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Comment Illegal search - Gizmodo is going to win big. (Score 1, Informative) 1204

US Code - TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 21A > SUBCHAPTER I > Part A > 2000aa:

2000aa. Searches and seizures by government officers and employees in connection with investigation or prosecution of criminal offenses

  • (a) Work product materials
    Notwithstanding any other law, it shall be unlawful for a government officer or employee, in connection with the investigation or prosecution of a criminal offense, to search for or seize any work product materials possessed by a person reasonably believed to have a purpose to disseminate to the public a newspaper, book, broadcast, or other similar form of public communication, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce; but this provision shall not impair or affect the ability of any government officer or employee, pursuant to otherwise applicable law, to search for or seize such materials, if--
    • (1) there is probable cause to believe that the person possessing such materials has committed or is committing the criminal offense to which the materials relate: Provided, however, That a government officer or employee may not search for or seize such materials under the provisions of this paragraph if the offense to which the materials relate consists of the receipt, possession, communication, or withholding of such materials or the information contained therein (but such a search or seizure may be conducted under the provisions of this paragraph if the offense consists of the receipt, possession, or communication of information relating to the national defense, classified information, or restricted data under the provisions of section 793, 794, 797, or 798 of title 18, or section 2274, 2275, or 2277 of this title, or section 783 of title 50, or if the offense involves the production, possession, receipt, mailing, sale, distribution, shipment, or transportation of child pornography, the sexual exploitation of children, or the sale or purchase of children under section 2251, 2251A, 2252, or 2252A of title 18); or
    • (2) there is reason to believe that the immediate seizure of such materials is necessary to prevent the death of, or serious bodily injury to, a human being.

Comment Re:Can I Sue? (Score 1) 980

I use Facebook frequently, both in FF 3.5 (work) and FF 3.6 (home). In both cases I'm running on a Vista x64 box with AdBlock, Flashblock, NoScript, ChatZilla and Greasemonkey, with Acrobat, Flash, Silverlight and Java plugins. Firefox hasn't crashed on me in months, if not years, even when running for weeks at a time, with dozens of tabs open (admittedly, I usually trigger a save session and restart every week or two to reduce memory fragmentation, but it won't crash if I don't, it just has the short freezes every few hours). Worst I've had is some short term freezes in FF when my machine is at 90+% memory usage and some complex AJAX is operating. Perhaps you need to prune your extensions, update your plugins or some combination of the two?

Comment Re:Same old pattern... (Score 1) 601

I don't even know why get this detailed.

If someone is elected president in this day and age, it's a given that they're lying, cheating douche bags who are both out of touch with the society at large and don't even particularly care about them beyond a bid for reelection.

Comment Re:Tax Credit? (Score 1) 577

Actually, Credit Unions are required to get NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) coverage up to the current $250k limit, then ASI or ESI (Excess Share Insurance) Coverage for members that have higher than the current limit on deposit.

They pay into the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund) to keep it all solvent. While some Credit Unions have failed, most are merged into other healthy, stronger Credit Unions to allow for no or minimal use of the fund. (not saying that there hasn't been use of the fund ...)

State Chartered credit unions can also be insured through the NCUSIF as well as ASI/ESI.

FDIC is for banks, savings and loans, etc.

IWACUE (I Was A Credit Union Executive).

Go for a smaller Credit Union that isn't huge and isn't trying to turn itself into a bank. In some markets there is a trend to get big banker types to run the Credit Unions, and turn them into a bank - essentially forgetting that they are a member run financial cooperative. I'd say $50M in assets or less but more than $10M in assets is a good size (less than $10M in assets you have a hard time offering competitive services that most folks expect from your primary financial institution)



Comment Re:some facts about nuclear energy. (Score 1) 622

Standby mode is a complete canard, and fixing it won't even come close to addressing our energy problems. Combine all of your standby mode power, and it would be dwarfed by the power taken up by your A/C, or your computer (how many of us have a 200-300W computer left on all the time?), or your TV. It would take hundreds of devices in standby mode to make up for the power taken up by a comparatively low-power computer that's left on 24/7. Fixing standby mode devices is fixing a problem that's almost an order of magnitude smaller than the real one.

