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Comment Re:That point is not in sight (Score 1) 499

Agreed. Every company I've ever worked for would hire a female programmer over an equally qualified male programmer. There's a clear imbalance, but it has nothing to do with hiring bias. If anything, the cause of the imbalance is set during childhood, perhaps in the womb.

Comment Re:people want cheap (Score 1) 231

I don't think it's the price. I think it the fault of shallow fashion. The push for the thinnest, most minimalist tablet possible, outweighs nearly everything else. If they doubled the thickness of an iPad, how much bigger battery could they fit? 4x? How much more durable would it be?

My tablet is big, clunky, but has both a micro and a full size USB port, along with the HDMI, microphone, power, and sd card, and I love it.

Comment Re:Hello! It's adjustment to Obamacare! (Score 1) 607

Obamacare just dumped 15 million people into the medical system who were not there before 2010.

I very much doubt that most of those new people are actually using the medical system. Even where insurance rates are 100% paid for with tax money, the deductibles are generally still in the $3,000 - $6,000 range. They've gone up significantly in the last decade. Insurance helps some with prescription benefits, but do you think the people getting insurance for the first time are willing to spend $250 on a doctor's visit when they get a sore throat? It really only helps you if you have a major medical condition, of the kind most people only get once in their life.

I'd like to see some usage metrics... number of practicing doctors, patients per doctor, etc., trended over time.

Comment Re:LOL WTF no. (Score 1) 313

A turning point came in my career when a producer came into my office excited because he had been given a story by a trial lawyer -- the lazy reporter's best friend -- about Bic lighters spontaneously catching fire in people's pockets. These lighters, he told me, had killed four Americans in four years. By this time I'd done some homework, so I said, "Fine. I'll do the exploding lighter story after I do stories on plastic bags, which kill 40 Americans every four years, and five-gallon buckets, which kill 200 Americans (mostly children) every four years." - John Stossel

Comment Re:LOL WTF no. (Score 1) 313

WTF? What stupid country do you live in? USA? How can you be held liable for the actions of the thief?

Truthfully, that almost never happens. The vast majority of judges or juries in the vast majority of cases would never consider holding the car owner liable for that. If that's ever happened, it's under an extenuating circumstance or with a crazy judge.

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