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Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 0) 370

You cannot 'give money to keep the owners in business'. Real money is created with production. The money is created by work, it is created by the productive people.

Trade is exchange of the goods and services, it is not gifting of goods and services.

If 2 people are trading with each other by exchanging the products they created, injecting a non productive third person into the mix does not increase value for the 2 productive individuals, it may increase the nominal amount of trade, if their products are taken away by force to allow the unproductive to use the products and to trade the products with the first two, the actual value of the trade goes down, because the unproductive one consumes part of the product that he gets from the first two and can only trade a small part of what is left over from his consumption.

UBI is a modern version of communism and as all such schemes requires nationalization of productive resources, companies and property. When the state nationalizes (steals) stuff, it is not done to make anything better, it is all about enriching some politicians and their friends.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 0) 236

Of course it is. The name of the site is not 'vkintakta', it is 'vkontakte', which means being in contact or 'in touch'.

V -in, kontakt - contact. The last letter is 'e', which is the ending on the noun implying that the thing is 'in' something. Russian language conjugates words in a sentemce with endings, suffixes, prefixes, etc.

Comment Re:The days of high taxes on corps are numbered (Score 0) 442

Money not wasted on consumer goods is saves so that it can be invested, providing the investment capital that actually grows the economy. VAT is the only acceptable tax, income, payroll and property taxes are destructive to the economy and they are immoral. Taxing production as opposed to consumption is economically retarded and it is theft.

Comment Re: Funny? (Score 0) 209

Of course random events are always there, helping some and hurting others. However who is more likely to succeed if a random lucky thing happens in their path, somebody who is working towards some goal or somebody just going with the flow? You have to be ready to use the random lucky event to your advantage.

Comment Economy and the climate (Score 0) 364

But thanks to our steadfast refusal to address climate change, there's going to be a lot less ice in the Arctic next year.

- this turn of a phrase is something that a millionaire liberal would be proud of. How about: thanks to our desire for better life on the global scale? Or maybe: thanks to our increasing fight against global poverty? The climate changes as we are providing better m living conditions for hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indians, who can now live wealthier lives in the cities instead of most of them having to be subsistence farmers.

Nobody will be refusing their improving life styles, the issue of the changing climate will not be dealt with until it hits very large and wide fairly well to do swathes of the population. Then these large numbers of people will provide sufficient market pressure for the industries to form around the climate related events to mitigate the problems on different levels.

Economic development and market demand will be the actual driving force that will address the climate, not anything else.

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 0) 403

No, it's the other way around. It's the corporate payroll that still keeps some people off of full welfare. Grilling a cheese sandwich is not the kind of a job that can or should pay whatever the insane minimum wage law dictates (7+ dollars an hour for grilling sandwiches? I think machines will do better).

Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

Ironic that somebody like you (clearly a collectivist) says that Harding is one of the worst, when in fact Harding was probably the last decent POTUS America had because he didn't interfere with the 1921 depression by doing anything stupid like pumping money into the failed businesses, so that depression went away in about a year leading to what is currently known as the 'roaring twenties'.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 395

You are not actually hearing me, I said this already: *supply and demand always meet somewhere and the market clears.*

The market clears. The market clears given a natural balance between supply and demand. 100,000,000 unemployed individuals means 200,000,000 pairs of hands, 200,000,000 pairs of eyes and of legs that could be employed doing something if the market was allowed to clear.

Yes, automation is coming. I personally am responsible for over 9000 low skilled jobs that were automated away in a check processing facility for example. A few dozen jobs that my systems automated away for a retailer (actually they just didn't have to hire a bunch of new people as their throughput grew). Potentially thousands of truck dispatcher/planner jobs that I am working on automating today.

As these jobs go away, the goods are becoming more competitive. The government is responsible for inflation (money printing through machinations with the Treasury and the Fed and other central banks) thus preventing quite a large price drop that would have happened in a free market, other than that all of this automation forces prices down.

The people that are automated away are a pool of new potential hires also at lower prices (and they should be at lower prices after their current jobs are automated away) and in a free market there would be demand for these people at lower prices by companies that do not have automation.

You are of an opinion that every job will be automated, I am of an opinion that in a free market the market clears given the natural discovery of prices. Supply and demand meet and the markets clear, the prices for people fall and they are again competitive against automation. But this does not work in an oppressive regime set up by the mobs through the violence of the State.

The falling prices for goods and services would still provide a better quality of life to people who need less money to get that quality. But of-course we are not allowed to have actual free market with all this oppression, so in the system that we have today you will have your hundreds of millions of unemployed people roaming around, who believe that the system must provide for them.

You have an untenable goal: to provide hundreds of millions of jobless individuals with a quality of life that their politicians promised them at the expense of the oppressed individuals and companies and you believe that these individuals and companies will not leave and go to markets that are much less oppressed? Interesting.

My position is that your collectivism is oppression and it leads to this misery in the long run because that's the only outcome of oppression: misery. The free market gives us more choices of cheaper products, the oppression gives us a promise of an entitlement at somebody else's expense. I think there is an incompatibility in terms there and it will not work itself nicely for the benefit of the oppressors.

I run a software firm with a number of offices, one of them is in the Ukraine where I have most of my development team and that's because it is mutually beneficial for all of us, for me with lower prices and for them with higher earnings and thus with higher standard of living than most other people there. I don't want to hire in places where it is so much more expensive due to taxes, laws, lawsuits, regulations, basically due to the State oppressing me. My clients are other businesses, who in turn get a cheaper product/service from me than from others, some of who have local developers. Who do you think can provide a cheaper service, the local developers or outsourced ones (given approximately the same quality)?

My point is that oppression doesn't work in the long run but countries like yours (and my country of birth) wouldn't have any of that freedom that people like me demand, so we will not see eye to eye but I am pretty sure about the final outcome.

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