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Comment Re:There WILL be unbreakable DRM, heres how: (Score 1) 443

One-time pad isn't a DRM scheme. His generalization is true for DRM, which is what he was talking about.

It's defective by design, after all - they want to create an encryption scheme such that Alice can securely send a game to Bob and Bob cannot create copies of it, but Eve has electrodes in Bob's brain and knows everything he does or thinks or sees or hears. It's just not possible unless you remove the electrodes.

You are only correct as long as you make the assumption the game has to run completely isolated on Bob's system. The DRM scheme being discussed currently is not limited in this way.

Comment Re:Still Overpriced? (Score 1, Insightful) 411

Same old, same old. Always start with an arbitrary point in the Apple line, and demand to have it met at a given price. Wrong, proves nothing. Always start with a need, then find a Dell or HP that meets it, then look at how much you'll have to pay for a Mac that meets it. You'll pay double. Sometimes a bit less.

I can't find the spec you are asking for at under $2k - well, I haven't tried, but doubt that you can. So what? Its not what I need, either at $2k or $1500. So at either price, its too expensive.

Comment Re:Opt-out (Score 1) 582

The answer to your question is that the policy is not designed to maximize utility, but rather to protect the preferences of a minority position which carries some moral weight. Lots of people (not including myself) don't want their dead bodies hacked up, and our society gives a lot of weight to people controlling their own bodies (and other property) after death.

I'm an organ donor, but much like with other public policies, I prefer the law to accommodate reasonable minority preferences. (Obviously, "reasonable" is a political determination.)

Comment Re:Why is it illegal? (Score 1) 574

Apparently not jacking up prices as high as you can - even if the markup is 500% and beyond - and screw everyone not able to afford it - is bad because it's a "market inefficiency".

Yes market inefficiencies are bad. While the demand may go up with lower prices it doesn't raise the supply. Seats at a venue are limited. The ideal price is one where it sells out exactly, so everyone that wants a ticket at that price can get a ticket. If you lower the price, consumers scramble for tickets that just don't exist. Well intentioned scalpers provide a service. They guarantee you can get a ticket (if you're desperate enough.) But initially the "scalpers" are few and the potential buyers are many. The "scalped" efficient price far exceeds the market efficient price. After all they have to price for the majority of customers with a pittance of tickets.

The problem is speculators move in, creating artificial demand, which raises prices further. The solution is raise supply (not easy, larger venues change the experience) or lower the demand (raise prices)

Comment Re:That Explains The Updated SDK (Score 1) 1010

Flash is dead horse. Stop using it as an argument.

It chews up CPU power and battery life and has no business on a portable device or on the web in general.

It's a proprietary attempt to own the web and I'll be glad when it's dead.

Good for you. It isn't dead yet, however, and regardless of its myriad of technical flaws average people (y'know, the crowd that the iPad is allegedly aimed at) still appreciate and most importantly expect it when browsing the web. Besides, the fact that your battery lasts longer than before won't make the website you're trying to access work, and *that* is a deal-killer for most folks.

Comment Ah, greed (Score 5, Funny) 290

Mr. Lellenberg said that Sherlock Holmes remains under copyright protection in the United States through 2023, and that any new properties involving the detective “definitely should” be licensed by the Conan Doyle estate. Asked about a recent Red Bull television commercial that features a cartoon Holmes and Watson, Mr. Lellenberg said he had not seen it. “Very interesting,” he said. “News to me.”

He then twirled his mustache, petted the Persian cat on his lap, raised an eyebrow, tilted his head, rubbed his hands together, and said: "release the lawyers!"

Comment iScrew this! (Score 2, Funny) 322

iSwear, iF iHear another God-damn iPhrase iM going to kill everyone of those iFreaks. It's NOT a podcast, it's a SOUND CLIP you DOWNLOADED onto your MP3 PLAYER. People have jumped onto the iBandWagon the same way Businesses started calling all their services 'Solutions'... So yeah, definitely not a member of the iGeneration, oh how I hate that letter.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 580

See? YOU are part of the problem! The customer does NO WANT CLI, but that isn't good enough for you, because the unwashed masses are just stupid if they don't accept YOUR way of doing things. So instead of accepting reality you chalk it up to "fear" as if they just magically touched the CLI all would be well BULLSHIT.

DO you HONESTLY think MSFT and Apple spend all that damned money on GUIs because their users are simply "afraid"? Hell no! It is because the market has spoken, the customer wants easy to use, pretty looking, and simple to operate GUIs, but you Linux guys prefer your ePeen CLI shit, that frankly died out for the rest of the world 20+ years ago! Is that really so hard to accept, or are you going to sit here and be like the Apple guys that try to argue that a $4000 Mac Pro is a "good value"? The customers WANT A, you want to FORCE them to have B and think by being free they will take B, instead they prefer to pay for what they want and which MSFT and Apple offers them, which is A.

It is just economics 101 dude. Give the customer what they want. But it would mean that CLI would have to be depreciated to the level of cmd.exe in Windows, and that frankly would cause all the IT heavy Linux geeks to piss themselves, so it will never happen. Instead you use a RDF worthy of Jobs to convince yourselves that the world really loves CLI and hates GUIs, it is just a primal fear that keeps them away from your "superior" OS. Damn, I gotta give you guys credit, that is delusional thinking worthy of a Scientology follower. LRH would be proud.

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 533

Advertisers are not interested in targeting you by name. They are interested in targeting people who are likely to purchase their products. Google can use its database to tell them that those who have recently searched for w, x, and y are likely to be interested in z. For that identities are irrelevant.

Huh? How do you suppose Google then decides when to display those z-targetted ads?!!

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