coal power plants would, I'd think, make a significant impact.

Without a viable replacement able to supply baseline power it will collapse the US power grid during the next winter. The US power grid came dangerously close to falling over this past winter due to the coal plants and nuclear plants already taken offline. Heck, the US power grid may collapse this winter without taking any more plants offline just due to increased demand due to population growth.


Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 34

Silly me, I thought his oath was to uphold the Constitution.

That old rag? Nobody in the federal government has taken it seriously since at least Woodrow Wilson. If there were justice done, the top leaders/administrators at FBI/CIA/NSA and every Executive Branch agency would be put in front of a firing squad.


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