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Comment Re: Illegal product? (Score 1) 179

The answer is simple: the editors aren't as smart as the nerds that previously frequented this site.

I've never met them, but my guess would be thst the current owners just found people who "like computers" and hired them, rather than searching for the more intellectual types who sometimes were involved in the past (not always, though: remember Jon Katz?).

Comment Re:Somehow I'm reminded of Kirk (Score 2) 114

Not really.

Kirk was in a manufactured no-win situation and the test was therefore faulty: it doesn't matter if you don't know how to lose if you can find a way to still win. Winning is fine.

But this was a paper to test how well he learned his subject. He doesn't want to find out how dumb he is, therefore he cheats. And really that's all this is. It's no more original thinking than working out how to steal the papers or someone else's answers. Someone who finds a different way to steal the papers before issuance isn't thinking originally in any worthwhile and meaningful form. Original crimes are not laudable. They're just original.

Well, that's a complete failure to understand the purpose of the Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Comment Re:Biased Institutions FTW (Score 4, Informative) 784

but even so it demonstrates how in the west we treat children as far less capable than they actually are. It's not just respnsibilities and safety either, they consider children's emotions to be genuine and to be respected, rather than trivialized and ignored or even punished like the west does.

Don't mistake the US for the entire West. Here in Switzerland, very young schoolchildren get on the train by themselves, ride to the appropriate stop, and walk in small groups between destinations on both ends of the route. No adult supervision.

On a side note, kids here are usually bilingual and often trilingual, too.

Comment Re:Found something you can't buy? (Score 1) 273

A collection of obscenely wealthy guys are upset that life won't let them get their way. Maybe if they at least admit they're scared shitless about it they can get their way.

Or a collection of obscenely wealthy guys make a low-cost (to them) investment with a potential return of increased longevity. You have no insight into their motivations, and your post sounds petty.

Comment Re: I never have understood (Score 1) 265

Not really. He clearly fails to understand some key points, as evidenced by his comment on the franc. The Swiss are uncomfortable with losing their already restricted ability to export goods due to an incredibly over-valued franc. Being a "reserve currency" is hardly worth destroying their ability to export!

Comment Re:To their defense (Score 2) 314

As a normal person I never had use of large bills like that. Even 100 is an annoyance as you have to get it accepted for change somewhere. So in essence nothing of value would be lost. Then the claim that it would be effective at curbing illegal business is not very strong either.

As a normal person in Switzerland, I regularly use 1000 CHF notes (about 800 Euro, give or take). Grocers accept them and ATMs give them out; not considered a big deal here.

Comment Re:Automate it (Score 4, Insightful) 228

Absolutely, but DO NOT TELL ANYONE. honestly automation will not get you a raise or a promotion, it will just get you extra work. for the same pay.
Automate all of it and keep your frigging mouth shut.
Hell I used to automate emails to be sent at 2am so that management though I was working 24/7.

If you've automated your job, *shouldn't* you get new tasks to do? You're being paid to do the job to the best of your ability. You've done that by automating - but that leaves you on-the-clock time to do other productive tasks.

Comment Re:Terror in the minds (Score 2) 55

They may be curious, but because they're not mindless killing machines

Actually, that's more or less what they are. They don't sit back and plan to eat people - but if they happen to be hungry, and there's a person nearby that looks edible, they may react and take a bite.

I fail to see how giving people more information, enabling them to make informed choices about getting in the water or not, is a waste of money.

I have swam with sharks on numerous occasions, and always look forward to doing it again

Completely irrelevant. An anecdote is not data, and I don't see anyone suggesting that every encounter with sharks - or even most - is going to result in human casualties.

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