Actually stand-by mode works VERY well. Lets say that one airconditioners draw on power uses more energy then ALL of the standby modes in the entire world...not a problem. That's an AMAZING thing. In the case of standby mode the concern is not how much power a "live" system takes when in operation, it is concerned with how much power it takes when not in operation but still in "live" mode. So if your computer did not have standby mode and it was always on then it always took full energy - this is terrible. Standby mode makes it so that device takes a lot less energy which is great. Yes it would be nice to have standby mode for more items. Personally when I leave my home I turn off (or reduce to a low setting) all heat, ac, power, etc - even if i am only gone for a couple of hours. In the long run turning down my heater when i am gone will save me some money, and i will only be mildly inconvenienced when i get home (the time it takes to get the heat back).

Anyhow - standby mode is great. But we need more.

On a side note: Nuclear power is not clean energy. It annoys me when people say that. It may not cause smog, or pollute water (unless some mishap occurs) but when you have very nasty stuff hanging out for tens of thousands of years, which takes special storage then you cannot say it is clean. Hopefully, one day, space travel will be safe enough we can launch this crap into the sun.

. Does anyone know - i thought a number of years ago they developed a process to make nuclear energy and the byproduct can be nullified with some technique. They actually had active energy plants to do away with the waste (as in use it again to make more energy and then make it inert and safe).

Comment Re:That would be all well and good (Score 1) 461

I've done ROI calculations on becoming a service provider for WiMax or similar, piggybacking off cellular towers. It would be profitable, but I'm prohibited from doing so. I was planning on using Motorola 900Mhz equipment for my towers, and distributing via 2.4Ghz in denser communities via a wireless bridge.

Seriously - a wireless router? This is Slashdot, I doubt anyone here is that ignorant.

I'm saying that the area is profitable, and that there is no requirement to offer service at all - instead, lines are drawn up, and companies are given areas where they are the exclusive provider of broadband. I didn't even have DSL access until about 5 years ago - before that, it was ISDN or POTS.

OSU? I'm only a couple hundred miles east of you. Oklahoma has a lot of areas with similar setups, I believe (though it would be a lot easier to service with wireless).

Comment Re:There is some kind of battery black magic (Score 1) 206

Again, only if the laptop is set to recharge to 100% every time you hit 90% battery or something. Oherwise, most laptops in the last 10+ years usually recharge to full from an increasingly lower charge amount. It's built into both windows and linux (I have no idea if Mac does). Plus you can change that setting yourself too. I have my laptop down to 65% (checked, yaeh)? It's plugged in 100% of the time and does not spend the time at 100%.

Abridged version: even plugged in laptops will not stay at 100% battery under any circumstance, even will continually plugged in.

Comment Re:Key message, "No operational barrier" (Score 1) 307

In 1997 DEC's own guys said that the FX!32 system could run an x86 NT4 application on a 500MHz Alpha about as fast as that application would run on a 200MHz Pentium Pro. Given that they were DEC guys; but not DEC marketing guys, I'd assume that the (unnamed) application chosen was flattering but not an outright lie.

Given that ARM cores are generally weaker, even the nice ones; but cheaper and lower power than X86s, I shudder to think how such a system would work for a situation where legacy X86 code was being run on some weedy smartbook.

Comment Re:Most rooms are pretty quiet (Score 1) 331

Here's a table of common sound levels.

20dB is a quiet house interior or rural nighttime
30dB is a quiet office interior or watch ticking
40dB is a quiet rural area or small theatre (really?)
50dB is a quiet suburban area or dishwasher in next room
60dB is an office interior or ordinary conversation
70dB is a vacuum cleaner at 10 ft.

80dB is your mom mouth-breathing.

Though if that's due to some respiratory condition and not fat blocking the windpipe, I withdraw my comment.

Comment Re:The diodes can stay, but the processor's gotta (Score 1) 232

Funny, I thought it was the opposite--a way to provide surround over optical without buying a new receiver, since optical doesn't have the bandwidth for surround PCM.

You're entirely correct with regards to optical, but I was talking about audio sent via HDMI. It doesn't need to be bitstreamed, there is plenty of bandwidth to send the full PCM soundtrack.

Comment Re:Dual screens -- Neat idea (Score 3, Insightful) 82

I'm sure an eInk display is a big win in terms of power consumption, I'm still not convinced it is that much more readable than a color LCD.

Try both at the beach and get back to us. Emissive displays just don't make sense in well-lit areas - why waste battery power trying to out-shine the sun?

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